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Band Folk Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Mick Thomas at the Gaelic Club, Sydney"

You get the idea who it is the punters have come to see when the second act on the bill gets called back for an encore. Mick Thomas has been gracing stages for over 20 years and this show demonstrated why the man has retained his audience and remained relevant and inspiring to new generations. the combination of great songs and stage presence sounds simple but it is surprisingly hard to pull off. Weddings, Parties, Anything classics Father's Day and Monday's Experts made their presence felt as did covers from They Might Be Giants, You and Yor Racist Friend and the Triffids Wide Open Road. Thomas re-established why WPA are so good and why the 2008 WPA tour will crap on probably everything else next year.

FIona Cameron 2007 - Drum Media

"Tim Rogers Age Article"

" Mick Thomas, lyrically and musically, blows my mind. I inherited some testicular forte from Mick Thomas -
more so than anyone he did me a spin, and gave me a lot of confidence"
Tim Rogers, Age EG Interview - The Age

"Album Review"

"Just when you imagine he can't have any more fabulous songs in him, he brings out an album like this...
he is Australia's last true balladeer..."
DJ, Forte Magazine, Geelong (talking about Dust on My Shoes) - Forte Magazine, Geelong

"Album review"

"Dust On My Shoes makes you more than glad Mick Thomas has bothered to clock up the miles on his
(seemingly) never ending tours as this grimy world would be a lot poorer without his engaging
songs of life, love and experience..."
Tim Peacock, Whisperin' & Hollerin', UK
- Whisperin' & Hollerin'


Dust on My Shoes - Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing
(Coxton Records)
The Horse's Prayer - Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing
(Coxton Records)
Anythings, Sure Things, Other Things - Mick Thomas
(Liberation Records)
Paddock Buddy - Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing
(Liberation Records)
Spin! Spin! Spin! - Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing
(Liberation Records)



At a glance the schedule for twelve months of Mick's professional life could seem an unholy mess.
There may be a season of The Tank (the theatre show he wrote with his brother),
into a solo tour of Europe or North America, studio production work, soundtrack work,
not to mention his obligations to Croxton Records or gigs with his fine band The Sure Thing.
Hell - Weddings, Parties, Anything might even do the odd show or three these days.

But somehow it all seems to come together for the very reason that at the centre
of it all lies a simple regard for music - for the performing of it, the nurturing of its potential
and the simple human virtues of playing it alongside other equally enthusiastic people.
It's the simple regard for the song in its pure form and the genuine feeling of being grateful
for the opportunity such a varied schedule affords in terms of the potential for
experimentation that fuels the whole process.

Receiving the Artist of the Year Award at the 2008 Port Fairy Folk Festival was certainly
a memorable moment in Mick's recent history - but maybe it was hearing Memphis luminary
Jim Dickinson release a version of a song Mick penned for the Weddings all those years ago
that was the sweetest thing (No No Never - from the 2007 release Killers From Space),
or perhaps it was the plain joy at getting back out on the road with Weddings, Parties, Anything
and selling out a whole load of rooms to people who just wanted to hear all those songs,
ten years after the band's demise. But these are by no means the only accolades
in a career that seems to be intent on taking its own quietly anarchic course.
Stay tuned for details as Mick Thomas and a small group of dedicated accomplices plot the
next installment in an intruiging cultural journey that no GPS could hope to follow.