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"Credit crunch inspires spoof Christmas single"

The global financial crisis doesn't have much in the way of an upside, but at least it's inspired a catchy Christmas single which is already proving a YouTube hit.

Credit Crunch Christmas, by Leeds based musician Micky P Kerr, features a drunk and homeless Santa Claus failing to have enough presents to give to children on Christmas Day.

The encouraging ditty not only manages to tackle the credit crisis but takes utility prices; the demise of budget airline Zoom; the British weather; and a sideswipe at Alan Greenspan into its scope.

At the beginning of the video, which was shot around Mr Kerr's home city, he explains that it was supposed to be a lavish production: "but because of the financial markets we couldn't do that, so this is a very cheap and nasty video."

Mr Kerr said: "I wrote the song because the credit crunch is killing me, I can't afford anything at the supermarket anymore. Once I got the first few words it just flowed, and I wrote it in one afternoon."

The songs lyrics include: "Father Christmas, he's not impressed, they took all his reindeer, his sleigh's reposessed" and "Alan Greenspan, he's your man, the man from which the credit crunch began, and now he's retired with a millionaire's tan."

Credit Crunch Christmas goes on sale on December 15th and can be pre-ordered at www.7digital.com/artists/micky-p-kerr/christmas-credit-crunch/

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/financetopics/financialcrisis/3702490/Credit-crunch-inspires-spoof-Christmas-single.html - The Telegraph

"Soundtrack to TV Ad"

Hailing from Leeds, the effortlessly enigmatic Micky P Kerr is one hell of an entertainer. His live performances are now almost legendary comprising of dexterously crafted ballads, spoken word poetry and his own unique blend of acoustic hip hop.

For those that have heard 'Dreamers Club' on the Jet2holidays.com commercials you can hear the song's poignant escapism message. - Jet2Holidays

"Puppy Eyes Radio Reports"

Puppy Eyes

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Interview - Jon Holmes
Comments - Gideon Coe – ‘Very, very good. An Indie Ronnie Lane!’

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- Modern English Music


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Michael Kerr is an Englishman. To those who don’t know him he is a tall, dark and handsome stranger. To those of you do, he is tall, dark and handsome. Born in 1981 he started life as a minor and remained one until 1997. It was then that his love/hate relationship with music began.

Kerr would often lock himself away for days on end. Folk came to marvel at this spectacle. Some would flatten sandwiches and pass them under his door, others would simply sit, wait and listen. However, with no toilet in his room, many lost respect for this young maverick, as he was often found in what could only be politely put as a 'mess'...

Undeterred by well-wishers, Kerr continued to isolate himself from society. His writing became more and more scribbled, to the point where he could no longer read. Fearing he could no longer read, he reappeared from his room and washed himself clean. The crowds slowly dispersed and life returned to normal.

It was then that Kerr successfully applied for a steady job with Norwich Union and light began to appear at the end of a long, dark metaphorical tunnel. No longer a social outcast, Kerr re-kindled his lifelong ambition of becoming a professional songwriter and at the age of 20 he wrote his first song. In his own words it was “sad, melancholy and crap”.

After this dreadful setback, Kerr returned to solitude and the crowds began to reappear. However, after 7 hours locked away he opened the door to see a chord book. After learning some chords Kerr frantically began writing songs the next day…