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Micky RedEyez has something I wish all mainstream rappers had, real good flow. A lot of rap pretenders today speak slow and grumble out weak rhymes, and it’s really upsetting. Micky RedEyez actually has good flow, and an advanced vocabulary. He doesn’t need to rely on obscure slang or made up words to make his rhymes stick and that, to me, is the sign of a good emcee.
Micky RedEyez doesn’t limit himself to money, hoes, and clothes either. He talks about real issues and about his life growing up which, like many rappers, was violent and drug ridden. While these topics might seem played out, they are way more important issues than what most rappers focus on today (sipping on syrup, fast cars, how much paper they stack, etc.).
Micky RedEyez has appeared on a variety of mixtapes and just dropped his first EP, “The Mickey RedEyez Experiment”. Give it a spin and check out his single “This is for YOU”. - The Hypetree Blog

"Oshawa hip hop artist holding CD release party"

OSHAWA -- Oshawa hip hop artist Micky RedEyez Fernando is throwing a party May 11 and everybody's invited.
And he's welcoming other local musicians, including Pickering's G Five, to the event that marks the release of his CD, The Micky Red Eyez Experiment.

Born in Nigeria, Fernando's family came to Canada when he was a child and he was raised in Oshawa. He recently returned here after two years of college in London, Ont.

Fernando says his influences are the classic rap artists of the early '90s New York scene such as Nas, Jay-Z and Big Daddy Kane.

"Since 2000 and forward, I think the music has become more commercialized; it's more about selling the record," he says. "They call the '90s the golden era of hip hop. It just has more of a message and some of the best music came out in the '90s in New York. My music is a reflection of the golden era of hip hop. I wanted to make music that had a message and that people could relate to."

Fernando says his lyrics generally come from personal experiences. He doesn't talk about degrading women or having a million dollars and living the high life because, he says, "I don't have a million dollars.

"I would not say that it's street or gangster," he says. "It could be described as backpack and new school."

One track on the new disc is called Backpack and the accompanying video, shot in London while he was at school, is a hoot. Fernando in the video pulls objects out of his backpack that have no place in there, including a hockey stick. When he sees a pretty girl, he produces flowers. And when a young girl loses the ice cream from her cone, Fernando is there to replace it.

He says The Micky Red Eyez Experiment, recorded in Oshawa, involved many artists from Durham. The bulk of the instrumentals on the disc were created by Stay Kool Productions, an Oshawa duo. G Five and Ajax hip hop musician Peter Jackson are featured on the track Top of the World, and Fernando credits Jackson for giving local artists a lot of opportunities to open for big acts. Some of the guests on the disc aren't hip hoppers, such as Wade Woodward from the progressive rock band The Colts.

"I think that anybody that knows me will know I'm a fan of music in general," he says. "I've always wanted to have collaborations with different artists... because at the end of the day it's all music."

Fernando has been making music for seven years. He's played a number of talent competitions, recently winning one at Oshawa's Status Lounge, and he's shared the stage with big names such as Wu-Tang Clan.

The CD release party is from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Reine Lounge (formerly The Groove Lounge), 200 John St. W., Oshawa, and like the disc features performances by other local artists. The disc will be sold at the show and it is also available on iTunes.

Check out Fernando on Facebook and Twitter and visit his website, www.mickyredeyez.com.
- Metroland Media

"Rebuilding Thier Block"

The benefit concert will feature performances by five Canadian hip-hop artists, including Micky Redeyez.

“He’s really creative,” Grace says. “He has this London style and his videos showcase the city. I just felt like he would be the perfect fit for the show.”

Redeyez, originally from Sri Lanka moved to London to study culinary arts at Fanshawe College. Since then he has moved home to Oshawa to focus on his music, drawing on the 1990s hip-hop scene in New York for inspiration.

“That was the golden era,” Redeyez says. “I want to bring the fans back to that atmosphere.”
Redeyez is looking forward to his reunion with London on Friday, and lending his talent to the benefit.

“It’s for a great cause,” Redeyez says. “When an artist can get involved in the community it says a lot about them and about what’s important. These are the opportunities you have to take advantage of.”
The show will also feature a live band, local group Builder Refused backing up the rappers and lending its unique reggae style to some freestyle performances.

“I wanted to make it as community oriented as possible,” Grace says. “That means getting as many people involved as I can and raising awareness for my hometown.”

Hip Hop Rebuilds the block starts at 9 p.m. Tickets are $5 at the door with all proceeds going to the Goderich Disaster Relief Fund.


For Immediate Release
September 20, 2011
Oshawa, Ont.

Toronto's own vintage hip hop artist Micky RedEyez has released his first single and official video for the smash hit Backpack.

The record is quickly becoming a backpackers anthem. A song for the millions of people who never leave their house without their backpack, the video boasts non-stop comedy as RedEyez continues to pull ridiculous objects from his backpack.

The song is taken from his debut album The Micky RedEyez Experiment, a project reminiscent of the golden age of hip hop. The album exudes a monster production and features local artists and up-and-comers.

The album is set to drop in a month and a tour is in the works.

For your viewing pleasure open the file using the sendspace link provided below.

Download at Sendspace link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/pf3jib
Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctjtV-LjPgE

For more information contact:

Tosha Pigeau
289 688 8674
- Tosha Pigeau


"The Micky RedEyez Experiment"
Released 4/20/2012
Available Now on Itunes!


Indulge your appetite for vintage instrumentals laced with scorching lyrics and let his music take you back to an era of Rap that seems like such a distant past. The feel of New York in 1995 clearly resonates on records like “This is for you,” compliments to monstrous beats from the Stay Kool Production Team. Local producers like kHz and MMac create the backdrop for anthems like “Your the Man” and “HipHop Chicks.” Local collaborations with Rock singer Wade Woodward from “The Colts”, and Anastatsia Tsagrinos, clearly pay a tribute to Oshawa, Micky’s hometown.
This is Micky RedEyez first solo project, and the best is yet to come.

H Block Vol 2 - Various Artists 2010
H Block Vol 1 - Various Artists 2009
The Next Level - Various Artists 2008
The War Within - Micky RedEyez 2007

Appeared On:
The Missing Link Tape - Del Reze 2012
This is HipHop Vol3 - South Grouse Productions 2011
MT Clips -1st Clip 2011
All in the Bluff Vol.2 - Dub Dutch 2011
Uneven Odds - Odds Favor the House 2010
the Dub Files mixtape - Dub Dutch 2009
Meyend Tricks- Toronto Star 2007

Performances :

*Winner* of the 7th Annual HipHop Showcase, judged by Organik (KOTD), Bizz (It Lives in the North) and GeeWonder (MuchMusic)

Raekwon - Unexpected Victory Tour, March2nd Oshawa

EPMD live@ The Guvernment Toronto Dec18th
Halloween Hip Hop Showcase WHitby, Oct 28th
MT Clips Album Release Party at the Dubliner Whitby, ON
CamJAM Skateboard Competition Cambellford Skate Park Cambellford, ON May 2011
February Flow at Suba Nightclub Toronto, February 12th, 2011

H-Block 2 CD Release Party at Karma Nightclub Oshawa, ON August 7th, 2010
D-12 Concert at Karma Oshawa, ON Nightclub April 8th, 2010
Post – Apocolympic Tour Market Square London, ON February 26th, 2010
Benifit Concert at Moon over Marin Nightclub London, ON February 6th 2010

3rd Annual Hip Hop Showcase at the Big Sexy Nightclub Oshawa ON Oct 6th 2009
Dax Flow Birthday Concert at E.P. Taylors Oshawa, ON August 16th 2009
Choclair Songs for Africa Benefit Concert at Johnny B’s Whitby, ON July 15th 2009
J Hood Concert at Splice Nightclub Peterborough, ON March 19th, 2009

Kardinal Offishall Concert at Big Sexy Nightclub Oshawa Dec 24th 2008
Dax Flow Birthday Concert at Durham College Oshawa August 21st 2008
Northern Exposure Concert at The Dungeon Oshawa, April 22nd 2008
Classified Concert at The Dungeon Oshawa February 6th 2008
Kardinal Offishall Concert at Big Sexy Nightclub Oshawa January 3rd 2008

Wu-Tang Supershow at Big Sexy Nightclub Oshawa November 30th, 2007
The Jump-off at Le Scratch Oshawa October 12th, 2007
The “War Within” Album Release Party at E.P Taylors Oshawa April 15th,2007



" Micky RedEyez has something I wish all mainstream rappers had, real good flow. A lot of rap pretenders today speak slow and grumble out weak rhymes, and it’s really upsetting..." Dave from www.seeds.hypetree.com

HipHop Guru, Hooligan and Toronto based hip hop artist "Micky RedEyez" can only be described as a vintage Boom-Bap Soul trapped in a 25 year old body.

Most of RedEyez’ influences stem from the early 1990’s New York rap scene; a place where legends like Nas, Jay-Z, Kool G Rap, and Big Daddy Kane called home. He has shared the stage with many major artists including: Wu-Tang Clan, D-12, EPMD, Choclair and Classified. RedEyez hopes his music will take you back into a time when hip hop wasn’t saturated with corporate involvement, where dope lyricists prevailed and ‘real’ music conquered all.

RedEyez has built a strong cult fan base across Canada, which has enabled him to continue releasing outstanding mixtapes and albums; albums that make their fans proud to be from Canada. RedEyez has worked with many homegrown clothing companies like “Concrete Gorilla,” and “It Lives in the North,” and prides himself on being aligned with local up-and-comers.

His new project "The Micky RedEyez Experiment" boasts monster production and is said to be a classic album reminiscent of the Golden Era of Hip Hop. His shows are packed, his stage presence is high-energy, his vocals are aggressive, and his sights are set on stardom. Micky RedEyez is the breath of fresh air hip hop has been looking for and the best is yet to come.

Micky RedEyez has opened for Major Groups/Artists like:

Wu-Tang Clan
Kardinal Offishall