Micky Wales

Micky Wales


Sad-happy melodic rock songs.


Current location: Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Date of Birth: June 1980 (London, England).

Performs locally and nationally with and without backing band, (The Fallen Arches).

Has sold several songs to Nashville publishing companies over the years.

Is looking for financing for his rock-musical, "A Misty Day".

To book Micky Wales / Micky Wales & The Fallen Arches to play at your venue / event, e-mail info@a4amadeus.com stating the location(s) and time(s).


How The Story Goes

Written By: Micky Wales (aka Amadeus)


In a forgotten back-street gutter,
Dreaming of our perfect day.
I kept half of your shadow breathing,
And threw the other half away.

Your outlined face in shades of crimson,
Your absent eyes in mellow blue.
I whisper to a bulging trash can,
That I don't know what to do.

Wandering forth in no direction,
Looking back at my track.
Wondering how long it'll keep on playing,
When the last scene fades to black.


There she goes oh lord I love her.
There goes the best time ever.
See forever fade to never.
So much for the lovely weather.

All the stars I couldn't give her.
Wake up man the dream is over.
And Lord oh lord I love her,
But that's just how the story goes.


That angel smile is still burning,
Always churning in my mind.
And so I travel with worthless baggage,
And leave the best things behind.

If I spend the rest of my days;
Traveling light, traveling blue.
Conductors in railway station bars,
Asking where I'm going to.

They'll share a drink with me thinking,
We'll hide the shadows in our eyes.
Toast to a blemished lifetime,
In which every good thing dies.

repeat CHORUS1


But that's alright, you know it's alright.
I wouldn't deserve any more.
"Don't look back just keep on moving",
That is what I'm going for.

If I ever make a happy story,
Plant a garden anywhere.
Or if there's a smile that came on easy,
It's 'cos I's thinking of her.


There she goes oh lord I love her,
You can almost feel our river,
Over flow as the leaves all wither;
Taking back, back forever.

With the sacred lake now forzen over,
The truth is it's not now or ever;
'Cos the lord must know I love her,
And that's just how the story goes.

Caveat Emptor

Written By: Micky Wales

Meet me when I'm old
When all the leaves are gold
(When) we're both tired, we're both cold
And there's no dreams left no more
Outside Caveat Emptor

'Cos right now I'm insane
And I don't know what I mean
I don't know what I want
And I don't know what I don't
I don't know where I'm going

But when all my songs are sung
When I'm done with everyone
And you've found your own way
To light the darker days
Outside Caveat Emptor

We'll play whatever way you choose
I won't push you for the truth
I won't care with who you've been
I wouldn't even care who you're seeing
I swear to God I wouldn't mind
If I die then and there that's fine
There might not be another life
This might be all we get
So let it just be us
'Cos the little things matter most
The rest is just a show
They convince you you should do

If you're not sure I'll understand
I mean it's good that you moved on
I'll be there anyway

With them old books gone out of print
A good story without an end
A title fading faint
The bindings wearing thin

Kid I don't jave long to go
Half of me don't want you to know
But my other half is still lost
I don't wanna be a restless ghost
Outside Caveat Emptor.

Song For Rose

Written By: Micky Wales

I told every secret to you
I stayed up coloring the sun
I painted the sky the deepest blue
How come the rain's still coming down

I set your constelations at the zenith
I always wanted you to win
I blew the clouds away just like you wanted
How come the rain's still coming down

A smile so bright a heart so pure
Now that I've never seen before
I never met anyone quite like you
Please excuse these things I do

The night finds comfort in the moon
The day has comfort in the sun
I am here you're not alone
How come the rain's still coming down

It's a struggle for completion
And maybe I'm a fool to think I can
Expect a smile and some wild flowers
To stop the rain from coming down.

Happy Too

Written By: Micky Wales

I guess we met out of time
On a stormy sea
I couldn't wait for you
And you couldn't wait for me

We'd walk for hours on end
Down every street we'd find
Who'd have thought back then
They'd lead us to a dead end

-- CHORUS --
And I'm almost happy now
I'm almost making do
I almost don't think about you
Any more than I do about anything

Yes I'm almost happy now
Don't blame you any more
Least not more than I did before
Why I almost hope that you
Are almost happy too
(There you go)

More than anything
A memory is a pain
Though I know I shouldn't 've let you in
I also know I'd let you in again

Me I'm still throwing little stones
Out on destiny's sweet lake
I get 'em to bounce a lot of times
Knowing they'll never come back again


Gypsy Girl

Written By: Micky Wales (formerly known as "Amadeus")

Gypsy girl won't you mend my love
I'm stuck here looking at the stars above
I got a nothing going but I know alright
That me and you could get a going tonight

We could ride my little Honda down the boulevard
Where the gravel road ends and the ocean starts
Michaels got a place where there's always something going
The lights are always on until the morning

Now now gypsy girl with your golden chains
Your burning shadow and your secret name
Well come on come on let's turn of the light
Me and you should get a going tonight

Roll another number nobody feels under
The weather when uncle John supplies the drinks
Dance along the beach with me, dance along the moonlit sea
Don't need a schedul no no we don't need to think

Now now gypsy girl with your perfect touch
I don't believe that I could get too much
Oh now gypsy girl you were worth the fight
And me and you should get a going tonight

My mama was a gypsy so I got it in my blood
And she was in the open when I entered this world
My daddy worked on cars in the neighborhood
But business was bad so they took the road

So now gypsy girl won't you mend my love
I'm stuck here looking at the stars above
Nothing's going but I know alright
That me and you could get a going tonight

With your tie-dyed dress and your golden locks
Your eyes so bright and your body so hot
I want to dance around the fire with a you all night
Wake up in the morning just holding you tight

Gypsy girl sing a song for me
A long forgotten gypsy melody
And if our constellations are sitting all right
Me and you could get a going tonight..

Madison Ave.

Written By: Micky Wales

She stood lost and forgotten,
Ice cold and heart-broken,
Down on Madison Avenue,
Undone and un-spoken to,
Not knowing what she should do,
Where to stand where to go.
And only you know,
What you know of before,
Down on Madison Avenue,
Rain coming in your shoes,
Picturing yesterday,
Imagining you..

When it's Christmas time,
And the children are smiling,
Down on Madison Avenue,
Display windows overflow,
Old couples dancing slow,
She didn't know he could dance so good.
There's so much to do,
now Santa is coming soon,
Madison Avenue,
Wishes are coming soon,
Not picturing yesterday,
Imagining you..

And it's back to that song,
You sing when you're alone,
Down on Madison Avenue,
Feeling you've fallen through,
And that world doesn't,
Doesn't apply to you,
And you don't wanna say goodnight,
You're somehow happy your sad,
Down on Madison Avenue,
Strangers just passing through,
Picturing yesterday,
Imagining you..


Wanderin (2000)

BBQ (2001)

Things on Elba (2003)
One Way (2003)

Temporary Elations I (2004)
Temporary Elations II (2004)
Temporary Elations III (2004)
Temporary Elations IV (2005)
Matinee @ Sea (2004)
The Tragedy of Harry & Danny (2004)

The Sky Was Blue (2005)
This Years Roses (2005)
Tenchi (2005)
Circus Story (2005)

A Misty Day (in progress)

Set List

1-3 sets. ~5-20 songs per set.
First set electric w/ band, second set acoustic;
or both electric; or both acoustic: (whatever suits the mood and venue).