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Mic Most fuses the ENERGY of Rock & Roll, technology, lyricism and Electronica...keeping in tact with his Hip Hop roots. He elevates, stimulates and educates the masses. Enlightenment & excitement go hand-in-hand when he steps on stage. A performance...nay, an EXPERIENCE never to be forgotten!!!


Mic Most is currently releasing quite a few different production projects the world over...The UK, Holland, Italy, Greece, California, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC...and, last but not least, Dallas... as a performer...as a colleague...as an artist/producer, not to mention, raising two beautiful sons with his beautiful wife as well. A rising star in every aspect of the word...


He found in his early years, that he and music shared a common bond. Even at an early age, it became apparent what his calling was, and that he must carry the torch. Music surrounded Mic Most's entire life. Born in Dayton, Ohio in the year of 1982, the twenty forth day of a cold February, the Moore's immediately moved to Orange County, California 2 months later. Between the ages of 4 and 6, Mic Most's mother was involved in a touring singing group called "The New Supremes". She was able to tour most of Asia (China, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Korea). This is where his passion for the lifestyle first began. In the first grade, Mic Most enrolled in the orchestra and the chorus. Throughout his young life, he developed his talents as a vocal and technical musician. At the age of 12, he took the next step and compiled his first production project. He then formed a hip-hop group called Reality, whereas Mic Most wrote/produced the music, lyrics, and his 2 friends wrote their own lyrics. Mic Most was the only member who remained dedicated to song. His equipment consisted of a karaoke machine, a pair of headphones (used as a microphone), and a Casio keyboard. He still has the original tape, which was cut in 1998. He used to make mixed tapes in which he attempted to use tape to tape mixing and matching up the last beat of the playing track to the first beat of the cued track. This is where Mic Most's interest in DJing came into play, and then developed expediently.

Mic Most does not stay within the limitations of genre. Over the years his music has continued to evolve. He writes about whatever is going on in that time... a portrait the present. Normally, he let's the music itself do the storytelling, though every once in a while he'll have something to say. Mic Most later discovered the vast possibilities of Electronic music through production software. Combining every aspect of music that he is knowledgeable of, or merely respect, he creates a fresh, innovative, cutting-edge sound... a genre in itself. He is now working on several different projects, such as a genre he calls Wet House, Hip Hop/Rock Fusion, remixing, musical scores for film & TV and, where it all started, Hip Hop...or as he categorized it, Alternative Hip Hop or Neo Hip Hop. Get Live! Music was established by Mic Most in June 1999 as a musical artists' organization. In January 2009, he organized an eclectic four-piece band named Voice Of Reason. All musicians involved play a plethora of instruments, with Mic Most in the forefront and background. They are currently in the studio working on new material...stay tuned!

Mic Most is here to give the world a well-needed, yet inevitable, change for the better....His undeniably original sound is being recognized internationally, and receiving heavy praise for his lyrical, production, and DJ talents surpassed by none...

"I will do my part in dismantling all the walls and barriers that lie within the realm of music and life, and show the world that we truly CAN coexist despite our petty differences, and make some badass music, together. Collaboration is essential for growth and evolution to occur. I firmly believe there is no peak to my musical creativity. My artistic vision is infinite. I have waited ample time until I believed my work to be ready. Now is the time....I just want all to know the music behind the man..."

"Your sound is unclassifiable; the future of popular hip hop."
[-Goldfingahz (CEO-Ambition MPR/Premiere Wu Tang Producer/Grammy Nominee)]

"We are on the cusp of blowing the f**k up!!"
[-Fabian Bates DJ/PRODUCER INTERNATIONAL (Beats & Lyrics Productions/Eden Records/12 Inch Pimps/Dance Records Distribution/Collectiv Harmonics/Fully Loaded Talent)]




Razor Blades

Written By: Micah

Sharper than a kitchen knife, I'm spitting rhymes that will spilt hairs and get stares...worldwide! Peaches and cream, I cut it like a sushi chef, so do your best...put you to the test! (x2)

Razor blades, quick to cut like a hand grenade. Serenaded with a lullaby, looking from a birds' eye. Sweet apple pie, a la mode, with a cherry...rapper want to battle my skills? On contrary. My sanctuary is the House of Song...my **** is long..my rhymes arrive so strong! I got the world in my palm. Like the eye of the storm, remain calm. My entourage consists of nothing but the best...cream of the crop. Watch us rise to the top! Scheming for some dollar bills...gotta keep my fam fed, handle it anyway that I can. My plan, be the best in the land. Multiple threat...I'm the one man band. **** a Range, and **** a Land...this is so hot, you need a **** fan. Not even a locksmith can crack the combination. New World Order...complete and total domination. Lyrical assault, protecting all women and children. If it's not the rhyme that you're feeling, it's the beat...rocking sideways, defining gravity. You couldn't possibly be mad at me.

From seed to root, my words heavyweight. National Lampoon, with the Chevy Chase. Clever endeavors continue without the sequel. Casper *** *****... like a book I can read through. A midsummer's nightmare turned into dreams...mind take flight, swinging branches into trees. Like Tarzan and Jane...bang chest to prove my manhood...not needed. Succeeded the rest of them, trying to get the best of them. Going above and beyond the final chapter. Do the math after the fact...raps smack your ***** backwards. Which way? This way? Or is it that one? The Golden Gate Bridge toppled over! Run you over in a Chevy Nova drunk or sober. A venomous snake bite the King Cobra...your central nervous system is mine to control. Choke hold, grab your throat...constrict air from entering your lung sack...3 minute collapse. 4 more minutes until the brain no longer functions...should've thought twice before spitting that bunk ****...


Sharper than the most acute angle...mangle you to the point of abuse. No excuses are acceptable. The taste I make...absolutely delectable. I'm a rarity collectible. Opposition ineffectual! My intellectual refract light like a prism. Any other rebuttal that you're fishing for...hoist the anchor, you failed the mission. The "X" factor, defacto to what your think you know. Quash the evidence, rhyme force benevolent. I think you better get ready the face the music, use that to your own benefit, if you choose that. Inspirato: Pablo Picasso. Abstract art form....**** uniform! Brush stroke paint slow...no more lines. The boundaries faded into black...bring it back!



Hip Hop Projects:

Reality (Mic Most. Lil D & Tee Mac)-Reality Chek
© 1998 Get Live! Music

Mic Most (Self-Titled)
© 2007 Get Live! Music

Hip Hop 2.0 (In-Production)
© 2009 Get Live! Music
~Single: Hip Hop 2.0
Electronic Projects:

Filtrator LP (In-Production)
© 2009 Get Live! Music
~Single: Weeping Willow

DJ Mixes:

© 2000 Get Live! Music

© 2001 Get Live! Music

Blast Theory
© 2005 Get Live! Music

© 2006 Get Live! Music

© 2007 Get Live! Music

Other Projects:

Supreme King Records-Diverse Verses Vol. I
~Song Title: "I Don't Care"
© 2007 Supreme King Records

2008 Miami International Film Festival 2008
Original Score By: Mic Most

DJ Vortex-"Music" feat. Mic Most
~Produced By: Marco Paolo Pierucci (Italy)
Lyrics By: Mic Most
© 2008 Stik Records/Molto Recordings

The Ambient Society-"Rhythm 'N Stealth II" feat. Mic Most
~Produced By: Maurits Jurisperitus (Holland)
Lyrics By: Mic Most
© 2009 The Ambient Society

The Ambient Society-"Dirty East Side" feat. Mic Most
~Produced By: Maurits Jurisperitus (Holland)
Lyrics By: Mic Most
© 2009/ The Ambient Society

The Ambient Society-"Seraphim" feat. Mic Most
~Produced By: Maurits Jurisperitus (Holland)
Lyrics By: Mic Most
© 2009 The Ambient Society


Set List

DJ Set:
Electro-Funk/Tech House/Tribal Tech/Electro-House/Wet House (1-6 Hours)...cutting-edge Electronic music, most of which is unreleased, along with original material.

Live Hip Hop:
ORIGINAL MATERIAL ONLY (30 minute minimum)...something new and fresh EVERY PERFORMANCE!