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My Influence Comes From What Has Been Missing In Hip Hop For Generations. Soulful Rappers Looking To Make Change In Their Neighborhoods. Ones Speaking Out And Voicing The Communities. These Sorts Of Things Inspire Me. As Well As Talented people like Alicia Keys, Ne-Yo, Smoky Robinson, The Temptations.. Selfless People That Fight For All Like MLK Jr, Bob Marley, & Abraham Lincoln, The Story Of Jesus Christ. Im Also Inspired By Innovation and Science


Absent Soul

Written By: Mic Ortiz

Her body's there
but her soul is missing
disappeared, gone, vanished
Soulless kissing
nowhere to be found
is where it went to hide in
the brain is present
so shes really absent minded
preoccupied, dreamy,
unaware, n thoughtless
oblivious, distracted,
n mentally cautious
her body's day dreaming ,
soul's in the clouds
judging everything we do
that's probably why shes looking down

I been trying to find it
everywhere i go
even made her a shirt that says
have you seen my soul?
A heartless
ice chest
frozen from the core
could this all be the result
of being hurt before?
Her soul lost love
her heart needs to be reminded
the person who will save her
is the one to find it
y should i look?
it's not written in a book
cause it's in the hands of a soulless crook

Through the memories of her past
we goin to find out why
she wears the heartbreak mask
the innocent people let their
heartbreak fast
I'm tryn to wake her up
How long does this heart break last?
emotions run deep
like the leagues in the sea
i think her soul sank down
too far for me to reach
or maybe it washed ashore
somewhere on the beach
i thought i might of saw it
out there roaming in the streets
she's not a whore cause
shes moaning in the sheets
there not a way to win
when you're suffering defeat
so i say
if she wants to do it let her
escape from her reality
through soulless pleasures

it was hard for him to get her
in the sheets when he met her
now it's easier for him to just
up leave, forget her
he took her heart away
for good and forever
she asked me if i would hurt her
i said " No Baby Never"

Her soul's absent
she could never love again
a sad story I'm just
trying not to rub it in
her heart's cold from
the images of loving him
i cant stand to sit here
and just watch this woman suffering
what can i do is there a place
where souls go?
when a woman breaks down into
an never ending whole
everyday she's falling
I'm trying to pick her up
I want to steal her heart
but I'm not trying to stick her up

I mean well she can't tell
her visions tainted
she sees black and white
her picture isn't painted
no happiness no heaven
just the misery and the imagery
of horrible moments in her history
what can i do is there a way
to erase that?
she used to glow she smiled
i want that face back
she used to entertain my heart
like the main act
the vibe i got from her man drugs
couldn't replace that

Shes long gone
out of sight
but still on my mind
looking for that same
chemistry is hard to find
i find myself alone sitting
here wasting time
on the thought of her soul
coming back so i could make her mine
sometimes i feel as if her soul
don't exist
she lives without a heart
like she was born with a gift
if cupid shot his arrow could of
sworn that he missed
she wrote a sad letter and she sealed
it with a kiss

a stranger to this girl
couldn't tell she was hurting
i saw her heart ripped open like she
need a surgeon
my name is mic
and i came here to get it working
something's not right
she needs love
and that's for certain
they asked me how i saw the signs?
nothing would reveal
i said " the eyes tell a story
that the heart can feel"
the first time i saw her
i can tell she was ill
her heart was left leaking
love killed

watch her life tumble
like shes rolling down a hill
shes always on the road like she
never wants to chill
emotions took a toll but
i wont pay attention
that probably sounds mean
to the others comprehending
I'm sorry but i can't
spend my life pretending
the cost of loves expensive
I'm sick and tired of spending
you can't see how i got so cold
cause you can never love someone
with an absent soul -Mic Ortiz


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