Richmond, Virginia, USA

Adventurecore three piece from RICHMOND, VA specializing punk with a twist...playing all kinds of styles...mixing punk ,hardcore, reggae, hiphop, jazz, electro, funcore...they have two full lengths and are working on the next record.


Microjoy has the best qualities of a fun party band – Playfull ruckus, good-natured jams and an unbelievably wide range of musical influences to make sure all the people in the crowd are touched with the fever. - RVA MAGazine


Best Friends Day

Written By: Craig Ronald Caldwell

This year best friends day fell on the day i was born
we went to the roller skateing rink
and you fear your wounds might get infected by hadads
my vagina isn't going anywhere near that water
roller skates hit while in the pit
shit i'll be friends with anybody
as long as they're friendly with me
best friends day ohh yeah


"positive force" may 07' kingosabi records
"killing with kindness" due july/august 08' ""
3 song 7inch w/werewolves(md)2009

Set List

Playfull Ruckus, betrayal, party patrol,
best friends day, transitionally wierd, 80's kids,ect.
we have probably around 40 songs
we can play anytype set short or long, fast or slow.
not many covers, everyonce in a while