Micro Marauder
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Micro Marauder

Denver, Colorado, United States

Denver, Colorado, United States
Band Jazz Avant-garde


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Looking Back"

Highlight: "if you have an appreciation for extreme musicianship, the things this band does is really quite bedazzling."

"Micro Marauder took the stage next, and put together a set that expanded on the future jazz theme. Micro Marauder performed as a duo; guitarist David Thomas Bailey and drummer Dean Hirschfield. The two created music steeped in post-jazz, creating an impressively expansive experimental sound despite the apparent limitations of only having two people. Dean Hirschfield exhibited impressive skill not only on the drum set, but as a percussionist in general, using an array of other percussion techniques - even utilizing sounds from children's toys. David Thomas Bailey showcased his mind-blowing skill on a seven string guitar, able to create the sound of two instruments - guitar and bass - at the same time utilizing a single guitar. He would simultaneously play a bass line by plucking the lower strings of his guitar with his thumb, while using his fingers to play guitar melodies and chords.
The resulting sound was an delectable post-jazz stew - a beautiful concoction of experimental rock. The set began with "Fuck That Garbage Truck", a psychedelic jazz-rock piece that introduced the crowd to their expansive sound. The next piece showed off even more creativity, as Dean Hirschfield started using an array of varied percussion techniques, including looping an animal sound from a baby toy, playing a gong, using miscellaneous shakers and rattles, oh, and of course playing his drum set. Meanwhile, David Thomas Bailey played a introspective jazz guitar with a psychedelic sound and a galaxial effect. More exploratory sound creation continued - Dean Hirschfield used a chicken toy to create a sound at one point, while David Thomas Bailey wedged a ring in between his strings to generate high notes well outside of the normal range of a guitar. The Micro Marauder sound is definitely out there and very experimental, but if you have an appreciation for extreme musicianship, the things this band does is really quite bedazzling."
- Concerted effort blog


Still working on that hot first release.



David Thomas Bailey and Dean Hirschfield have been playing music together for the better part of 15 years. In that time they have developed a communicative style that can only be earned with years of collaboration.

Micro Marauder is the duo's opportunity to take sonic chances. The music that results is sometimes harshly aggressive, sometimes beautifully expressive but always filled with intent. Rooted in jazz, the music is a mixture of composed and completely improvised songs with certain influences from folk music, rock music and the avant-garde.

David Thomas Bailey:
FaceMan, Man vs. Village, Panal S.A. de C.V., Chris McGarry and the Insomniacs, Producer and composer for the Locus Project. David also is responsible for spearheading the Colorado Composers Collective.

Dean Hirschfield:
Jesse Manley Band, Latest Vintage, Masters of Boom, FaceMan, Arapaho Philharmonic Orchestra Producer/Leader New York Street Boys