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Micromattic is a collective of audio/visual artists working on a revolutionary concept for movement based performance of Electronic Dance Music. We utilise Nintendo Wii Remotes as instruments for live performance and we shape sounds and images through movement


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Visit www.myspace.com/microwavesounds for full details, music, videos & images.

Watch Micromattic's latest video live improvisation here:



Micromattic is an artist collective working on a revolutionary concept for stage presentation of intelligent dance music, blurring boundaries between IDM and Progressive Techno.

We manipulate sound and images through movement with Nintendo Wii controllers, we beatbox and use our voices to generate sounds which we then loop, warp and twist in abstract textures. Now imagine all this served on a base of monochrome deep hypnotic IDM Techno grooves. That's what we are about!

Micromattic's performances are great fun to watch and are fully integrated with the audience, which we think is something the electronic music world often lacks. How many times you have been in a club watching a dj or a live band creating wicked noises but actually spending hours on staring at computer screens doing god knows what. Did you find this exciting? We don't and that is why we want to change this and lead the revolution to bring the electronic audio visual performer back to the front of the stage and create memorable and engaging experiences for our audiences.



Nikolay Seizov a.k.a Microwave is a Bulgarian born recording artist also known to the electronic music addicts of his homeland as DJ Zizo.

He fell into music at the tender age of three when he picked up a violin, which he quickly dropped judging it to be too heavy. Instead he decided to make use of his pre-pubescent voice and spent his childhood in classical choir. But he was no angel. He spent endless hours immersing himself in prehistoric video-games, subliminally absorbing vast quantities of binary sounds, which would later influence both his music development and his unnatural attraction to bleepy minimalist sounds.

Before starting out as a club DJ he had been involved in his hometown’s club scene where he took his first steps in writing abstract electronic music. In early 2000 producing was pushed to the sideline in favor of the more exciting (he thought) life of a DJ. From the chill rooms of underground dance events where he perfected his moving style he quickly mixed his way into residencies at some of the most influential electronic music clubs in Sofia. He was everywhere: underground and mainstream, outdoors and indoors, at home and abroad, sharing the stage with top international players.

In the busy times of 2003, while unleashing his skill on dancefloors of Europe and the USA and making regular radio appearances on Radio France International, DJ-ing began to lose its appeal being such a limited method to expression of musical creativity.

In 2005 Nikolay moved to Cambridge (UK) where he got busy cooking up sound waves in his bedroom under the name Microwave. The first accomplished track he produced in early 2007 accidentally got in to the hands of HorsePlay Records who immediately signed him and pressed a vinyl of his "The Sound Of No Good".

2008 proved a really busy year for Nikolay with the launch of his new project Micromattic together with his friend - mad artist engineer Matt Venn. Their revolutionary Nintendo Wii movement based sound bending performance quickly landed on a number of European stages where they played along legendary artists such as Speedy J, Juno Reactor, The Advent, Kiril Dzaikovski to name but a few.

What you can expect to see from Nikolay in 2009:

- his audio/visual installation with London Contemporary Orchestra
- the experimental short film/music video Under Over The Clouds
- more records from his studio collaboration with Kliment
- more madness as usual


Matt Venn aims to interact and work with the crowd, finding his way to a sound that is fun, interesting and unpredictable. He uses looping tools and gestural controls to free himself from computers, spending more time engaging with the audience.

Current projects:

www.experiment1.co.uk Experiment 1 is a South London-based arts & science collective, specialising in large-scale sensory installations, which fuse sculpture, music, science and performance art.an interactive arts community. Matthew Venn is currently the technical director for experiment1, and created the new control systems for the gas organ.

The gas organ: is an interactive sonic sculpture combining fire, glass tubes, and wiimote (gestural) controllers.

Wiimote interactivity: Matthew Venn uses his scientific and computer skills to allow more engagement with the crowd while performing, and to allow the crowd to influence lights and sounds through movement. Running workshops in improvising with computers, Matthew is keen to see this new technology used in more clubs and venues.

Live looping and special effects: Using his voice as a starting point,


Under Over The Clouds EP 12" - Absolutive Records
Chase HQ EP 12" - Horseplay Records

Set List

Micromattic's Live Performances typically last around 75minutes and take the audiences on a real journey through different electronic sound worlds that are yet well connected and form a coherent musical story.