Microtone Kitchen

Microtone Kitchen


Microtone Kitchen, a 7 artist band from Montreal that creates original live music with turntables, keys, guitar and bass. The band consists of 7 artists, 5 DJ's and 2 live musicians. They harmonize their sounds to create songs along with the live instrumentation. Genres from classical to electro.


Microtone Kitchen is a Montreal-based group that creates original live music with turntables, keys and guitar. The group, led by five-time turntablist champion DJ Mana, has an all-star roster including: female DJ phenomenon Killa-Jewel, talented up-and coming battle DJ Praiz, the highly skilled turntablists Midas and Panda-Zal, and keyboardists Johnny Know1 and Sir Bastard.

Microtone Kitchen approaches the turntable like a real instrument. They create beats, bass-lines, chords, melodies, and arpeggios by scratching sounds on records and harmonizing with keyboards and guitar. Their sound is influenced by contemporary jazz, classical, IDM, hip hop, and various electronic music. The result is an eclectic mixture of groovy organic music with an electronic feel. Recent performances include the International Montreal Jazz Festival in 2006 and the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival in 2007.


Debut album and DVD dropping in the Winter of 2007.

Set List

Total set time - 55 minutes

1) Intro
2) When I Miss You
3) All Real (transition)
4) Kickin It
5) Oowee (transition)
6) Deep Cover (transition)
7) Jamaican Flute
8) Grind (Transition)
9) The Grind
10) DOS
11)Twitch Cypher
12) A Minor transition
13) Break It Down
14) Needle In The Dark
15) Run It

Genres included in this set are Jazz, Hip Hop, Electro, Drum N' Bass, Funk, and Trip Hop