Microwave Jenny

Microwave Jenny


Pop/Folk/Love. When you were a teenager falling in love for the first time and you had that first kiss in the woods, the backseat of a car or behind the school and then went home and laid in bed thinking about it all night...


Do you remember when you were a teenager and you fell in love for the first time? That first kiss in the woods or the backseat of a car or behind the school? Then you'd go home and lay in bed thinking about it over and over again all night? Thats the best way to describe where the songs of Microwave Jenny take you.

Microwave Jenny (a name that stems from the classic Australian cult film “The Castle”) is Australian husband/wife duo Tessa and Brendon Boney whose music has been described as "Pop/Folk/Love". This intriguing match has been wooing music lovers all across Australia with its silky harmonies since the groove-folk-popsters first joined forces in late 2009.

Tessa grew up in a small Central Coast town an hour north of Sydney and the early part of her career involves helping her Dad run karaoke, entering talent quests and then in her latter years of high school catching the train to take her unique voice to Sydney for rehearsals and gigs all while working in a local cinema making choc-top ice-creams. It was backstage at one of these gigs where she met Brendon.

Growing up in country New South Wales, Brendon spent his teenage years travelling the world with a promising soccer career. It wasn't until his last year of high school when a severe injury put that on hold and he found music. This new found love saw him, like Tessa travelling to Sydney for rehearsals and gigs.

After meeting backstage at a show and realising they both shared similar ideas for their music the pair spent time writing songs for each other's solo projects before deciding to try things as a duo. A decision which has seen them winning awards, working on film soundtracks and playing such festivals as The Woodford Folk Festival, Peats Ridge Festival, The Dreaming Festival, Festival of the Sun, and Bluesfest in Byron Bay to name a few.

With their regular appearances on the Australian festival scene the duo have started to develop a solid following and it was in early 2012 when they asked that following via microwavejenny.com, Facebook and Twitter "Who want's Microwave Jenny to play at their house?!". The response was overwhelming and saw Microwave Jenny play 20 houses in 6 different states.

Halfway through their national tour of house concerts Tessa and Brendon married each other. Now they navigate their way through not only the mountains and valleys of married life but also the treacherous waters of being completely independent, self managed, touring, musicians who pride themselves on the DIY nature of their career.


When You Don’t Call

Written By: Brendon Boney and Tessa Nuku

Haven’t you noticed
This awkward silence
Chasing you around today?
Why are you stalling?
You should be hearing
All the words I have to say

When you don’t call me, what’s wrong?
Maybe I said I would
My day is begging to be talked about
If you won’t pick up I’ll have to go without you tonight
And it won’t hurt at all
When you don’t call

Maybe you’re hurting
Maybe it’s something
I did or I didn’t do
What’s taking so long?
You could’ve moved on
And I wouldn’t have a clue

I won’t feel so alone
If you’d just pick up your phone

Bada Bing

Written By: Tessa Nuku

We could be the life of the party
Don’t mean to sound naughty
But you’re the right kinda guy for me
He sang so sweetly “Meet me by the car parked by the trees”

Bada Bing, Bada Bing

He opened up the door most politely
And sunk in right by me
He said “My lady lay with me”
The rain fell softly, harder pounding made it hard to see

Bada Bing, Bada Bing

You’re the kind of man for a woman like me
None of this rough love, no more tough love
Only sweet, sweet love for me
You’re the kind of man for a woman like me
With a warm heart you got my eyes shut oh what more can there be?

Oh yes, Bada Bing, Bada Bing

We could be the life of the party
Don’t mean to sound naughty
But you’re the right kinda guy for me
He sang so sweetly, when he kissed me I could hardly breathe

Bada Bing, Bada Bing

We could be the life of the party
Don’t mean to sound naughty
But you’re the right kinda guy for me

Stuck on the Moon

Written By: Brendon Boney

You might not believe that these words are my own
But I wrote this myself so your mind would be blown
If what I felt for you was kept on a boat
There’s not enough water to keep it afloat

If every word I wrote made you want to smile
I’d write a list of words as long as The Nile
And never stand so far that I had to shout
I’d follow you ‘round and won’t shut my mouth

If you were safe when I held you I’d be satisfied
With my arms stitched in a coat and you wrapped in inside
You’d wear me out in the rain and the snow
But you can’t hang me up ‘cause I won’t let you go

No I won’t let you go

If you were only happy if I went away
I’d dig a hole in the moon and inside I’d stay
But I’d take a pencil and some paper too
And think of the perfect words to write to you

I’d take all the lines from your favourite songs
And write a new favourite and you’d sing along
Then I’d pencil in your favourite cartoon
And he’d stand before millions and sing you this tune

While I’m stuck on the moon


Summer EP (Shock, 2010)

Crazy, Crazy Things EP (Independent 2011)

Chasing You EP (Independent 2012)

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