Midas Fall

Midas Fall

 Manchester, England, GBR

Described by Subba Cultcha Magazine as "chiming vocal-led post-rock", Midas Fall have carved a unique sound, combining elements of electronica, post-rock and alt-goth to create "...powerful yet fragile, devastatingly beautiful and beautifully devastating..." music (The Founder Magazine).


Led by the hauntingly melancholic vocals of Elizabeth Heaton, Midas Fall have sculpted a distinctive sound, combining elements of electronica and post-rock to create taut, shimmering soundscapes.

Midas Fall will release their second album 'Wilderness' on eclectic indie label Monotreme Records on April 2nd 2013 and will tour to support the album later in the year.

2012 saw the band perform at Switzerland's Deadline Festival, share the stage with labalmates 65daysofstatic and Reigns in London at the Monotreme Records 10th Birthday party, perform headline slots in London and Budapest, support We Were Promised Jetpacks and December saw the band support Her Name Is Calla in York, London and Leicester.

2011 saw Midas Fall complete their first European tour, including a slot at Belgium's Dunk! Festival, sold-out shows in Athens, Sofia, Glasgow, Manchester and London, play Germany's Dark Spring Festival, support label-mates Jeniferever and Kerrang! favourites Hawk Eyes and perform on the main stage at GoGo Festival. 2011 also saw the band secure endorsements from JHS Hornby (Fret King Guitars), Diago, DiPinto Guitars, Dava Picks and Lion Cajon Drums.

Their debut album 'Eleven. Return and Revert' had its worldwide release with Monotreme in April 2010. Garnering numerous glowing reviews comparing them to the likes of Portishead and Explosions in the Sky.

Midas Fall have previously supported Japanese post-rockers Mono and secured a coveted synch for their track 'MovieScreens' on BBC3's Lip Service soundtrack - a soundtrack which charted in the UK's top 20 and has since been released in Canada and Australia, increasing the bands overseas following.

2009 saw the group self release debut EP 'Century' and gain national airplay from (amongst others) BBC Introducing's Tom Robinson and the Best of Myspace podcast.



Written By: Elizabeth Heaton

Lies opened up this road
The only place the truth has left to go
And when your love falls short I wait
But you're gone

Tied to the rootless half
The half that self destructs
When its missed the mark
And if my eyes weren’t stuck on someone new
Then I’d fire

I had time to choose
But this thing that breaks me
I couldn’t bear to lose
I know your will got tired and I froze
Now you're gone

Stop, I wouldn’t mind at all
But you build disasters and never watch them fall
And when your life falls short
I won’t mind
Now I’m gone

Your Heart, Your Words, Your Nerves

Written By: Elizabeth Heaton

Learn my lines
I’m always 19 and I barely last another day
The skies catch fire, I hover too close and burn until you look away
We’ll play our roles, my Lady Macbeth, accomplice with a lesser soul

Your heart, your words, your nerves distort
I can’t stop knowing this

In the fray I’ll map your contours and draw your conscience in sand
In this car crash I learnt to love less, I learnt your heartbeat distorts

Safe and sound
Pull me inside and hold on for another day
We’re out of time
The sun will rise soon and haunt us till we run away

I’m tied to you
I’m tied to this crash and I want to see another day
When you’re out of sight, you’re out of control
This wave will come and eat us whole
Your heart, your words, your nerves distort


Written By: Elizabeth Heaton

Play the part blue, play the act cold
Play me sideways, it don’t matter
I gave up on consequence
See the redshift turn to blueshift
Throw me a bone, it don’t matter
It seemed too hard anyway

Tell me don’t stop till your head drops
Break it right through the still weather
And leave me with my delay
Reach the right wave
Kill the old days
Send me your love in static
I cried for you yesterday

Too many times
The moviescreen burned a little bright
The moviescreen bled a different lie, a better lie
Be happy now
The moviescreens grew with lighter steps

Too long went by
And I sold my soul for a better lie
And it left me hungry too many times

Fight First

Written By: Elizabeth Heaton

Won’t you build this wilderness in me?

Fight First

Watch your private universe delete
Won’t you build this wilderness in me?

I’m undone

Carnival Song

Written By: Elizabeth Heaton

Paint your colours over my old life
Your blue inks brave now
Your blue ink says “I’m alive…now won’t you try”

Hear my good advice
You're built this way and you’ll never change

Hide your conscience under your disguise
You're too high to function
You're too blue to paint over eyes
Just mine

Twist my arms round tight
At midnight we fight and secretly smile

The cost of my desire
It's always too much, then never enough

Pull my arms round
Pull my arms round tight


'Wilderness' - LP, 2013
'As Our Blood Separates' - EP, 2012
'Eleven. return and Revert' - LP, 2010

Set List

Nautical Song
Fight First
Stalking Moon
Your Heart, Your Words, Your Nerves
Hurt (Nine Inch Nails cover)
Carnival Song
The Unravelling King

Set can be as short as 20 minutes (4 - 6 songs) and as long as 90 minutes (16 or 17 songs). Ordinarily we play between 6 and 8 tracks. Sets can be either full band (preferred) or acoustic.