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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Indie





MTV Drops three preview tracks off Midday Swim's self-titled debut album. Preview the tracks now and purchase 'Midday Swim' in full May 1st, 2015 on iTunes. - MTV

"Meet the Edge Next Big Thing Final 6: Midday Swim"

Toronto Indie rock band Midday Swim have come a long way since forming as a five-piece group just over a year ago. They formed at lead vocalist and guitar player David Krygier-Baum’s lake front cabin in the Kawartha Lakes area.

“We’re a very positive band and we bring a lot of energy to our shows. We want people to feel the joy and love of bringing summer as a theme to most of our music,” said David Krygier- Baum.

The members of Midday Swim have been buddies since high school in Thornhill (except for drummer Max, who attended high school in Richmond Hill). Once Krieger-Baum put together demos, the rest of band liked it a lot. “We worked on more demos and that helped us grow as a band, and as a song writing team. Once we recorded more demos with our instruments, we felt we had something pretty special that we really enjoy,”.

The band’s debut single “Summer Eyes”, brings a pop like, hard-hitting rhythm that will make you want to head to the nearest dock, with a cold one in hand. “The song makes everyone feel great and Summer Eyes gives you the feel of summer all year round, while looking at the world with optimism,” says Krygier-Baum. The song and their music drew inspiration from the likes of Broken Social Scene, who they consider to be a big influence.

Their hard efforts eventually lead to their debut self-titled EP that was released on May 1st, and they are no rookies to the music game as their music has evolved since their days of winter hell in the Krygier-Baum lake front cabin. Just barely a year since their inception, the band has already hit some very key milestones. They’ve played some of Toronto’s hottest musical festivals including Canadian Music Week and NXNE. “Our music has become more upbeat with a dance, party like feel to it. The music has evolved since we bring the songs to the stage with what the audience vibes with,”.

Now, the band’s focus is on the finals of The Edge’s Next Big Thing contest who are poised to make a splash, regardless of the outcome. “We love having fun as a group, and we work hard on our songs. When we play the songs live, the fans have a lot of fun with it and they sing along to our songs. The songs pull you in as if it were you coming to join the party and sing to our music. Whether you’re listening to it anywhere, it brings people together,”.

Speaking of summer, the band is currently working on a new single with producer Dave Newfeld, who has worked with Broken Social Scene on many occasions. Midday Swim will hit the stage to impress the judges at the Phoenix on August 21st, where one of the bands will be crowned The Edge’s Next Big Thing. - The Edge 102.1 Toronto

"Under the Radar : Volume 2"

Welcome to Vol. 2 of “Under The Radar“. Every week we get together and discuss what’s exciting. We vote and share the best with you here. This week we have five tracks to share from a great mix of bands, including some local talent.

Sounding like Broken Social Scene blended with hard hitting acoustic guitars, “Summer Eyes” is sure to be your next summer nostalgia song.

This Toronto-based indie band traveled outside of the city to cottage country for inspiration for their upcoming EP and it really shows. Taking hikes and visiting parks help shape this relaxing acoustic-heavy indie rock sound. - Indie88

"Midday Swim EP Stream"

Midday Swim have been teasing their debut EP since back in the fall, and with their self-titled effort due out on May 1, the entire thing is available to stream now on Exclaim!

The Toronto band's origins trace back to a getaway at a cabin by a lake in rural Ontario. That backstory helps to explain the nostalgic cover artwork (above), and it also sheds some light on the band's bright, pop-friendly aesthetic. Opener "Summer Eyes" lays the groundwork for the band's sound with its group harmonies, indie-rocking rhythms and atmospheric textures. The subsequent tracks are similarly upbeat and melodic with an undercurrent of wistful sleepiness running through the whole thing.

In other words, it's the kind of EP that sounds tailor-made for lazy days spent sitting in the sunshine next to a body of water. But even if you're cooped up inside in front of a computer, you'll still want to take a listen below. - Exclaim!

"New Music From The Inbox"

If “Summer Eyes” from MIDDAY SWIM is any indication of what is to come from this band, 2015 is shaping up to be a very good year for indie rock. - Allan Cross - A Journey of Musical Things

"CP 24 Live Interview"

'Midday Swim' discuss their upcoming album. - CP 24

"Midday Swim "Summer Eyes""

Toronto indie rock five-piece Midday Swim are gearing up to release a new EP and in anticipation, Exclaim.ca is pleased to premiere the band's new video for "Summer Eyes."

The band's sound combines "a hard-hitting rhythm section with lush pop melodies and dreamy atmospheric guitars," drawing inspiration from the likes of local heroes Broken Social Scene.

The new clip was directed by L.A.-based filmmaker Noam Kroll and is set in a mundane office. It stars vocalist David Krygier-Baum, who livens things up a bit after heading outside to face autumn's impending wrath. A colourful paint war ensues between members, proving that — as the band puts it — "fun can be found anywhere and summer is a state of mind, not a season."

Midday Swim will be releasing their debut full-length in 2015, but for now you can check out the brand new video for "Summer Eyes" below.

The band will play Toronto's Piston on January 8 and you can follow them on Twitter here. - Exclaim!

"Press Play with Gina K for a May LIVE Weekend"

Her name is Gina, and she is funky. And cool. And she also has fantastic taste in music, which you can discover for yourself every week on Press Play with Gina K.

This week, it’s the May LIVE weekend, which means Gina’s going to be playing some excellent, live tuneage to help get your day started right. You’ll hear some amazing acoustic tracks from Bobby Bazini, Lights, Mother Mother, and way more. Plus, Gina has a brand new track from Great Lake Swimmers plus Midday Swim drops by!

Tune in to Press Play with Gina K on The Verge and Iceberg, Saturday at 10am and Sunday at noon!

From Midday Swim’s Facebook page:

Float along to the dreamy sound of Toronto’s Midday Swim. Their songs combine lush vocals, atmospheric guitars and a driving rhythm section.

The bands debut EP, was recorded in a cabin by the lake out in the backwoods of Ontario. Always writing and rehearsing, Midday Swim can often be found enjoying a slice of pizza or lounging in the park. - SIRIUS XM THE VERGE

"Through Our “Summer Eyes”"

Through Our “Summer Eyes”
Monday, March 9th, 2015
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Stephan Ermel of Toronto indie rock quintet Midday Swim reflects on recording the band’s self-titled debut…

Rather than spending the recent family day long weekend – one of the coldest weekends of the season – warm and indoors with the fam, I went up north with my adopted family to a cottage along Jack Lake in the Kawarthas to continue recording our upcoming album, set to be released April 28th, 2015.

We spent the rest of that weekend surviving on frozen lasagna and Moose Tracks ice cream with no running water, very little heat, and a whole lot of instruments.

While there, it struck me that, in some way, it seems something of a rite of passage for a Canadian Indie Band – traveling to Great White North in search of calmer surroundings and that idyllic, untouched landscape to inspire your sound.

But really, I think it’s about camaraderie.

In some form or another, we’ve been making music together for what seems like an unimaginably long time. Sebastian and David have known each other since they went to Hebrew school together in Thornhill; Craig and Max have played in bands together since high school; and between the three of us, Sebastian and David and I have created more bands than Broken Social Scene has members.

But there is something about the shared experience of a weekend in a remote and isolated space. Something that brings a band together – for better or worse – and more than almost anything else, genuinely affects the nature of the music they create.

To give you an idea, allow me to list the kinds of bonding activities a winter cottage experience can provide.

1. Falling asleep in the van on the two hour drive, only to be woken by the sensation of your stomach lurching up and down as your vehicle careens around corners and over snowbanks on a barely plowed path in the middle of the Canadian nowhere.

2. Digging out a parking space for your van through nearly shoulder high snow, in the middle of the night.

3. Thrice using a snowmobile to precariously tow your expensive/irreplaceable recording equipment down an otherwise untraversable path, equal in length to a TTC subway train. (BTW, thank you thank you thank you to Blair for operating that snow machine of yours. I don’t think you knew what you were getting into when you offered your services… #couldn’thavedoneitwithoutyou! Come to TO and we’ll buy you a round.

4. Walking down to the frozen lake to auger fresh water from underneath the ice.

5. Figuring out what an auger is.

6. Being pushed into a snow bank while carrying a bucket of literally ice cold water, which you augered from a lake in the dead of winter, and NOT SPILLING A SINGLE DROP! #thanksalot

7. Realizing (only after you’ve checked your camera footage) that while you’ve been freezing your butt off outside, your friends have been inside doing this:

8. Finally getting to do some of this:

9. …only to be stopped by some of this:

(You probably can’t tell, but this is the aftermath of a fire that broke out in the studio, when one of our [probably overworked] heaters burst into flames behind us and nearly suffocated us to death. It was only at that moment, as we leapt to our feet, that we realized we had no fire extinguisher, and had to smother the flames with our feet. Thank goodness for house shoes!

10. #MIDDAY naps (with our boy Jack the dog).

11. #makinart

12. And breaks spent out on the frozen lake, watching the sun set.

What this past weekend has confirmed for me is that the kind of collaborative effort that being in a band demands goes far beyond what any one individual can do on their own. I have always been compelled by stories of bands that have been together for years, are aware of each other’s strengths, weaknesses, habits, and are able to bring out the best in each other.

I think those moments of true creative ingenuity are made possible only after you’ve become a kind of family, and I hope that we’ve struck upon those moments with this record. - Canadian Musician

"Album Review"

In the early moments of 'Summer Eyes' it feels like this is a veteran band, back with a carefully crafted new record. In fact the song that exudes such confidence and patience is the opening number on their debut EP. The Toronto band seems have created something timeless, that exists outside the trends in modern rock music and keeps you hanging on. The band formed in Northern Ontario at a lakefront cabin, and the music they've created has become the perfect soundtrack to spending your summer days in the same sort of setting.

'Back To You' is a bold declaration, backed by the heavyweight rhythm section it powerfully tells the tale of a love soon to return. The track lends itself, as does the record to a summer spent in the Canadian outdoors. The release is perfectly timed, just as summer is starting to make it's presence felt. The record is synonymous with the romantic fascination we have with the warmer months in Canada, and the adventurous notion that we all want to find a way to make our days longer. Whether that's still something you experience, or if it's a feeling you look back on nostalgically the self titled debut from 'Midday Swim' is evocative of the same sense of freedom that can only come with the welcome we have for warm weather in light of a serious winter.

The seven tracks that comprise the debut album from Midday Swim are a perfect introduction. They establish their sound, make a memorable impression, and yet still manage to leave the listener wanting more. These songs give you a great deal to discover, with the detailed nuance of their songwriting revealing elements not immediately obvious at first listen. That's partly why the band finds themselves in a league of elite modern bands. 'Midday Swim' doesn't immediately impute what the band, or the record is about. The slowly revealed mystery makes repeated listens a beautiful experience. - Fingers on Blast

"Exclusive Track Premiere: Midday Swim – “We Got The Feeling”"

Comprised of David Krygier-Baum, Stephan Ermel, Sebastian Shinwell, Craig Saltz, and Max Trefler, Toronto fivesome Midday Swim will drop their self-titled album this spring (April 28th). In anticipation of its release, A Music Blog, Yea? is thrilled to share their upcoming single We Got The Feeling. If you happen to be a fan of dreamy/melodic pop, you’ll be happily whisked away in the single’s whimsical sound and lush vocals.

The band is scheduled to play a free show for Indie88’s Nu Music Night on February 24th in Toronto (details can be found here). For now, stream We Got The Feeling exclusively below, and follow updates from Midday Swim here: - A Music Blog, Yeah?

"INDIE-POP: Self-Titled by Midday Swim"

One of my favourite bands to come out of Toronto recently is indie pop/rock band Midday Swim. The quintet has been generating some significant buzz with their two incredibly summery singles “We Got The Feeling” and “Summer Eyes”, and with their showcase performances at Canadian Music Week in early May. If you’re into bands like Broken Social Scene, The National and Beach House, then their self-titled EP is a worthy investment for you.

Midday Swim is the perfect summer EP, so a May 1 release is particularly fitting.The album artwork, featuring a deck and Muskoka chairs, is really representative of the type of EP that this is – the perfect listen for lazy afternoons lounging at the cottage. The thing is, the songs themselves are strong enough to last once winter weather comes along.

Admittedly, I was hooked on Midday Swim after hearing their two singles, “We Got The Feeling” and “Summer Eyes”, but the remaining 5 songs on the EP didn’t leave me disappointed.The songs are lush, atmospheric and melodic, and the vocals are always dreamy and hushed. The two best tracks on the EP (singles notwithstanding) were “Either Way” and the EP closer “No Matter What”. The vocal arrangement on “Either Way” is complex yet eminently singalong-able, and the lyrics were stuck in my head at the end of one full listen. In particular, I really like that they slow down the song in the pre-chorus, from a relatively quick-paced chorus before leading back into an upbeat chorus that culminates in Krygier-Baum singing “either way, I’m dreaming”. On “No Matter What”, the band sort of veers away from the formula, so to speak, and offers an almost reggae-influenced pop song. The song is pretty different and a little less ‘dreamy’ and more straight-up pop than anything else on the EP, and it works through and through.

I look forward to hearing a full-length record from these guys, and be sure to catch them in Toronto at their record release party at Toronto’s The Horseshoe Tavern on June 12 or their NXNE show at Sneaky Dee’s on June 19. Full show details can be found here.

4.5 out of 5 stars


Must-Listen Tracks: “Either Way”, “Summer Eyes”, “No Matter What” - CONFRONT Magazine

"Review – Midday Swim"

Toronto based Indie Pop Rock band, Midday Swim consists of David Krygier-Baum (Vocals/ Guitar), Stephan Ermel (Keyboards/ Vocals), Sebastian Shinwell (Guitar/ Vocals), Craig Saltz (Bass/ Vocals), and Max Trefler (Drums). The band has just released their debut self-titled EP. The EP features seven tracks, including their singles, “Summer Eyes” and “We Got The Feeling”, which are both great songs that I can see being added to rotation on my music library.

My absolute favourite on the EP is the third song, “Either Way”, which I found myself singing along with right away. It’s one of those songs that had me transfixed. The vocals are smooth and the music doesn’t overpower the song, they work together perfectly and make an absolutely great song.

“No Matter What” is the closing song on the EP, and is also one of the others that stood out for me. The beat has a slight reggae beat to it, which I found intriguing. I would like to see this song get the attention it deserves, as it really offers something different than the standard rock song, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Want to learn more about Midday Swim? Here’s your chance, read our interview with them: http://canadianbeats.ca/2015/03/27/interview-midday-swim/

Rating: 4/5 - Canadian Beats

"Cozy Indie Pop"

Roughly Translated from German:

Cozy Indie-Pop for your day at the lake – Midday Swim

We just love unknown bands. We take you to Toronto and from there we present you the indie-pop quintet Midday Swim.

The Bavarian in us would say: feels like our typical swaying with linked arms. But that sounds too much of a bench in a marquee. And this doesn’t fit to Midday Swim at all. Cuddly would have come to our minds as well while listening to their first song “Summer Eyes”. But cuddly doesn’t sound better at all. On the opposite. It evokes even more the picture of shining candles, warm bath hubs and romantic campfires.

Midday Swim simply don’t hurt anybody. This way we would rather express it. But this would be unfair, because then we would imply a certain kind of tristesse in their music, which definitely doesn’t exist. The quintet from Toronto devotes itself to the very classical indie and pop. That we associate those attributes with their music is surely because the vocals are hummy and sung in a very relaxed way. However hereby the band’s guitar sound isn’t too typically indie-pop. They are very atmospheric and wide-spread. I feel strongly reminded of the Band Maritime.

The end of April the band – having been titled by the band itself – has been released with only 7 songs. A little bit little for an album. The two most catchy songs you’ll definitely find on their Soundcloud page: ““Summer Eyes” and “We Got The Feeling”. No ground-breaking song titles to be honest. But they fulfil their purpose and Midday Swim create truly charming indie-pop.

So relaxed, so casual and so summertime-like. Yet not peppy summer-like but rather getting-out-of-hand calming. Just perfect when you’re lying at the pool and you wish to close your eyes for a short nap. This might be because the first EP indeed has been recorded close to water: in a small cabin, somewhere at a like in Ontario. Very idyllic. Almost cliché. - SoundKartell Germany


Canadian born band Midday Swim, released their self titled debut EP on May 1, 2015. Midday Swim consists of band members David Krygier-Baum (Vocals/Guitar) Sebastian Shinwell (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Craig Saltz (Bass/Vocals) and Stephan Ermel (Keyboards) that formed a little less than a year ago in Ontario.

Since then the band released two singles, one “Summer Eyes” which is a very relaxing, soft melody song with lyrics like “put your summer eyes on, put your summer eyes on” it’s the perfect atmosphere for the summer weather!

The band’s second single, “We Got The Feeling,” is a much more rhythmic song but with the same soft melody. This song expresses the comfort of total freedom that only exists on the open road.

Another fun song off the EP is “No Matter What,” which again delivers a soft chill feel but with powerful lyrics of love and comfort. Everyone’s been through a tough relationship, but this song proves no matter what, love can overcome anything.

Track list:
Summer Eyes
Back To You
Either Way
The Last Band
We Got The Feeling
She Has Time
No Matter What

We had the opportunity to chat with the band about their music and future plans. Read the interview below!

Why should our readers check out Midday Swim?
With summertime right around the corner our album is definitely patio/dock listening material. We recommend enjoying it with your favourite drink and a solid dose of Vitamin D. There is a cool soundscape happening in the music so each time you listen to the songs you can hear something new that you might have missed before.

How would you describe your sound?
Dreamy Indie Rock. Solid driving rhythms with atmospheric guitars and hush vocals.

With so many bands in your genre how do you stand out?
When we play live shows we give it our all. We have been performing together for along time, some of us since our high school days. We always gave a good time playing together and thats what people see when the come out to our show.

Your video for “Summer Eyes” looked like you guys had a lot of fun shooting it. What was the premise behind the video?
It was a ton of fun to shoot! We wanted to show how summer is a state of mind on not just a season. We shot the video in the woods near where we all grew up in Thornhill so it was great to walk the old paths that we used to walk when we were younger. The video shows workers to are bored at the job and eventually start grooving to the music. The peak of the video is a paint battle that was probably the most fun part of the whole video. We got to chuck holi paint at each other and wrestle. It was a blast!

When listening to your your EP the songs are calming and great to relax to, but now after a long week like CMW how do you guys like to unwind?
The truth is we probably don’t. There is always the next song or video to work on. We love writing and the closest things to not working when we get together is when we hang out at Trinity Bellwoods Park or grab a slice of pizza! We try to keep ourselves busy, and we like it that way! Now that its BBQ season though we also feast on some grilled goods but usually with some guitars close by.

We caught your set at the AB Co. rooftop party and really enjoyed it. How would you describe a Midday Swim show for someone who has never seen you guys live?
Glad you like the set! We love the music we play so we get into it and really rock out. When an audience sings along with us its one of the best feelings so when you make it out to our show be prepared to dance, move to the music and sing with us.

What can readers expect in the near future?
We’re going to be heading back to the studio towards the end of summer and some videos in post production. All this will roll out throughout the year! Also we have our CD release show and NXNE showcase coming up.

How does Midday Swim go The XTRA Mile?
We’re just a bunch of reasonable guys, making XTRA reasonable moves. Having fun making music with friends who have been jamming together for a while. - The Xtra Mile

"Interview with Midday Swim"

If you’re looking for a cure to the winter blahs, look no further than new Toronto-based indie/pop-rock quintet Midday Swim. With their debut record scheduled for release later this year, their lush, driving and atmospheric indie pop songs have already earned comparisons to one of Toronto’s finest indie rock institutions, Broken Social Scene. With their dreamy guitar lines, soaring melodies and anthemic vocals, it’s not hard to see why.

Midday Swim is David Krygier-Baum (vocals/guitar), Stephan Ermel (keys/vocals), Sebastian Shinwell (guitar/vocals), Craig Saltz (bass/vocals) and Max Trefler (drums). They’re gearing up for the release of their debut full-length album later in 2015, and are currently booked for a slot at Canadian Music Week.

Fresh off releasing a brand new single called “We Got The Feeling”, the band sat down for a chat with us right before their set at Indie88 Nu Music Night at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto.

CONFRONT: First of all, thanks so much for taking the time to speak to us! Let’s start by hearing a bit about how the band got together.

David Krygier-Baum: We’ve been friends for a very long time, most of us actually went to elementary school together and played in bands in high school together. I wrote some songs on the computer, showed them to Craig [Saltz] and Sebastian [Shinwell] and we continued writing those songs out, and Max [Trefler] came on board and again, added to them. Same with Stephan [Ermel], and we have our album coming out at the end of April.

CONFRONT: Awesome! So, I just finished watching the video for “Summer Eyes” before I got here, and it’s a really, really cool video. Could you explain the message and how you guys came up with that concept? I come across a lot of music videos, but it really stood out as a good one.

David Krygier-Baum: Thanks! It was a lot of fun to shoot.

Craig Saltz: The dilemma was filming “Summer Eyes” after the summer – we wrote it when summer was coming on, and we recorded it in the heart of summer, but then when it came time for the video, it was like “Oh, we’ve run out of summer.” [laughs]

So we kind of went through a whole process of “Are we gonna face that? Are we going to talk about it?” and then we kind of just ended up doing something fun, and hopefully people can get the feeling that summer is just a state of mind, and that putting your summer eyes is just as relevant in the fall colours and winter as it is in the summer.

Ideally though, I think that as much as we consider that the message, probably, summertime in the park, you know, on a nice day, probably would have been pretty good [laughs].

David Krygier-Baum: We talked for a little while about how we show something very colourful, how we get to show us having fun and we thought, “Could we be spray painting things? What could we be doing with colour?”, and then after hanging out and chatting, we realized “Let’s throw paint at each other.”

Sebastian Shinwell: Which was so much fun!

Craig Saltz: We really roughed each other up – people were jumping on each other and there were pile-ups, which hurt more now than when you were a little kid [laughs].

Stephan Ermel: My favourite part of the video is that Jack [Dave’s dog] would not leave Dave’s side; he’s very dependent on Dave, so he just ended up in the video.

CONFRONT: That’s a great story! So you guys just released a new single, “We Got The Feeling” – what’s the inspiration behind the lyrics?

David Krygier-Baum: The inspiration behind the lyrics goes back to a road trip I went on when I was in British Columbia, and we really just wanted to capture young love and the possibilities that it could be.

Craig Saltz: Dave drove from here [Toronto] to Vancouver, and then to a bunch of areas around there, and then down to San Francisco, with Jack. He had a dog passport [laughs], which is actually a thing.

[Another bandmate asks if Jack was allowed to smile in his passport picture (he wasn’t), and the band starts brainstorming ideas for their next music video]

David Krygier-Baum: My brother has a dog named Sebastian and our guitar player’s name is Sebastian, so we’ve been training my brother’s dog to respond to Sebastian Shinwell’s full name. Maybe we’ll get both dogs in the next video.

CONFRONT: Hopefully!

Stephan Ermel: We can put the two dogs in the car and it’s like their road trip. [laughs]

Craig Saltz: It’s got all the makings of a viral video – cute animals driving cars!

Stephan Ermel: Let’s do it! Let’s just get the funding.

David Krygier-Baum: When the grant application asks about the concept, it can be “dogs driving cars.”

Craig Saltz: Dogs on a road trip experiencing young love. That’s a hit right there. [laughs]

CONFRONT: It’s definitely a million dollar idea! If you guys had to describe the band’s sound in one sentence to someone who has never heard it, what would you choose?

Max Trefler: I don’t know – that’s a tough question to answer.

David Krygier-Baum: It’s energetic?

Craig: I’ve got a feeling that we’re gonna answer this in many sentences.

David Krygier-Baum: Let’s start with Max.

Max Trefler: Let’s just do one word each. I’m going to go with dreamy.

Craig Saltz: Liquidy. Is that a word? [laughs].

Stephan Ermel: Oh man, I don’t want to get surfy but it’s got this water-like, beachy sound. But that beachside, ocean-kinda feeling is what I get.

Max Trefler: Yeah, I see that. There’s a lot of water lyrics and imagery.

Stephan Ermel: It kind of washes over you.

Craig Saltz: How about dreamy, lush, rock pop?

David Krygier-Baum: I’m going to throw in melodic and big. Stephan lays down multiple key layers and Craig in mixing adds in a nice sonic scape. Same thing with Sebastian and the delay pedal – which we had to rent because we couldn’t afford it.

Craig Saltz: Yeah, dreamy, lush, rock pop. It’s kind of like the collision of mellow with a very heavy element as well.

David Krygier-Baum: We like to have a little laugh because when we first released “Summer Eyes”, a friend of mine said they really liked the acoustic sound, and we just had like one acoustic guitar under everything else, way deep in the mix. So, we like to joke and say that we try to make a heavy sound delivered light, and be accessible. big sound delivered lightly.

Craig Saltz: Amplifiers cranked really loud but played really low.

Sebastian Shinwell: I think that’s actually the sentence.

Craig Saltz: Turn it up to 11 and play it as lightly as possible. That’s exactly what it is.

Sebastian Shinwell: Except for Matt – he digs deep, and that’s good because otherwise we’d be a jazz band [laughs].

CONFRONT: So, one of the bands that came to mind when listening to your songs was Broken Social Scene, which also comes up in other reviews of the songs that I’ve read. So, would you say that Broken Social Scene is a big influence, and what other bands are influential to you guys?

Sebastian Shinwell: Well when we were growing up and in high school, Broken Social Scene was very important to us. We were in a band called Happy Party and we were a 9-piece high-school version of Broken Social Scene

Stephan Ermel: With like equivalent characters, too.

Max Trefler: I feel like I drew a lot of influence writing my parts from bands like The National, and just really kind of moody, heavy parts – not just a straight up rock thing.

Stephan Ermel: Beach House is kind of a good one too.

Craig Saltz: There’s also the idea of drawing influence from high school and those days and those times. Just like what you listened to back then, rather than what you’re listening to right now, that’s very current.

Stephan Ermel: There’s a certain amount of nostalgia, youth and all that stuff.

David Krygier-Baum: There’s definitely anthemic themes throughout lots of the songs. I like thinking that some of our sonic influence came from Wilco.

Sebastian Shinwell: We all listen to a pretty mixed bag though. What do you think?

CONFRONT: I think Wilco is a good one that didn’t come to mind initially. Broken Social Scene came to mind for me, and the National definitely came to mind.

Stephan Ermel: Then there’s also movies as well, like movie soundtracks. Lord of the Rings is a big influence [laughs]. I just think “What would Peter Jackson want to hear?”.

CONFRONT: You guys have a full-length record coming out in April. How’s the writing and recording process coming along?

David Krygier-Baum: It’s great! We finished recording at the cottage.

Craig Saltz: Well we finished there but there are a couple more days, more things to do.

Sebastian Shinwell: That was definitely an adventure.

David Krygier-Baum: Yeah, no running water, an unwinterized cottage.

Stephan Ermel: We had a space heater blow up.

David Krygier-Baum: It burst into flames while Sebastian was recording guitar.We like to think that Sebastian was shredding the guitar.

Sebastian Shinwell: I was just like, rolling chords. But, it’s a good sign right?

David Krygier-Baum: Sebastian must have been doing something right if even the electricity is responding. The album was recorded in two parts – we recorded the first few songs just before the summer, and then we just got down to recording the second batch at the cottage. We tracked drums at Villa Sound in Collingwood. We had a great time, it was a blast.

Stephan Shinwell: It was surprisingly cold that day – we were all shivering under this giant blanket drinking our one beer each. [laughs].

David Krygier-Baum: We’re really close to finishing recording – just got to do some backup vocals, some keys, some acoustic guitar, some tambourine.

Craig Saltz: Can’t forget about the tambourine.

Sebastian Shinwell: It might be the most important – it’s the glue.

David Krygier-Baum: We’re lucky that my neighbour at the cottage so happened to arrive with his snowmobile and sled, because there’s a big hill to get down to the cabin.

Craig Saltz: It was actually unreasonable that we expected ourselves to haul up our van packed with gear and then we got there and it was nighttime. We expected to get there during the day and it was like pitch black, and right as we were realizing the impossibility of what we were about to do, there comes the neighbour with his snowmobile.

Stephan Ermel: He offers to help us bring the stuff up, but I don’t think he realized what we were there to do. I think he just thought we each had a pack and he could do one trip, but he ended up doing 4 trips back and forth. It’s like this clown car full of gear.

David Krygier-Baum: It was actually the coldest weekend of the year. Jack [the dog] also came up, he had to be carried around outside. So, to go to the washroom, we had to carry him outside and then back in and continue recording. He really likes to be in the action, so he really had a great time.

CONFRONT: Cute! So, you guys are playing Canadian Music Week in May – what are you most excited about?

David Krygier-Baum: That’s gonna be our CD release. We’re releasing the album April 28, roughly, and that’s gonna be when we get to party with everyone in the nice warmth of May.

Max Trefler: We can’t wait to play shows in May again.

Stephan Shinwell: Loading gear in the wintertime sucks. Your work is doubled.

David Krygier-Baum: We’ve already started brainstorming some designs for tank tops.

Stephan Ermel: That’s what we’re most excited for – tank tops!

Craig Saltz: Also, being able to play with bands from around the world is always fun. You get on the bill and there’s bands there from Finland or Australia, and it’s always just a nice change.

David Krygier-Baum: It’s always nice to showcase the beauty of Toronto, how we can throw down and have a good time for 10 days.

CONFRONT: I actually only have two questions left and one’s a hypothetical. If you guys could play a show with any band in the world – inactive or active – who would it be?

Sebastian Shinwell:: Whoa, inactive? That’s a huge question. We were just talking about how when I was 12 years old, I had a favourite band. So when someone asked you about your favourite band, you had a go-to answer but that just doesn’t happen anymore – you just don’t have a favourite band.

David Krygier-Baum: Definitely, some of our influences would be fun to play with – it’d just be cool to share a stage with some of the musicians that definitely found a way into our writing process.

Max Trefler: I think I’d go with David Bowie.

David Kryier-Baum: That’s a good answer. But which Bowie?

Max Trefler: Early Bowie, like We Could Be Heroes.

Stephan Ermel: 1979 Bowie from the movie Ashes to Ashes [laughs].

Craig Saltz: I’d play with The Traveling Wilburys cause then you get a lot of great people.

David Kryier-Baum: I would love to play with early Pink Floyd.

Craig Saltz: Early Neil Young would be fun, like when he was playing solo with a backing band.

David Krygler-Baum: Who do you think we should play with?

CONFRONT: I have no idea [laughs]. It’s a tough question but I like to ask it. I’ve gotten some good and strange answers in the past.

Sebastian Shinwell: My thought is that sure, I’d like to play with a lot of people, but who would be a good bill? [laughs].

Stephan Ermel: That’s the thing, to see those artists would be cool, to be backstage with those artists would be cool. Maybe if we could open for the Doors or something, that’d be kind of cool.

CONFRONT: So, last question. Some of you guys are involved with other bands, like The Mohrs and Holy Gasp. What experiences do you take from those projects and how do they apply to what you’re doing with Midday Swim?

Max Trefler: I don’t know. I guess you just want to play great music all the time and you just align yourself with people that you enjoy being with and enjoy playing music with and it just takes you in so many directions. I feel like it can be hard sometimes to say that I only play with this one thing or this one kind of music. It’s great to have these different outlets.The Mohrs is a lot heavier, and so it’s fun to come to this and play, and I get to stretch out a little more sometimes.

Sebastian Shinwell: I would say that because I’m the only guitar player in The Holy Gasp, you have a different role to play when you’re the only guitar player. It’s nice to put on a different hat in this one and interact with a bass guitar and another guitar player all in the same range, and it all gets to be lush, where in The Holy Gasp, I’m this sharp little knife [laughs]. I guess it’s just the diversity and creativity, definitely what helps.

Max Trefler: It all feeds into itself, and all just inspires you in different ways and makes everything you do better. - Confront Magazine

"'Midday Swim' Release New Single 'Summer Eyes'"

Five piece Canadian outfit Midday Swim, have released their melodic debut single 'Summer Eyes', in anticipation of their EP set to drop in 2015. It's a timely affair, with Australian summer a mere week and a shake away – this could well be the anthem of every beach goers holiday. It's a beautifully crafted track by this Indie Pop Rock quintet, and one designed with an impetus for you to press repeat, over and over again.

Its strikingly elegant and laid-back composition lends itself masterfully to lead singer David Krygier-Baum's vocals, who advises the band surprisingly formed mid this year. "A few of us had been in a couple bands together before so it feels really natural to all be playing together." He explains the band have been "friends for a very long time, most of us grew up in the same neighbourhood and went to the same schools."

The band have set the benchmark high both musically and visually, with the film clip shot by LA based filmmaker Noam Kroll and photography by friend Gerrit Atkinson. Bass player Craig Saltz advises, "our friend Noam Kroll directed our debut music video, "Summer Eyes" The music video premiered on Exclaim! and we had a lot of fun making it. [Gerrit Atkinson's] photography really helped to capture the spirit of the video."

As a cinematographer and colourist, the quality of Kroll's production and palette of the clip are quite remarkable, as does Atkinson's stills shots. Saltz is enthusiastic about their paint battle scene, the major narrative of the filmclip, "[it] was one of the best times we had that day!"

As the band is all based in Toronto (Stephan Ermel - Keyboards, Vocals, Sebastian Shinwell - Guitar, Vocals, Max Trefler - Drums), they rehearse downtown and "we usually get together and write at one of our homes". He laughingly adds that Toronto has an "awesome music scene, there are always shows happening around the city. Come by and check it out sometime!"

With Saltz producing the songs the from the EP, Krygier-Baum advises the drums were recorded "at Villa Sound in Collingwood, [Ontario] and tracked the rest of the album at a cottage in the Kawartha Lakes, Canada." It was during the recording of the EP, the aptly titled 'Midday Swim' moniker was formed. "Our band name, Midday Swim was said by Craig's girlfriend during the recording of our EP, at a cottage in Ontario, and everything felt just right."

The band are excited about the debut single and more so the release of the EP. Reflecting he adds, "when we would take breaks during recording at the cottage, we would sit around the bonfire and come up with cool ways to record the guitars, or vocals. It was a really special time." It's not hard to see why, the stunning landscape serves as a picturesque backdrop, and it's no doubt one in which the band is set to rise. Summer Eyes will pop this summer. - Weekend Notes

"Quick Picks: 5 Tasty Jams You MUST Hear — January 5th, 2015"

To kick the week off, dive into our new Quick Picks: 5 Tasty Jams You MUST Hear playlist. Today we’re featuring five great songs by excellent artists, including Stray Echo, Midday Swim, Little Kingdom, Julietta​, and Genevieve. - A Music Blog Yeah


Things have come together quickly for indie-rockers Midday Swim. They formed last summer, at an Ontario lakefront cabin, one long in the family of singer/guitarist David Krygier-Baum. “There is something about losing yourself in summertime’s eternal warmth that often breeds inspiration,” says bassist Craig Saltz (the group name came out of this experience). They quickly fleshed out Krygier-Baum's songs, and the results can be heard on an impressive eponymous debut EP. Their sound merges melody and atmospherics, and they cite Wilco, Broken Social Scene and Beach House as inspirations. Early singles "Summer Eyes" and "We Got A Feeling" have been eliciting a positive response. The band members are no novices, having paid dues in groups like whosarmy, CRHYMES and The Holy Gasp and through creating music for film and theatre. This is well worth dipping into.

Midday Swim played at CMW and have upcoming hometown Toronto shows at The Horseshoe Tavern on June 12 and at Sneaky Dee's on June 19 (part of NXNE). - New Canadian Music

"Show Review – Midday Swim"

Since the release of their debut single, “Summer Eyes”, Midday Swim have been taking over the Toronto music scene. Their music is the perfect soundtrack to accompany your summer playlist, and just like their name suggests, it brings you to cottage dock on a relaxing summer afternoon. That’s not to say that they won’t survive through the long Canadian winter. The group performs with impressive skill that puts the listener at ease. I look forward to hearing more from Midday Swim. - Canadian Beats


Straight from Toronto comes another great music talent. MIDDAY SWIM is a five member band that exhibits a remarkable level of musical creativity and potential that will inevitably translate to their grand entrance into stardom. MIDDAY Swim harness the sort of lush pop melodies, hard-hitting rhythm section, and dreamy atmospheric guitars that echo the likes of Wilco, Broken Socials Scene, and Beach House. Although they appear to be the new kids on the chopping block, the members of MIDDAY SWIM –– many of whom have known each other since as far back as high school –– are no rookies to the music game. Drummer Max Trefler’s former band whosarmy, won CBC’s COVER ME CANADA in 2011, secured a top 10 single on the iTunes Rock Charts, and shared the stage with the likes of Blue Rodeo, Hawksley Workman, and Yukon Blonde, while bassist Craig Saltz has scored music for well over 30 films. Frontman David Krygier-Baum is a music educator and guitarist Sebastian Shinwall and keyboardist Stephan Ermel have clocked countless hours with bands such as CRHYMES and The Holy Gasp amongst others. - CUBO

"Meet the Band: Midday Swim"

"A day at the beach." That's how the summery Toronto indie rockers Midday Swim describe their music. "Our sound is deep and heavy, and it washes over you in waves, but on the surface it's carefree and sunny." It's also very catchy. "We essentially write pop songs," they explain, "we've had audience members singing along with us to brand new material by the time the final chorus rolls around (which is a really great feeling)."

Listening to a song like "Summer Eyes" is bound to take you back to the carefree days of July and August, when the air outside wasn't hurting your face. But the band's been busy during these cold winter months, too. Last week, they played the Horseshoe as part of Indie 88's Nu Music Night. They've got a brand new single: the slow burning "We Got The Feeling". And we already know that in a couple of months, as the weather turns from spring into glorious summer, Midday Swim will be one of the local bands we're planning on catching during Canadian Music Week.

Before then, get to know them a little bit better:


Members: David Krygier-Baum (Vocals, Guitars); Stephan Ermel (Keyboards, Vocals); Sebastian Shinwell (Guitar, Vocals); Craig Saltz (Bass, Vocals); Max Trefler (Drums)

Hometown: Toronto


1. If you could open for one current band that you haven't played with before, who would it be?

We’d love to open for Kurt Vile. I’m not sure how his fans would react to our music, but whenever we listen to Smoke Ring for My Halo.We’re blown away by how well crafted and intelligent his music is, while still seeming apathetic and sedative. You get the sense that his lyrics are very misleading. On the one hand he sounds like he sits around all day doing nothing, but you know there’s no way that’s actually true.

2. If you could play one venue you've never played before, what would it be?

It would maybe have to be a variation of tunes, but Roy Thompson Hall or Massey Hall would be a dream. Even with the best sound guy/girl, it sometimes feels like you’re fighting a venue’s acoustics. We’d love to set up our gear at Roy Thompson Hall and just start wailing.

3. What’s the craziest live show you've ever seen?

Crazy show? Back in their heyday a couple of us went and saw Sigur Ros live at Massey Hall. It felt like our faces were melting off. We might have just been crying though, it’s pretty emotional music.

4. Say, for some strange reason, all the music in the world is going to be destroyed, but you can save all the songs from one decade. Which decade's records would you save?

That’s an impossible question to answer! Does it make us huge nerds to admit that we’ve genuinely considered this in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse? It’s basically like the desert island question with way higher stakes, because it includes all of mankind. We would argue that any decade would be as important as the next. But if we had to choose, we would say the last decade. At least the totality of music would find its way in what is being created now and it would all survive as being influential.

5. If you were going to be a groupie for one band, who would it be?

Milk Carton Kids. Not many bands are making music as beautiful as them.

- See more at: http://www.littleredumbrella.com/2015/03/meet-band-midday-swim.html#sthash.o2hs4Bgt.dpuf - The Little Red Umbrella

"“We Got The Feeling” for a Midday Swim"

Toronto pop-rock outfit MIDDAY SWIM are excited to premiere their brand new single “We Got The Feeling”. “We Got The Feeling” the second offering from their upcoming self-titled album that is set for release on April 28th, 2015. The band will play a free show at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on February 24th

MIDDAY SWIM is a five-piece that’s all about whimsy and wow, crafting lush pop music with driving drums, playful guitars and strong vocal melodies in the same vein as Broken Social Scene and Vampire Weekend. Having already received acclaim from Alan Cross, 2015 is shaping up to be a monumental year for the band.

Alan Cross was recently quoted “If ‘Summer Eyes’ from MIDDAY SWIM is any indication of what is to come from this band, 2015 is shaping up to be a very good year for indie rock”.

Directed by Noam Kroll

- See more at: http://www.martyrmagazine.ca/2015/02/we-got-the-feeling-for-a-midday-swim/#sthash.fM30ZktZ.dpuf - Martyr Magazine

"CMW Review"

Toronto five-piece Midday Swim took the stage next. They looked like typical cool dudes because they were all wearing tinted shades at the start of their performance. The vocalist's voice was smooth and masculine like leather, yet when he'd speak to the crowd, he had a soft tone. Midday Swim ended off their set by saying that they'll be hitting the studio this summer and for fans to expect new music soon. - Ryerson: The Scope

"Interview - MIDDAY SWIM"

Midday Swim is an indie pop/rock five piece band from Toronto. The band, made up of David Krygier-Baum (vocals, guitars), Stephan Ermel (keyboards, vocals), Sebastian Shinwell (guitar, vocals), Craig Saltz (bass, vocals) and Max Trefler (drums) may be new as a whole, but the members have all had quite a lot of experience within the industry. In his former band Max Trefler won CBC’s Cover me Canada Contest in 2011, as well as had a single on the top 10 iTunes rock charts and has shared the stage with heavy hitters such as Blue Rodeo, Craig Saltz has scored multiple movies, David Krygier-Baum is a music educator, Stephan Ermel is a classically trained pianist with a background in one man shows in theatre, and Sebastian Shinwell also plays in The Holy Gasp.

They have been busy with releasing their two singles “Summer Eyes” and “We Got The Feeling” and are preparing to release their new album. Be sure to follow them on their social media sites so you don’t miss anything with the upcoming release.

Why did you decide to come together as a band?

We’ve been making music together in different projects for nearly a decade, so we are very comfortable playing together. Midday Swim began after David had written the demos for what would later become ‘Summer Eyes’ and ‘We Got the Feeling’. Even before being worked on and recorded those early demos had a maturity that felt different from anything we’d produced before, so a fresh start under a new name seemed appropriate. And Midday Swim was born!

How was the response to your first two singles?

The response has been great. I think a big part of that is the fact that we decided to make a music video for our first single. I think people were really into it. So we’re stoked to release our second video for our third single ‘Back to You’. We’re in the middle of editing it as we speak. We also got nods from some of Canada’s leading voices in music such as Alan Cross and Exclaim.

Do the singles give any hints on what to expect from the album?

Absolutely! There is definitely a common thread sound-wise throughout the album. The sound has lots of driving rhythms, lush vocals and atmospheric guitars. So if you like what you’ve been hearing so far, you can look forward to the rest of the album!

Can you give your fans any details on the album?

Our album comes out May 1st and we are playing an Indie88 showcase on May 8th for CMW at The Mod Club.

If someone hadn’t listened to your music before, how would you describe it?

Dreamy indie pop/rock. It’s a really big sound with a huge sonic scape. There are lots of melodic vocals and harmonies going on. The songs have an element of celebration and chantey choruses.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

In a lot of ways we’re very patriotic where Toronto is concerned, so of course a big one for us is Broken Social Scene. But we also take influence from Arcade Fire and Wilco. Some influences from earlier years of listening to music also include Simon and Garfunkel and The Beatles.

Do you feel your combined experience from your past musical endeavors helps you as a band?

Of course! When you’ve been playing together for as long as we have, you start to understand your band mates strengths and weaknesses, and it’s more clear where you fit in and what your role needs to be. When we perform live we always bring high energy and our genuine happiness of playing together really reads.

What are some of your main inspirations for song writing?

We want to make music that people can move to and that translates well to a live setting. As a 5 piece band we can create a big sound and have lots of vocal harmonies going on. We often look to our personal or group experiences for inspiration for out songs. The lyrics we write can also apply to most listeners like love and longing, or having a good time with your friends.

What’s the writing process like for the band?

For this album David had already recorded a bunch of demo tracks. So essentially, the process was sifting through that raw material, picking out what we liked and then refining it. We took those tracks into the band room and shaped them collectively into what you’ll hear on the album.

Here at Canadian Beats we like to throw in a few fun questions so your fans can get to know you a bit better:

What do you think the most played song or album on your iPod is?

I know each of us is going to have a very different answer to that question:

Seb: Two Doves – Dirty Projectors

David: Homeward Bound – Simon & Garfunkle

Stephan: Sonatine – Ravel

Craig: All of the Midday Swim discography (he’s too busy mixing our music to listen to anybody else’s :)

Are there any Canadian bands/artists you would recommend to your fans?

Arcade Fire. The Band. Leonard Cohen.

Top three places you’d like to travel?

Scotland. Japan. Turkey.

Favourite concert you’ve attended as a fan?

We’ve got a couple answers for that one: Sigur Ros, Massey Hall. Feist, Massey Hall. Timber Timbre, Lee’s Palace.

Who is your dream collaboration?

Merrill Garbus of Tune-Yards.

And finally, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

We love you all. See you on May 8th at the Mod Club for our Indie88 showcase at Canadian Music Week!

Midday Swim on social media:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MiddaySwim
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/middayswim
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO90adhWtEcqN6rAG5UnqWQ
Instagram: https://instagram.com/middayswim/
Website: http://www.middayswim.com/ - Canadian Beats

"Midday Swim - Summer Eyes"

Midday Swim set out to create a deep and cinematic blend of indie-pop, while maintaining a sense of closeness and intimacy to their sound an aesthetics.

Their single “Summer Eyes” is a great preview of their upcoming debut EP, produced by the band and recorded in the beautiful nature of the Ontario region, Canada.

This song combines the drowsy atmospheres of bands such as My Bloody Valentine with the uplifting and classy melodies of bands such as Devics. - Paper Wings

"Rising Artist: Midday Swim"

Float along to the dreamy sound of Toronto’s Midday Swim. Their songs combine lush vocals, atmospheric guitars and a driving rhythm section. The bands debut EP, was recorded in a cabin by the lake out in the backwoods of Ontario. Always writing and rehearsing, Midday Swim can often be found enjoying a slice of pizza or lounging in the park. This time, we caught David and Sebastian of Midday Swim in a moment of free time to interview them and get to know a bit more about the band, and their latest EP release.

How did the members of the band meet and begin writing and performing music together? Could you tell us a bit about your individual musical backgrounds? What is the significance of the band’s moniker?

DAVID: Well, most of us in the band actually went to high school together. Some of us we’re even buds since grade school. Seb (guitar, vocals), Stephan (keys, vocals), and I have been playing music together since our first band, Happy Party in grade 11. Craig (bass, vocals), and Max (drums) also played together in a band in high school and over the years we have been in different music projects together. Collectively we have hundreds of shows under our belts. All of the members in Midday Swim also teach music on the side whether it’s guitar, piano, drums, or vocals.
As for our band name, Midday Swim was said by our bass player Craig’s girlfriend during our recording session in a cabin in the backwoods of Ontario. The name has an easy going feel and reminds people to have fun.

What is it like living in Toronto, Canada? What is the music scene of your hometown and the surrounding area like?

SEBASTIAN: Toronto is a beautiful city. It is very multicultural and has a great music scene. There are always shows to play at or go and watch, and annual festivals like NXNE, Canadian Music Week, and Field Trip that draws out tons huge audiences. The Canadian music scene is tight. We have a lot of close friends in the scene and we love seeing Canadian bands doing well.

The band is currently finishing up work on a debut album, correct? What life experiences and events led to the writing and recording of this record? What was it like recording the album on a lake in Ontario? What was it like filming the music video for ‘Summer Eyes’?

DAVID: We are finishing our EP now and we are very excited for its release in 2015. Writing, recording and performing as a band feels very natural because we have known each other for so long and played music together over the years. Recording the album by a lake was a really special experience. We enjoyed every moment of it. Our breaks from recording would often involve us hanging out around a fire, making meals together and if course, going for a swim.
Filming our debut music video “Summer Eyes” was a fun experience. We worked really well with our director and friend Noam Kroll. We woke up really early in the morning and didn’t stop filming until after dinner. Our favourite part was the paint battle scene. We genuinely had a lot of fun throwing powdered paint at each other.

What does 2015 hold in store for Midday Swim? Do you have any upcoming performances scheduled?

SEBASTIAN: We have another music video coming out soon and our EP will be released before the summer. We have a couple showcases coming up and we’re looking forward to playing festivals and touring after the EP drops. Check out our website and Facebook page for updates on our tour schedule. - Entertwine





Born somewhere between endless sunny days that slowly turned to balmy July nights, Toronto indie rock band MIDDAY SWIM (David Krygier-Baum – Vocals/Guitar, Sebastian Shinwell – Lead Guitar/Vocals, Craig Saltz – Bass/Vocals, Stephan Ermel – Keyboards/Vocals, and Max Trefler – Drums) formed a little less than a year ago at a lakefront cabin in the backwoods of Ontario. “There is something about loosing yourself in summertime’s eternal warmth that often breads inspiration,” says bassist Craig Saltz. “That cabin, which has been in David’s family for 30 years, is a special place for us. At the time, we really didn’t know what we were working on; we were just sort of doing it. David had already written 10 or 12 songs on his own terms and so we were just up there working them out, enjoying each other’s company, going swimming in the middle of the day, and having camp fires at night; it was a really easygoing time for us. When we finally mixed the first song and everyone took a step back to hear it, it was immediately clear that we were going to drop everything else and do this thing together.”

Captured fully on the band’s wistful debut single, “Summer Eyes,” MIDDAY SWIM harness the sort of lush pop melodies, hard-hitting rhythm section, and dreamy atmospheric guitars that echo the likes of Wilco, Broken Social Scene, and Beach House. A video for the song, which features the band engaged in a colourful paint war, was directed by award-winning L.A. filmmaker Noam Kroll, and positions the everyday banality of the 9-5 life against the notion that we needn’t search too far for a little fun and that summer is much more than a season; it is a state of mind.

The band’s second single, “We Got The Feeling,” which was released in early February, expresses a deep longing for the fleeting comforts of young love and the kind of total freedom that only exists out on the open road. Though aware that these tiny wonders often dissipate with time, the song seeks to celebrate them while we still can.

With two solid releases under their belts in less than 6 months, it wasn’t long before some of Canada’s most widely respected music outlets (Exclaim! / AlanCross.ca) gave nods to MIDDAY SWIM asserting that 2015 would surely be a monumental year for the band.

Although they appear to be the new kids on the chopping block, the members of MIDDAY SWIM –– many of whom have known each other since as far back as high school –– are no rookies to the music game. Drummer Max Trefler’s former band whosarmy, won CBC’s COVER ME CANADA in 2011, secured a top 10 single on the iTunes Rock Charts, and shared the stage with the likes of Blue Rodeo, Hawksley Workman, and Yukon Blonde, while bassist Craig Saltz has scored music for well over 30 films. Frontman David Krygier-Baum is a music educator, keyboardist Stephan Ermel is a classically trained pianist whose extensive theatre background has seen him perform a number of sold out one man shows, while lead guitarist and songwriter Sebastian Shinwell, who formerly fronted Toronto band CHRYMES and also currently plays in The Holy Gasp, is the cornerstone of this band’s dreamy and much yearned for sound.

Now gearing up to release their self-titled debut album on May 1st, MIDDAY SWIM are poised to share their radiant, feel good brand of indie rock with the masses. After taking one last brave trip back up north to the Krygier-Baum family cabin in the depths of winter last month, the band worked intensely for days to close out the tail end of the record. 

Band Members