Middle America

Middle America


Exciting, electric, Rock and Roll music strongly influenced by the moment. At live shows, Middle America sets off a fireworks display of inspiration and emotion with their instruments. Come out and get down with them!


Middle America was voted the Capital Region's best band of 2007 through the Emergenza Competition and they ain't stoppin' there! The guys are busy turning fans and innocent spectators into a solid following while writing new songs as well. It seems that Middle America is finally getting some of the attention that these young but veteran players deserve. In early 2007 they recorded a 14 song album with original bass player Brian Buckley in just 2 short days. Now with new member Guthrie Lord they have reinvented their old songs and are adding more songs that empower the live shows and display maturing musical abilities and song writing.


Somethin' in the Water

Written By: MO Kelly

Saw that glass of water sittin' on the table I thought I must have myself a little drink. As I took a sip, as I put it to my lips, I knew this couldn't be no regular drink. Started having these feelings and emotions like I was in a dream. Put one word to things I was seein' it was kinda like a shape, shape, shape, shape, shape, shape-shifter. oh. There must be somethin' in that water.
So I took another sip, I thought I could handle it. As I took a sip, as I put it to my lips, I was in this dream so deep. This was nothing I'd done before in a pill or pressed on a paper. I said, "Hey man what'd you put in this drink? Aint that regular H-2-0-lets go! There must be somethin' in the water.


2001 Feedback (Self-Released)
2007 Middle America (Self-Released)

Set List

M.A. will play keeping energy up, drinks flowing, and bodies shaking for as long as they are allowed to. They typically play 2 sets when billed alone or a 1 hour set when billed with other performers.