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The best kept secret in music


"MTV Networks"

middle child is an awesome performer and vocalist. My staff and I know that she will be one of the top performers and writers for the new millenium. We had to have her on our show!<BR> - Kevin

"La Scat Films"

See is an awesome vocalist that evokes emotion in anyone. Even more than an awesome vocalist she is a wonderful writer. We were truly amazed and look forward to working with her on one of our upcoming movies. - Ron Lavery & John Scatena


CD Review Middle Child - "The Intro" by: Brooke TheisPosted: 07/29/02 01:00 PM

When parents pick out names for their children, it's usually a name that has some kind of reference to a family tradition, a soap opera character or something that sounds good with the accompanying last name. But maybe, just maybe middle child is the exception. Singer, songwriter, producer, guitarist and actress native of Youngstown, Ohio, middle child, along with her brother, First Born, are stepping out of the traditional-boring-ordinary names. If these names have any symbolic reference besides sequential order of birth, the public has a right to know. Or, at least know if there is a younger child or last born? All kidding aside, middle child's debut album "The Intro" is indeed as distinctive as her name. Combining R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop and Pop, middle child doesn't just set one beat, but numerous beats intertwined into 15 songs that sound as different as 1980s Madonna and "Hey, Mr. D.J." Madonna. The track "It's Late" is a slow R&B ballad relaying a message of truths between middle child and her lover. She doesn't wanna fight. She just wanna, "Uhmm, Uhmm, Uhmm, Uhmm, Uhmm, Uhmm." Hmmm, that's an interesting idea. The heavy steady beat turns the lullaby into a plea to stop the pettiness and to get down to business. middle child takes her understanding of love to the next level in her song "Hold on to Love." Incorporating rap into this virtually R&B song with a heavier bass and a louder beat, middle child is again singing to her lover pleading to hold on to their love. middle child's rapping fits in well with the slower R&B melody complemented well with backup singers. Using so many different styles of music, middle child is establishing herself as a pioneer breaking through the category barriers. Perhaps the most essential, if not controversial, song on her album, "The Nigga Song," asks the question "Does this make me a nigga?" middle child sings about fried chicken, afros and living each day as though it was her last. In "The Nigga Song," middle child resembles the highly decorated Grammy winner Lauryn Hill, with her Hip-Hop flavor reaching maximum velocity proclaiming, "I'm proud to be a nigga." With songs like "It's Late" and "The Nigga Song" on the same album it's hard to place middle child's intentions - let alone her influences. It seems Jerry Springer could use "It's Late" as musical therapy for 90 percent of his guests, sidestepping the eventual, infamous debate over who the real father is. But, "The Nigga Song" is powerful. middle child lists African-American stereotypes, and so what if she likes fried chicken and sitting on a porch. She's less pop than Toni Braxton, less hip-hop than Lauryn Hill and less rap than Missy Elliott. She is R&B with Pop, Hip-Hop and Rap entwined. With a name like middle child and a second place finish on MTV's "The Cut," she seems like she is on her way to the top. The diversity in musical quality of "The Intro" should land her an intro into mainstream music. Hopefully, that diversity will be appreciated in a business preoccupied with categories.
- Brooke Theis


We released an earlier CD but we are back in the studio on a new release set which the title song will be Its Late


Feeling a bit camera shy


middle child
A singer, songwriter, producer, guitarist and actor

middle child was born in Youngstown, Ohio into a singing family where she started singing at the tender age of 2 now 22. After her mother noticed her musical talents, she bought her a guitar and a keyboard, which inspired her brother First Born to learn how to produce music for his sister. At fifteen middle child's voice and songwriting ability came to the attention of the 7 time Grammy award winning Billy Beck with hits such as As we lay, Fire and unaccredited works such as The Greatest Love of All. Once Billy heard of middle child's talents, he began to tutor her for two years on how to write hit songs and the essence of music.

So energized by all the attention that swelled around her together with her brother they created a production company called Barefeet productions. The name Barefeet?comes from middle child's performances, which are always conducted without shoes or socks to show raw Barefeet talent and represent humility. middle child's performing credits include performed in front of 5 million viewers on the MTV television show The Cut, performed on channel 19 in front of 113,000 television viewers and other television shows as well as many opening concert credits. In addition, her singles Love U Right and All My Love have been hit radio singles for San Diego and her native cities of Youngstown and Columbus, Ohio. From Barefeet productions, middle child and her brother First Born have been able to write and record over 100 songs of her own as well as creating material for Barefeet's own projects and being contracted to write for others. middle child's music is a compilation of smooth folk like beats and African spirituals mixed with Prince influenced R & B tracks. When asked by reporters what would she like her legacy to be in music? She replies, I want to be responsible for love in peoples life?