Middle Class Fashion

Middle Class Fashion

 St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Pop gems with a secret dark side. St. Louis band featuring two synth players, fuzz bass, drum samples. Think Tegan and Sara scoring a Tim Burton film. Recently featured on NPR's This American Life. Daytrotter Top Session.


Middle Class Fashion Touring Regionally Behind Recently Released LP Jungle; Recording New EP for 2015 Release

Jungle LP Featured on NPR’s This American Life, Top Daytrotter Session, Most Played Local and National Album of 2013 on KDHX 88.1 FM

St. Louis pop band Middle Class Fashion came out of the gate strong with their 2012 debut full-length LP Girl Talk, winning the band accolades, airplay, and surprisingly strong sales abroad.

A year later, the band's knockout sophomore LP, Jungle - funded entirely by those aforementioned sales overseas - arrived a bittersweet valentine of grand, Spector-esque pop. A quick hit with fans and critics, it was immediately hailed as "one of the most impressive records St. Louis is likely to produce this year." True to prediction, Jungle became 88.1 KDHX's #1 most spun local and national album of 2013. A track from Jungle was featured on a January 2014 episode of NPR’s This American Life, exposing the band to a wider number of national fans who wrote kind emails and tweeted about discovering MCF from the show.
Vocalist/keyboardist Jenn Malzone’s vocals exist somewhere between the precocious tones of Regina Spektor and Neko Case’s confident delivery. The band moves from minor key piano pop into a wall of sound built out of blood, sweat, and synth. Never more confident as performers, Middle Class Fashion's lineup - including bassist Brian McClelland, synth player Katie Lindhorst, and drummer Brad Vaughn - is energized and enthusiastic about presenting its newest batch of material. You'll never see a band happier to take a stage.

With two successful LPs released locally and a small taste of national success, MCF is ready to fully break out on a national level. The band is currently working with Phat Buddha Studios to put the finishing touches on an EP to be released in 2015, and will be touring nationally to promote it. Featuring some of MCF’s strongest material to date, the EP will consist of synth-heavy pop anthems with a secret dark side.

has been lucky enough to share a stage with Of Montreal, Jill Sobule, An Horse, Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, the Cliks, Bitch, and many others. Strong advocates of the LGBTQIA community, the band played multiple Pride festivals regionally over the past two summers, and plans to expand their Pride Fest tour for the summer of 2015.

Video for dance pop song Golden Rose: http://youtu.be/qUodVV7VFJ8

Link to piano pop song Wanted: https://soundcloud.com/middle-class-fashion/wanted


My Attack

Written By: Jenn Malzone - Middle Class Fashion

I propose we drop these walls once and for all
Rewrite those words we said out of anger
Lately I've felt sick, infected with bitterness
Aren't we ready to feel a little bit better?
But you won't do it, rather throw a fit
Think you like falling down so I'll stick around
And I don't think I like you anymore like that
Starting today when I see you I will look away
Now every time I see you I will look away
Take that, take that
Starting today when I see you I will look away
Now every time I see you I will look away
Take that, take that
That's my attack

Fun Whoa

Written By: Jenn Malzone - Middle Class Fashion

I wasn't even half shocked
When I came home to find the door unlocked
My sugar habits cleared you out
We're running out of things to talk about
You only liked me for my hooks
I only liked you for your albums and books
Your daydream record was released
I much prefer you on the CD sleeve
I'm spinning, you are just gyrating
I'm in it, you're always complaining
It was fun while it lasted but I'm already past it, whoa
It was fun while it lasted but I'm already past it, whoa
Fell in love, broke it up, wrote it off, played it, so what
It was fun while it lasted but I'm already past it, whoa
I wasn't even surprised
To find your letter waiting outside
I thought of lighting it ablaze
A burning tribute to our brighter days


Middle Class Fashion EP (Blip! Blap! Records + Tapes) - November, 2010

Girl Talk LP (Blip! Blap! Records + Tapes) - January, 2012

Sentimental Singles Xmas EP (Blip! Blap! Records + Tapes) - December, 2012

Jungle LP (Blip! Blap! Records + Tapes) - September, 2013

"Focus" Tower Groove Records split single w/ Sleepy Kitty - December, 2013