Middle Class Heros

Middle Class Heros


The Middle Class Heros are a rockin-, high-energy, female-fronted band who try to turn music into an energy and a mood, bringing every person within ear shot along on their journey.


Hailing from Orange County California, The Middle Class Heros are a high-energy rock and roll band that combines the traditions of Blues and Folk music with modern influence from Alternative Rock, Punk, and Hip-Hop.

The band works to create harmonically and rhythmically intriguing music while still preserving the simplicity and drive that make rock and roll what it is. Refusing to restrict themselves to a singular "style", the Heros feel that music should be organic and must necessarily change with the mood and focus of the song being presented. They are heavily influenced by the sophistication and feel of blues, jazz, and classical, while maintaining the electric bite of modern rock.

The Middle Class Heros' high-energy live shows engage audiences by ranging in emotion and delivery. Transitions between free and probing, laid back and bottom-heavy, and in-your-face rockin' are executed in a necessarily human and natural fashion, reflecting the ebb and flow of that is a part of our everyday human thought.

Vocally, the Heros are searching and poetic. Rooted in beat poetry and folk music, their lyrics often explore human relationships with one another, with society, and with one's self. They are sometimes inviting and sometimes confrontational, but always honest, sensitive, and respectful to the concerns of the modern intelligent music listener.


Middle Class Heros -- Demo-- 11/06
Robots Invading My Mind--Single on "The Roots of LA, Vol 1" released by Oraganic Sounds--07/07

Set List

Set lists range anywhere from 45min to 3 hours. A typical set list would look something like this:

100 Miles
Treading Water
Side Step
Trial Meets Error
Moments, Dates, and Times
Oil and Religion
In Dreams
Robots Invading My Mind

We have more songs that we switch in and out of rotation. We generally play at least once a week, often more.
We do some covers, such as:
Knockin' on Heaven's Door-- Bob Dylan
All Along The Watch Tower -- Dylan/Hendrix
Road House Blues -- The Doors
Oh, Darlin' -- The Beatles
Different People -- No Doubt