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"Middle Class Trash s/t CD"

Apparantly there's a punk scence in Paducah Kentucky and these kids got together and put together a sweet little disc. Thirteen songs of both pissed off and funny songs about being a less mindless consumer not being happy with the music industry, the current situation in Iraq having beers and being a comic book nerd. It's good, fast punk played with just the right proficiency to keep it real and thank fuck it's not too produced. It's just perfect and has loads of swears. (Stinkbot) - Profane Existence

"Middle Class Trash -"Self Titled""

Who needs coffee, red bull or speed when you have this self titled CD from Middle Class Trash? There is an over used phrase which has become a cliché due to its presence in hundreds of reviews, articles and school boy references; "Punk As Fuck". However, in the case of Middle Class Trash, not only does this phrase apply, it is virtually the only way to adequately describe the anger, power, and full-on raging hardcore contained on this spinning disc of political charged harmony. This CD is blasting old-school NYHC style for new-school punks who missed it the first time. Pretty soon, everyone's going to have a Middle Class Trash patch safety-pinned to his or her army jackets and be slam dancing in a huge angry circle. Listening to this album will cause you to use the word "fuck" at least twice per sentence, and will make you want to start a full-scale riot. (Jonny Taint) - punkrockreview.org

"Middle Class Trash S/T CD"

This was bit of a surprise. They firmly fit into the modern punk/hardcore camp, but they manage to keep themselves interesting by keeping most of their songs in middle-gear and embellishing them with interesting chord arrangements and the odd unconventional rhythm instead of relying solely on blasting forward as fast as possible. Great stuff here, and they’ll no doubt achieve “seriously fuggin’ good” status in short order. - razorcake.org


S/T Full length CD
"Side Effects" 7 inch EP
"One Thing Left" single coming soon from Jailhouse! Records
Various compilations



Middle Class Trash is a four piece punk band from Paducah, Kentucky. I know you're probably reading that first sentence again. Yes, Kentucky. Don't let that fool you. These boys are becoming known for their progressive and nuanced style of aggressive, in-your-face punk rock and their unconventional riffs and time signature changes. After several lineup changes and the release of their first self-titled full length, these guys have been hitting the road relentlessly. They've recently signed a deal with Jailhouse/Sixty Nine Apple Recordings to release the upcoming "One Thing Left" single and their highly anticipated sophomore record. They've shared the stage with hundreds of bands including the Queers, Pink Lincolns, Gay Black Republican, Teenage Rehab, and the Loaded Nuns.