Middlefield is a power-pop quartet that prides itself on its cleverly-crafted songs, entertaining live shows and shared sense of humor.


Middlefield is a power-pop quartet hailing from Grand Rapids, MI. The band, featuring Tim Alexander (vocals and guitar), Chris Andrus (vocals and guitar), Jean-Rene Renusson (bass), and Brenden Stark (drums) toured and recorded for three years under their previous moniker, Slant. With a name change and a new album, the band is hard at work again, playing shows and getting their music to the masses.
The band prides itself on its cleverly-crafted songs, entertaining live show, and shared sense of humor. They have played countless shows and venues throughout the past few years, and have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many noteworthy national acts, including Everclear, Jet, and Bowling for Soup.
Middlefield released their full-length debut album, "Backyard Allstars," in November 2004 and is currently touring in support of it. Be sure to come out and see them play in a town near you. C'mon...they'd come see your show. They'll give you a dollar.*

*empty promise.


Battered and Bruised

Written By: Middlefield

You…bring me to my knees, every time you leave
You…stay to pass the time, ‘til the next one falls in line

Give it up, put it down, hang it up
Don’t wanna do this again, no I’ve had enough
Battered and bruised I’m hanging on

Breathe…take the steps that you need, to think before you speak
And you…need to comprehend, it’s the beginning of the end

Your're Gonna Love Me

Written By: Middlefield

And if I gave you a reason to run and hide - I’m sorry I never did realize
You say you’ve lost all faith – you might never be the one for me

I know that you’re sad and you feel like you’ve had
Every single problem
The closers it gets the harder it hits
Guarding all directions

One way or the other you’re gonna love me
Make it this way or the next you’re gonna care
Make it one way or another you’re gonna need me
For better or worse you know I’ll always be there

Words fail to say just how I feel inside and the lines fall away every time
And if I only know this one thing regrets are so hard to forget

Running toward this unlikely goal
Of impossible perfection
But I’ll prove you wrong, known all along
That we’re meant to be together…


"Backyard Allstars," currently for sale.

Set List

Middlefield can play anywhere from 30 minute sets to 4 hour sets. The band has over 30 original songs and 30 cover songs which they are able to play electric or acoustic. All covers are either rock or pop songs.