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Lexington, Kentucky, United States | SELF

Lexington, Kentucky, United States | SELF
Band Rock Avant-garde


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theMiDDLEfork starts innocently enough (as most perverse things usually do) in TeeRavuss’s head. Oh? I didn’t mention Tee? Well, he’s this guy who plays bass and sings and screams and does some—well I’ll get to all that in a minute. The point is it all begins as an experiment. To see if something new and fresh can be made. See also: reinventing the wheel. See also: avant-garde. Drawing from an eclectic range of influences—Morphine, Clutch, NIN, Primus, Aphex Twin, Mister Bungle—Tee gives birth to theMiDDLEfork.

Now do the time-warp two years later. When Tee meets up with Bryan Fortner—a smokin’ cat who revives the guitar into the instrument of progress it once was. His combination of guitar, synth-guitar, and effects—on top of his incredible chops—is just the thing theMiDDLEfork needs to move to the next level. With a passion for the unique, Bryan and Tee set out to bring theMiDDLEfork to the stage. Along the way, Bryan and Tee meet up with Curse—an enigma both behind and beyond the drums. With an eclectic skill set and the precision of a Timex, Curse lends his rhythm and voice to elevate the fork’s sound to epic levels.

Imagine: ranting schizophrenic vocals over a complex rhythm of electronic and live drums, pushed with a slinky fretless 5-string and layered with keys, sax, guitar—sometimes metal, sometimes ethereal, sometimes funky, sometimes industrial. Seriously, go ahead and imagine. I’ll wait. The truth is your imagination can’t even touch the reality of theMiDDLEfork. With powerful orchestrations and innovative approaches to instrumentation, these 3 guys sound like 6. And their musicianship is matched only by their intensity. See also: severe passion. See also: musical revolution.