Middle Ground

Middle Ground

 San Antonio, Texas, USA

Named the Best Americana group for 2009 by the SA Current, Middle Ground is the next generation of Americana/Folk rock music. The group just released their first full-length album Rooted and has been spun on at least 26 radio stations in the third coast region including KSYM in San Antonio, Texas.


Middle Ground has successfully released their freshman full-length album Rooted. The album will be featured on-line at ITunes, Digg Station, on the group's own website(www.findthemiddleground.com), and myspace and facebook profiles.

Currently, the album is being spun on at least 26 radio stations throughout the Third Coast region including 90.1 KSYM in San Antonio, Texas.

Recently the group appeared live on Jim Beal's program on KSYM for a full-hour live interview and concert. Jim Beal, who is the head music editor at the San Antonio Express News, expressed the group as a "real treat", and "something truly refreshing".

The group's single "Sweet Cordelia" will be promoted by Cortland Records (San Antonio College) and distributed throughout the Third Coast listening region.

The alubm is and/or will be promoted heavily on radio, television, The San Antonio Current, Austin Chronicle and San Antonio Express News.

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Middle Ground, currently named the best Americana group in San Antonio by the San Antonio Current, has been playing together for over four years.

Highlights of the group include:

A quarter-finalist - that's 8th place out of over 600 bands - in the 2007 Austin City Limits Music Festival's "The Sound and Jury Competition".

A one month summer tour in 2007 of New York and New England. This included shows at the historic Parting Glass Pub in Saratoga, NY and the headlining act at the 30th annual Mayor's Cup Festival in Plattsburgh, New York.

The group has a weekly house show at the Bitter End in San Antonio, TX. Middle Ground also regular has monthly shows here:

Hanover's in Pflugerville, TX
The Shade Tree Saloon in Spring Branch, TX
Sam's Burger Joint, San Antonio, TX
Dirty Dog Bar, Austin, TX
Cindy's Hog Wild, Cedar Creek, TX

The group is a regular performer at the Crosbyton Jamfest in Crosbyton, TX every summer.

The group also books shows somewhat regularly with Dead Bunny Promotions in Austin, TX.

Middle Ground has had the honor of opening for the following groups:

Spoon. Monte Montgomery. Spoonfed Tribe. The Red Elvises. O2'L. Girl in A Coma. The Sons of Hercules. The Weary Boys. Tom Freund. The Hussy Hicks. Blowing Trees and others.

Middle Ground took the prize for best band in the annual battle of the bands at the famous Shade Tree Saloon in 2007. They were the first band that ever recieved a perfect score.

Most recently Middle Ground has been focusing their efforts on their first full-length album which was released on December 14th, 2008. Rooted was Recorded at the Farm Studios in San Antonio, TX and Produced by Jeff Reinsfelder. It was mastered by Donny Meals at Edit Point Studios.

The group includes an eclectic line-up.

Kelly Miller leads the group with vocals, acoustic guitar and harmonica. He is also the songwriter.

Emanuel Meza takes the lead on electric and acoustic guitar, and mandolin.

Ross Renker plays a dirty cello and electric bass.

Sophie Severence is our classically trained violinist.

Juan Meza keeps everything together on percussion.

Although Middle Ground has an eclectic intrumentational line-up and unique sound, critics and fans both agree that their music can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds.

Anyone listening can relate to the lyrics. Miller is a master at mixing Springsteen-style blue collar pain with Dylan-style poetry.

The sound itself is incredibly catchy without being too poppy. The 30 and up crowd is reminded of classic artists (Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, etc. . .) of the late 60's and early 70's. Those in their younger 20's love Middle Ground's music because of it's "festival band appeal". Even teens like the music because of the hints of pop and catchy hooks.

Promoters in San Antonio love Middle Ground for these reasons. The group has been given the opportunity to open for bands from all sorts of genres (punk to reggae to country) and done so successfully.

This group is serious about their music. Middle Ground has the focus and drive to be successful.

Thank you for your Time.


Festival Grounds

Written By: Kelly Miller

Festival Grounds

Coulda’ been the whiskey I can still taste in my mouth.
Coulda’ been those kisses laced with just too much doubt.
Thinking to myself on the outskirts of Memphis, Tennessee.

You had that short dark hair that got caught in the rain,
And a subtle stare that never took the blame for it.
If it’s all the same.

So when you’ve had your time to think about all of this.
Won’t you try and remember how I was, before we kissed.

Well we had too much time to plan it all through,
Thinking we knew what the other would do.
I guess sometimes, fate just don’t need a hand.

I need a simple disguise to hide me from your eyes,
I ain’t going to lie baby, I never meant to try that hard for you.
I could blame it on the boos.

So when you’ve had your time to think about all of this.
Won’t you try and remember how I was, before we kissed.

I’ve got this picture of you in the pouring rain,
Holding onto me with a smile so plain.
Now won’t you tell me darling, could it ever be the same?
Now won’t you tell me darling, could it ever be the same?

I was walking on nails, didn’t know what to do,
I got lost in the crowd and any expectations from you were gone.
You never had them all along.

You know I acted like a fool, but there were so many words I could not use,
I thought I’d scare you away, looks like I did it anyway.

So when you’ve had your time to think about all of this.
Won’t you try and remember how I was, before we kissed.

I’ve got this picture of you in the pouring rain,
Holding onto me with a smile so plain.
Now won’t you tell me darling, could it ever be the same?
Now won’t you tell me darling, could it ever be the same?

Well some weeks gone by I’m trying to pass the time.
I’m drowning my sorrows in memories and wine.
Sometimes it takes all kinds.

Coulda’ been the years between us we can’t take away.
And smiles we tried to hard to fake,
Thinking to myself, with egg on my face.

So when you’ve had your time to think about all of this.
Won’t you try and remember how I was, before we kissed.

I’ve got this picture of you in the pouring rain,
Holding onto me with a smile so plain.
Now won’t you tell me darling, could it ever be the same?
Now won’t you tell me darling, could it ever be the same?

Young Bartender

Written By: Kelly Miller

Young bartender pour another strong drink.
Believe I've earned it at the end of this very very long hard week.
Young bartender I'll buy you anything nice.
Just please excuse its discounted price.

In this dark room I can't hear too well.
My eyes are shot, feels like I'm going to Hell.
And these brick walls don't speak to me anymore.
They just weep for the next person who walks through the door.

Some say spite and jealousy,
Can twist a man into a worthless being.
Now I don't claim that they're the best ways of living,
It's just that sometimes, they get were you wanna be going.


She stumbled through the doorway at one am.
I offered her a hundred, she whispered to me just tip me ten.
She stood in the hallway with those sad, sad eyes.
I told her if you want, we can just catch the sun rise.

Her veins were filled with nicotene.
Her smile was something that you could call routine.
I wouldn't say she had a nervous touch, but I could see it in her eyes, she hadn't done it this much.


Saw some graffiti on the bathroom wall.
Claimed it had the answers to all my problems.
And the broken mirror ain't been fixed in years,
Keeps everyone from seeing the reasons why they're really hear.

If I was only a younger man,
I'd quit pulling out my hair with these over worked hands.
I work a long hard day just to make ends meet, and I drink away the night because it helps me to sleep.



Written By: Kelly Miller

Seven years and counting now and things ain't looking good.
Yes I've seen the banners busted and thrown out on the floor.
And to question anything now, you'll be treat curse, what went wrong?

Shooting down satellites like it's throwin' sticks and stones.
While we're spending all this money building bunkers in our homes.
But you'll head out to the schoolyard and you'll see that ivy's grown all over.


But now we're standing on main St. laughing.
You can hear the crowds are gathering.
A revolution's rising.
A revolution's rising.

The newspapers are all whispering back and forth.
I think they're selling moral terpitude according to which side that you're for.
And when they turn it off you find yourself screaming more, more, more!

I was standing on Canal St. and I took a look around.
I saw a proud old city flooded but I never heard a sound.
Even the Secretary of State was busy buying high heels out of town.


Now the preacher's blasting everyone at the local liquer store,
Man if I had a job like that I think I'd drink a little more.
Selling lies at 10 percent of everything that you ever scored.

Now the sun is hitting off the leaves just like a did back home,
On a cold October morning before an early winter storm.
Man if we could all go back a couple years, when everything seemed so normal.


The River

Written By: Kelly Miller

There's this bridge we used to jump off nearly every summer night.
Stand up on the banks and watch the sky.
Sit up til the dawn turned blackness into light,
Guess the easy things in life have passed us by.

And the seasons would change and the snow would cover this ground.
Blanketing up all of it's scars.
The only thing I ever learned in this God-foresaken life, is that a sleeve ain't no place for a heart.


So let the River come and carry me away.
Let the River come and carry me away.
Let the River come and carry me away.
Far from this place.

And Maria'd wear that cotton dress in the warm soft April rain.
Dancing with herself around the field.
The rain would catch her hair around her beautiful face,
Scars like that never heal.

And now Jonny's been working every single day of his life,
Praying for the day he can die.
His caloused hands ain't touched a soul in years.
If I was Jonny why eve try.


Well you walked away from me, in the early morning rain.
Your dark hair all around.
Turned around, think you smiled at me, said you'd see me around.

Maybe Jesus bumped his head and he had to take a rest.
When he built this place.
Cause the river's run dry, and now smoke fills the sky,
And the snow is melting away.


Hell Bent

Written By: Kelly Miller

I was born on a border town all around the falling leaves.
The cold would cut you like a knife and hurt you just to breath.
Choices can either make a man or can dig his very grave,
So I've got my shovel hidden well and locked up just in case.

5 years and longer still this road I've traveled on.
You can learn a lot from all of this even more if you admit you're wrong.
Highwater all around me, I can barely see the shore.
Can't tell you how I got hear, ask Charlie, he might know more.

Oh, but don't you know.


I'm hell bent and heaven bound
I'm hell bent and heaven bound
I'm hell bent and heaven bound.

You got your cross around your neck, won't you keep it to yourself.
It's taken me 25 long years, just to believe in my own damn self.
Now I ain't the best at poetry, I get nervous when I speak.
Don't make me any less of a man, and it sure don't make me weak.

Walk away without me in the early morning rain, But do it to me one more time and hell I just might go insane.

Oh, but don't you know.


There's a riot down on Main St. waving flags and singing songs,
They say it's Independance Day, but their permit ends at 5 o'clock.
They'll go and watch the fireworks and they'll barbeque and swim,
Head out to the baseball field, cheering for a win.

And they'll raise their kids a properly and they'll send them on their way.
Come back for the holidays but can only stay a couple days.
I was born and brought up, and one day I will die,
Can say I didn't Fuck up too, but hell now at least I tried.

Oh, but don't you know.



Rooted LP - December 2008
Chatagauy EP - July 2007
Easy Trouble (Kelly Miller Album) - October 2005

Middle Ground is excited to announce the release of their first full-length album Rooted. The Album was recorded at the Farm Recording Studio in San Antonio, TX and Mastered at Edit Point Studios in the same city.

The Farm is a historic mansion in the heart of the St. Mary's district and boasts a completely eco-friendly enviornment. The state-of-art hardware coupled with the atmosphere of a century-old mansion created an impressive collaboration of sound and ideas.

The production was led by Jeff Reinsfelder, a long-time studio engineer with a long list of credits to his name.

Also pitching in with production was Pinche Cuerpos from Austin, TX.

Set List

Middle Ground currently has about 4 hours of original music and about 2 hourS of cover music that all 5 members play on.

If needed for a longer set, Miller, Meza and Renker can typically play another 2 hours on top of that (a mix of tribute covers and originals). In this case, what will typically happen is that at the beginning of a set, Miller will play one or two songs solo, then Meza will join for a song or two and etc. . .

The cover music that Middle Ground plays is a tribute to the artists that they feel inspired them. These songs are originally written by artists that the group looks up to and appreciates.

Some of these artists include:
Bob Dylan
Bruce Springsteen
Ray Lamontagne
The Tragically Hip
Joan Baez
Townes Van Zant
Michael Franti and Spearhead

Middle Ground's original songs:
Let the Lights Fade
Hell Bent
Second Wind
Mirror Mirror
Hopeless Romantic
Under 42nd and 5th
The River Song
Something She'll Never