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Middle Son - First Step (Demo)


Feeling a bit camera shy


This is how everything came to be. Middle Son was originally put together by Angel (Vocals) and Javier (Guitar), they met while working together at a part-time job in a movie theather in late 2001. They both shared the same love for music and aspired in forming a band and making it big eventually in the music industry.

Angel (Vocals) had already known Francisco (Drums) as they usually jammed together, Angel would compose with his guitar and Francisco with the drums. By the time that Javier (Guitar) knew that Angel and Francisco had the talent on the music, Javier got a bass player named Jose who had problems with his family, as he just make it for 4 months. As Middle Son came to real, the band started to play as a group on December of 2001. The Band decided to start playing cover songs from bands like, Creed, Incubus and much more. This bands contributed in the inspiration of the band to finally by just a minute of time, write and compose their first song called "Spirits" in January of 2002. After composing their first song, the band started to really hit it off with good music and better sound, as they saw the light to start composing their own songs and by starting a new kind of rock with their own music.

At the end of the month of April of 2002, the former bass player "Jose" left the band because of the problems he had with his family; the band was having to many problems because of it, and decided to let him go, as they started to seek for a new bass player. Lacking a bass player, Angel (Vocals) and Francisco (Drums) knew about "Julian" who was their friend since childhood, and also a bass player who played music with Angel and Francisco before the band started, somebody that they all knew that will do the job on the band, as he accept it and became their new bass player on May of 2002.

With a new bass player and a new sound, the band started to really put their efforts into composing and writing their own songs. By the end of the Summer of 2002, the band had already written songs like "Spirits", "That's All We've Got", "High", "Gift", "I Must Go On" and "Speed Up", they were really putting new things on the right way, as on fall of 2002, they had their first performance in Bonneville, PR with over 50 people asking their name and cheking where was going to be, their next presentation.

After a big start on 2002 with over 5 shows for the holidays, the band had an offering to record their first demo on the early 2003, as they recorded the songs "Spirits" and "That's All We've Got" in a friends house. For them, it was everything, to hear themself in a music CD. By early summer of 2003, the band had already written songs like "Time & Brakes", "The Answer", "Truly" and "Born", who were a big hit for them, since they all have different tipe of styles on it, and they were on a hunt to build themselfs as a big band in the island. The band hit it on the studio again on summer, to record "The Answer" and "I Must Go On" as there second demo, which it had better sound, and better music than the first one. The band really hit it with this one, as they decided to make a rock festival with the promotion of a bar owner that help them hit this event off. It was the Sonfest on August 1 of 2003, as more than 20 bands from 3pm to 3am were schedule for this 2 day, 12 hour fest, but only 15 make it to the stage, because at 12:30pm the police came and took everything down and the fest was not finished, but the idea of Middle Son to make a big rock fest in Puerto Rico of local bands, was a dream come true, as they played in front of hundreds of people, and they will never forget there best performance ever.

The band then after the Sonfest, they decided to hit the studio once more, but to make more songs, and try to do a complete music CD. As they recorded songs like "Time & Brakes", "High", "I Must Go On", "Born", "Spirits", "Speed Up", "The Answer" and " Truly", they allready had 8 songs to give. The band was really pulling everything up, with over 15 performances thru out the year, with a first place in a big band contest, a big concert for the skate team "Baker" and big things on a radio show with an interview on live radio. The band was finally known, only after the worst year ever for the band 2004 was put up, as everything went wrong. The band was not practicing the way they were, the band had problems with the studio and with there CD, that it was never finalized and with only 2 shows from the early January to the early May, where then everything turn away, Angel (Vocals) decided to make a new life, by moving with his wife Charisse, to the United States, where they now live on their own house in Lakeland, Florida. The band was depress, their adrenaline was down completely, but Angel (Vocals) has pull them up again, and they are still running, by creating new songs by phone and internet, they have accomplish incredible things threw out the 2004, but its not over, allready the band by this