Im a manager for local artist in Hinesville Georgia. Currently im working with two artist one singer and one rap artist. Im a hard worker and im very decticated to music. I also write and engineer.


As a manager of these local acts I write and co-write with the artist.


Play it by the books

Written By: Midify and Panic

Girl you so fine, I can't believe your mine. This may be a night that will last a long time. Girl you got me hooked im cought im in your looks, a night full of passion lets play it by the books.

Girl you so fine I think about you all the time. I just can't seem to get you out of my mind. You got me going crazy, girl you so amazing, im so infatuated, say you'll be my lady.

I never thought that I would find a love like you. Cause your so perfect I would give my world to you. Your love is everlasting all im doing is asking can i spend my life with you. Im giving you everything don't make a fool of my love. Im lost in the world around me girl I want to feel your touch.

Don't Say No

Written By: Midify

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Play it by the books is the first track I have recorded with my singer and I have done several tracks with MIlkk Mann.

Set List

Don't Say No - Midify and Panic
Come to me talk to me - Milkk Mann