Midnight Blues

Midnight Blues


Dirty raucous and passionate, performing from the heart and living for the minute, songs that will make you cry and songs that will make you smile. Its just blues played from the soul.


We’re not your average blues band and we don’t aim to be. We’re loud, we’re raunchy and we don’t take ourselves seriously, although we do take our music seriously – don’t ask for SRV covers, we play what we like, not what we ought to.

Our set is very diverse, drawing on the more British style of blues but with a nod back to Mr Johnson. We have everything from Freddie King, T-Bone Walker, Hendrix, Rory Gallagher and even a bit of Gary Moore.

We play blues but we rock out when we want to, too many bands follow the formula and their songs are timed to the last second, we don’t do ‘paint by numbers’ blues, neither are we blues snobs. Expect to dance! Cos BG will be on the dance floor with you more than likely!

All the band members have a bit of experience behind them in lots of other bands, but no-one will admit to their real age.


Demos and Original Album on its way

Set List

All the blues standards plus about 50% originals, we usually get booked for 4 hours but end up playing 6 hours, or until the last man is standing.