Midnight Bombers
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Midnight Bombers

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Midnight Bombers offer up scuzzy, howling, garage-wrecking noise for snipers"

This one comes in a fantastic looking shiny black digipak with a pair of mirrorshades reflecting the hooded rock n’ roll felons on the cover. They all dress like the Unabomber, see. I thought it was sorta counter-productive that a band full of midnight bombers would release a CD that forces you to leave your fingerprints all over the thing, but maybe I’m taking the image too far. Anyway, “Evil Streets” is full of knife-slashing punk rock, fast n’ mean with a palpable black leather slither to it. Pretty comparable to other San Franpsycho bands like the Grannies and Dirty Power*, the Midnight Bombers offer up scuzzy, howling, garage-wrecking noise for snipers and stalkers. I dug the menacing “Shanghaid” the best, because it sounds like a guy getting pummeled to death. Which is what you fuckin’ get when you’re out on the Evil Streets, baby. *As you might imagine, these being mad bombers and all, their identities are a secret, but I would not be surprised if a Granny or Dirty Power-er was involved. - Sleaze Grinder


Split 7" with / Bevelaqua on Rodent Records
Death Rattle and Roll compilation of San Francisco and Oakland Bands on Wondertaker records
Evil Streets — full length LP
Wondertaker Records
Agression Tribute Album, Doctor Strange Records
Dirty Business — Full Length



Channeling old school skate punk, The Midnight Bombers are fast, pogo thrash, hardcore madness. Evil Streets is very easy to categorize but very difficult to pinpoint. It freewheels like old school punk but bounces around kinda clowny like classic Dead Kennedys. Smooth like early Descendents, but frantic. Up and down in tempo like Black Flag. Vocals sound whiny and antagonistic, almost reminiscent of Cyco Miko and definitely channeling the Suicidal. For sure, something to try out if you are like me and can't get enough of the old school punk thrash. Past live concert poster artwork is included in the jacket design and really enjoyable as a historical testament but also an artistic document_ Production on this record is very clean and the vocals are actually rather intelligible. Unlike other bands in the genre, these guys appear to have their sound well thought out and represent with musical tightness. Intentionally not too fluid, but not too messy either, even melodic at times. — Grant Inaba