Midnight Bottle Club

Midnight Bottle Club


Midnight Bottle Club is the band you've been waiting to hear all your life. Incredible songs of love, life, and loss delivered with honesty and impeccable musicianship. Midnight Bottle Club is an instant classic from the very first listen.


Midnight Bottle Club began in the winter of 2004 in the belly of Manayunk Pennsylvania. Erik moved from San Francisco Ca. to start a new music career on the east coast. After a few member changes Becky and Layne were made permanent members of the club. Melding flavors of their individual musical backgrounds, Midnight Bottle Club evokes the basis of all good music, PASSION! Layne provides an unflinching canvas for Becky to paint broad strokes of almost sub-sonic thunder. With a tinge of darkness, Erik’s lyrics and vocal style emotes the visceral side of the human experience.


Midnight Bottle Club is currently completing their first EP at Aurum Recording.

Set List

Midnight Bottle Club currently has over 28 original songs. With a few covers and blues standards thrown in, we can cover approximately 3 45 minute sets.