Midnight Carnival

Midnight Carnival


Blending rock, electronica, metal and classical music give Midnight Carnival their one of a kind signature sound dubbed "steam-punk". Unique fashion, art and storytelling backed by an energetic live show make Midnight Carnival an audio and visual tour de force.


Midnight Carnival is an art-rock/concept band formed by band leaders Marzz Starr and Joe Wallace in 2008. Determined to put their music and media degrees to good use (instead of complaining about the economy and how broke they both are) Midnight Carnival was born. Energetic live shows, art, fashion,esoteric narratives and genre blending music are the pillars of the band. Midnight Carnival also follows the punk D.I.Y. mythos 100%. All Midnight Carnival music is recorded, produced and mastered by Joe and Marzz in their private studio. All gigs and tours are also self booked. With the recent creation of their very own production company, their D.I.Y spirit is still going strong. " If people can become absorbed in our narratives and forget their troubles, and have a great time at our shows for just a little while and escape with us, then we've done our job and I couldn't be happier" - Marzz Starr.


Red Skies Orange Horizons (Sixx Starr Records 2010)

Set List

The Veil (Intro)
Sharpest Lies
Familiars Call
Red Skies
Paradigm City
Distract Against the Terrors
Lost in Paradise
Its No Good
Burn Cycle