Midnight Fall

Midnight Fall


Midnight fall is an alternative Pop-Rock band from the midwests. With influences ranging from Nsync to Slayer, and from Armor for Sleep to Hanson, they never fail to impress with their origional catchy tunes and amazing live show.


For the past two years these young road warriors have been making a name for themselves all across the midwest. Playing with acts such as Hit The Lights, Hidden In Plain View, Spitalfield, The Junior Varsity, Houston Calls, June, Kris Roe from The Ataris, etc and touring with bands such as Park, This day and Age, Chimera Twilight, and Scenes From a Movie. Midnight Fall has been on 4 Midwest tours in the past 2 years and played countless shows in Il, Mo, Wi, Ia and Mi. Quite a feat when you consider their Lead singer is still in highschool. However times are changing, Brandon will be out of school in a few months and its non stop touring for Midnight Fall, who plan to have a new cd out in December of 2006 (produced by Ladd Mitchel of PARK) and plan to hit the studio again following that release and promotional tour. Keep your eyes open in the following months for this band, and if you get the chance to see them live, dont pass it up, you wont regret it.


Midnight Fall - Self titled E.p. (2005)

Midnight Fall - The Nature of things has Run its Course (due Winter 2006)

Midnight Fall can be streamed on Purevolume.com, and myspace.com.

Radio Airplay:
WQNA in Springfield,Il
College radio stations in Southern Texas, and Louisiana.
WPGU Champaign, Il
College radio stations in Chicago, Il

Set List

Typical 30 min set includes the following songs in varying order:

Get Down Get Fresh
The Windy City
All the Things I'd Like to Say to...
Step Softly
White Grey Black
A Tale OF Drama: Part II
Justin Davis

Other songs include:
Football is for People with Eyes
Acoustic / newer unnamed songs (4)