Midnight Hike

Midnight Hike

 Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA

Midnight Hike is a high-energy rock/pop band...tons of energy...big live show! Their songs are tight, catchy and demand involvement. Midnight Hike exploded onto the DC rock/pop scene in 2008 and built a loyal following quickly. Their new album has received critical acclaim.


Midnight Hike formed in Washington, DC in 2008 and serves up a refreshing concoction of highly potent alt-rock songs with a tasty pop finish. Veterans of regional and national touring bands, these six characters blended their musical histories into this righteous cocktail that goes down easy and begs for another. One jam led to another, small gigs led to larger ones, neighborhood shows led to regional festivals, and a 3-song basement demo led to their first album "Long Way From Yesterday" produced by Frank Marchand (Cracker/Bob Mould) and Warren Boes (All Mighty Senators). Midnight Hike’s music is deeply rooted in their belief that it should take you to places that you may not otherwise venture...kinda like a hike...at midnight.


First album "Long Way From Yesterday" includes hit tracks Kinda Girl, Tell Me You Love Me and Long Way From Yesterday.

Set List

1. Kinda Girl
2. Lost
3. Tell Me You Love Me
4. Bucket of Lies
5. Long Way From Yesterday
6. All Days
7. Only Place
8. Broken
9. Just Wanna Be/Franklins/Drum Solo
10. Time Bomb
12. In My Head