Midnight Mirage

Midnight Mirage

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Number 7 and rising on Billboard’s Next Big Sound Charts, Midnight Mirage is poised for international success. "Our goal is for every fan to forget about today, yesterday or tomorrow and just live in the moment -- at least while they're with us", says TS.


As radio and music aficionados again embrace the indelible joy of sing-along choruses and melodic music, the timing is in the stars for Midnight Mirage. Their attaché: five guys, organic instrumentation, anthemic pop-rock arrangements and lyrics with a panorama of dashed hopes engendered with spiritual reawakening. Indeed, consider this the moment that Midnight Mirage comes clearly into view.

The Los Angeles-based band ably fuses elements of accessible pop with grinding rock, a hint of soul and the flicker of elegant orchestration. “Imagine Maroon 5 or OneRepublic with a shot of adrenalin. I’d describe us as a younger, higher-energy version of those influences,” offers front man and chief songwriter TS.

The party gets started July 10 with first single "Bad For You,” a fervent guitar-infused pop-rocker about addictive love. Midnight Mirage’s debut EP of the same name will follow in August.

Already, the group has created formidable buzz before that first release hits, including 44,000+ Twitter followers, 11,000 Facebook “Likes,” 900+ YouTube subscribers and 84,500 streaming views. In addition, Midnight Mirage reached the top 10 on Billboard’s Next Big Sound Charts, which ranks the 15 fastest-accelerating artists on the Web; while “I Should’ve Known” was featured on ringtone site Myxer.com, generating 24,000+ downloads.

TS says, “Online has created numerous opportunities for us. We now have fans around the world, which we hope will help make our music one of the ‘next big things.’ It allows us to get our message out immediately and be in touch with our followers one on one. It’s surely part of the mix today, and we don’t take those connections for granted.”

In fact, thanks to its savvy web presence, Midnight Mirage was invited to set up residency throughout the month of June at iconic Hollywood club The Mint, following gigs at similarly storied The Roxy. TS notes, “Performing live is such a rush because you get that immediate response. Our job is to connect with the audience—to relate to them and make sure they feel something and have a good time. To feel their energy and throw it back is what playing live is all about. Our goal is for every fan to live in the moment while they’re with us.”

The lead singer/songwriter has had plenty of time to learn about thriving in the moment. He left his New Jersey hometown at the age of 15 to pursue acting in L.A. Talk about timing: TS hit SoCal just as the 2007-2008 Hollywood Writer’s Strike was bearing its claws. Without wasting time, he revised course: “I’d been writing songs since I was 12 or 13, so I dove into music a lot more, with the idea of becoming a solo artist.” In short order, networking led him to renowned producer Kevin Savigar, who has worked with the likes of Rod Stewart, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, John Mellencamp, Pat Benatar, Marilyn Manson and Josh Gracin. TS realized the movie business could wait—which, in fact, it did. In addition to his musical wares, the artist’s talent has led to acting and voiceover work out West.

“The process of creating music is like giving birth—only seeing it grow up in a matter of hours or days,” he says. “In the end you’re proud because you’ve created something with a message you wanted to get across—delivered in a package that is hopefully fun for people to listen to.”

As TS and Savigar continued to collaborate, it became obvious that their music ideally lent itself to a full-on band, and TS surrendered the notion of solo status. Via auditions and referrals, he found the ideal accompanying quartet: guitarist Eytan Freedman from Michigan, keyboardist Chase Butters from Utah, bassist Josh Peek from Orange County, Calif., and drummer Gabriel Bonomi, all the way from Switzerland.

Producer Savigar notes, “Midnight Mirage is one of the most exciting young bands I’ve worked with. Their songs are about empowerment, loss, heartbreak—and partying—with arrangements that are tight, rhythmic and powerfully supportive of memorable melodic hooks. Each member shines individually and TS’ voice soars with passion. They are on the verge of something very big.”

Edgy first single “Bad For You,” which TS and Savigar wrote with Emerson Swinford, came about via one of those magical writing sessions where all elements clicked. “Being from Jersey, I wanted something bold and blunt with a devilish message, but playful at the same time,” TS says. “I had the song title and Kevin, Emerson and I started with the guitar riff, and it all came together in an hour and a half. You know it’s meant to be when that happens; it just flowed. We decided to add vocal harmonies to the guitar hook, which really gave the hook a unique flavor.”

An accompanying music video will hit YouTube following the single release on July 24—offering perspective from the girl’s purview, as she gets even with her man by decimating his Range Rover, dropping it 100 feet from a forklift. “In the aftermath of realizing how bad we are for each other, she

Set List

Any or all of the songs below:

Bad For You
Life Is A Party
In Love With Yourself
I Should've Known
Whatever You Want
Cover Mash-Up of Runaway Baby (Bruno Mars), Stacey's Mom (Fountains of Wayne), & Damnit (Blink 182)
Just Like That
If This Is Love
One Day At A Time
Thanks For The Advice