Midnight Peacocks
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Midnight Peacocks

Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | INDIE

Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2006
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"Deadly Middle-Eastern melodies done heavy. In other words, GREAT"

The Midnight Peacocks combined the artier side of the Melvins, some ambient 80's post-punk passages and deadly Middle-Eastern melodies done heavy. In other words, GREAT. - Jello Biafra

""it's like GWAR went to Gaza.""

Holy moley! An Israeli music collective records a CD in Berlin -- the irony! The opening track features a story of a tranny prostitute -- the outrageousness! Gentle readers, this Israeli band is, to paraphrase the film title, nothing less than the madness of King David. Or, put another way, it's like GWAR went to Gaza.

From a production-quality perspective, the CD is flawless. I've heard more Berlin-recorded albums than I could shake a stick at (does everyone want to be Lou Reed?) and most of the blow, but this one is clear and sharp as a Katusha rocket blast. And with all the layers of this music, that's saying something.

Eitan Radoshinski (say that three times fast) is the ringleader of the Peacock music collective and he describes their music as "circus core" -- a combination of hard-core, oriental and cabaret (one more Berlin reference!). What Mr. Eitan brings to the CD is a kind of kaleidoscopic kibbutz of sonic craziness, but it's eminently listenable.

In fact, what I truly loved about this album -- and there's a lot to love, from its wacky lyrics to its pounding rock, to its electronic effects euphoria -- is the madcap creativity of every track. While my favorite track is "Island of the Sun," with its Doris Day-goes-driving interludes mashed with psycho-delic metal, every song on Brutal Machine surprises and ultimately satisfies.

Ozzy can have Black Sabbath -- these kids are from the land of the real sabbath and their music in no way souks (oh that pun hurt even me...). In the mood for something completely different? Spread your musical tailfeathers and bring on the Midnight Peacocks.

Posted on Saturday, August 05, 2006 @ 07:43:08 EDT
By Todd Beemis - Indie Music Magazine - USA.

""some damn fine crossover music. Weird at times but inspiring.""

Israeli music is just as diverse as Israeli culture and history. They dub their music as “circus core” but it’s essentially Patton-esque with Mr. Bungle craziness and Egyptian traditional music mashed together. When it fires on all cylinders (an often enough occurrence on “It’s a Brutal Machine”), Midnight Peacocks produce some damn fine crossover music. Weird at times but inspiring.

- Smother Magazine USA.


**Midnight Peacocks' Album, "It's A Brutal Machine", was picked for the top 25 albums of 2006 by Indie-music.com.

**The Midnight Peacocks were picked to be the head liners for the Nature festivals:"Indie Negev" , "Hutzmize" & "Shanti Lulu".

**Midnight Peacocks' live show was picked 12 times as "Critics' Choice" by Time Out Israel.

**Midnight Peacocks has been chosen to be a featured artist on cdfuse.com USA

- All of the following

""a hardcore fan's ultimate introduction to other forms of challenging music""

Midnight Peacocks is a collective of musicians led by bass player Eitan Radoshinski, one that features some of the hottest players of the Israeli underground scene. Shalosh, the Hebrew word for "three," stands for the three sections contained here, each encompassing a different musical concept as a prominent feature, but none is detached from the collective's disturbed character, which occasionally echoes Mike Patton’s lunacy and explorations.

The first section offers metallic hardcore that corresponds with most of the previous album (2006 It's a Brutal Machine, reviewed in issue #42). "Toxic Sludge" and "Pussycat" are edgy a la System of a Down; "Die" is a menacing number that relies on the kinky female vocals by the multifaceted Maya Dunietz (a raw, underground version of Kate Bush, if you will). None of this psychic hardcore is detached from what is about to come; particularly "Windy Valley," which features Yoni Silver on violins and arrangement, and serves as a precursor to the following section.

The second section carries a more oriental flavor, and delivers more of what was offered on the previous album's "Port Saeed" in the form of three well orchestrated, yet still deranged tracks.

The third section offers the freshest aspect of the collective (in terms of its recorded output that is) — free music. The explosive instrumental "Yalla Gever" corresponds with the first section of the album, and with its alarming sax and bashing drums it is bound to deliver for both metal and free jazz fans. This last section (and the album) culminates with the brave "Insomnia" — over thirteen minutes on which Silver (on bass-clarinet) and Dunietz (on piano) improvise to radio broadcasts manipulated by Radoshinski.

Shalosh is a highly varied album, and since it flows rather smoothly between its three semi-distinctive sections, and builds from the basics into more experimental forms of music without losing its momentum and metal-driven ambition, it should be considered a hardcore fan's ultimate introduction to other forms of challenging music. (9.25/10)

Issue 60 - Maelstrom magazine

"Song of the week "Elbo.ws""

Midnight Peacocks is one of the better bands in the Israeli Alternative scene. Their live performances combine a growling bizarre looking bass player-lead vocalist, an amazing guitar player and an outrageous drummer. Sometimes they add Sax, Violin, fringe actor and a belly dancer. "Die" was released in their new record "Shalosh" (Earsay Records, 2007)
may 02 2008 - Elbo.ws

""Amazing combination of psychedelic rock, Arabian music, metal & Celtic music""

"Oh my God! Who wrote this amazing music?" - Ben Shalev(the most important music critic in Israel) – Haaretz 31/01/08

""No one is doing this music...""

"The Midnight Peacocks are doing music that no one is doing in Israel & probably nowhere around the world! Respect!"

- mtv.co.il

""Amazing! a soundtrack to an Arabic western movie...""

"El Arish" is a wonderful track, a soundtrack to an Arabic western movie. "Marrakesh" Carry with him the dazzling flavor of the dessert"
- Kalia mor/Hair Magazine


"It's a Brutal Machine" 2006 Earsay Records LP

"Shalosh" 2008 Earsay records LP

"Katastroffa" 2016 LP



Midnight Peacocks is a hard-core band from Tel Aviv.
They play music they like to define as "circus-core" – a crossover between hard-core, oriental and Metal.
Midnight Peacocks started performing in April 2006 and has since played hundreds of live concerts including warm up's for MIKE PATTON, DUB TRIO, KARMA TO BURN & FIREWATER, Clubs & music festivals in Europe & USA.
The Peacock's first album, "It’s a Brutal Machine" (2006), was released by Earsay Records and officially helped to establish them as a leading band of the Israeli indie scene & was chosen by INDIE-MUSIC magazine as one of the the top 20 albums of the year.
The  second release of the band was a concept album named "Shalosh"(Hebrew for number three). The album contains 3 main parts; hard core rock,  Arabic instrumental & experimental. 

KATASTROFFA is the name of the band's new album & you are welcome to enjoy the highlights of it in our Music section.

Eitan Radoshinski (bass & vocals) addresses in his music and lyrics issues such as obsession and fanaticism, which he believe to be at the core of the world's disharmony, in a style soaked with the schizophrenia and jolly Sinicism that come with the territory of life at the geographical point of friction between east and west.

Midnight Peacocks played their music in many different locations ranging from an ancient cave in Jerusalem, DIY shows in the streets, museums, army bases & gay parties to rock clubs & music festivals.

The Midnight Peacocks are:

Eitan Radoshinski - Bass & Vocals

Guy Shemi - Guitar

Yoav Zohar - Drums

Yoni Silver - Violin