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"Andrew Vaz’s childhood desire to make music leads to New Directions"

A young Burlington musician is already expanding his horizons with a debut album titled New Directions and by donating almost half the album’s proceeds to a children’s charity.

Andrew Vaz started making music when he was 12 years old. Playing the piano and synthesizer, the musician vented his childhood angst with instrumental songs.

In his late teens, he began creating full song structures including vocals and laid it down in New Directions.

“My inspiration was a lot of personal struggle and things I dealt with growing up,” explained Vaz. “I found that writing about it helped me deal with that and some songs enabled me to let go. Other songs I went a step further and recorded them so that’s why this album is about personal tragedies but with a positive spin. There is always a purpose at the end of it all.”

Vaz works under the stage name of Midnight Prophet as he found his best creativity flowed at night and he hopes his songs can help others.

To further ensure his music helps others, he is donating 40 per cent of his album’s proceeds to UNICEF.

“I wanted to connect with a charity as I thought what better way to give to people less fortunate than me. It’s nice to make a profit off of something I love but at the same time it’s nice to give a big chunk back. I didn’t have much of a childhood so I wanted to help other children.”

Now in his 20s, Vaz worked with producer Vikas Kohli to release an album that showcases his expanding styles.

“I would describe my music as a mix of alternative and ambient,” he said. “There is some rock and industrial as I’ve tried to vary it up. There is still a distinctive style that flows throughout the album.”

Musically, he admires bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Moby and Radiohead, which is why he wanted to get on the Tunecore label.

“I wanted to get on that label because those artists who inspire me are on it so I talked to people and contacts within the industry and they liked what I was offering.”

His music is available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Lala, Shockhound and eMusic.

Vaz does plan to promote the album with a summer tour but is currently working on a new release.

His music is also available through his website at www.myspace.com/midnightprophet1 - Burlington Post



New Directions (2008)


A Cry In The Dark (2008)
Flying Colors (2010)
Imagine (2010)
Dream Wedding (2010)
Goodbye (2011)



Playing at festivals and venues including The Moonshine Cafe, Emerald Inn, Riverfest and Festival for Rick Hansen and collaborating with both Rap and RnB artists, twenty five year old Andrew Vaz brings instrumental scoring and top 40 to a progressive middle ground.

Influenced by alternative artists such as Keane and Muse combined with modern film scores from movies including “I Am Sam” and “Once”, Andrew's years of experience in drums, piano and voice help define his music residing comfortably in the middle ground between the two genres.

Working under the pseudonym "Midnight Prophet” and drawing inspiration from a nomadic yet musical childhood, Andrew's lyrical storytelling opens the listener to a look at personal progression, development and how to make the hard choices.

Contrasting an accessible approach to openly emotional songwriting with his on stage persona and pseudonym "Midnight Prophet", Andrew never loses the balance in the tug of war of what is seen and what is still left to be found with his audience.

Drawing in crowds with a kindly on stage demeanor backed by a long musical history beginning with the release of his first album New Directions in 2008 and enhanced with four singles over the past two years, Andrew's dedication for both his music both live and in studio is never compromised.

Approachable while intense about his craft, Andrew Vaz is all about finding the balance.