Midnight Rain

Midnight Rain

 Morristown, New Jersey, USA

Rock and jazz, blues and funk, trippy and straightforward - this is a fun, exciting band with a talented group of musicians who really know how to jam. Please see our myspace page at www.myspace.com/midnightraintheband


Tickets went on sale at 10 am. At 5 am, Tom Brown was first in line. Soon after, Barat arrived and was second in line. The line was for the Jerry Garcia Band, Halloween show, 1994. The two started chatting about past shows, the state of the Dead “scene,” and the possibility of the two guitar players getting together to jam and some have fun. Thus was borne, a series of friendships culminating into Midnight Rain.
Tom and Barat started getting together on a regular basis. Soon thereafter the two were joined by several local area veteran musicians, Kelly Smith and Matt Michura. While Tom and Barat brought a penchant for improvisational and folk rock (Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Neil Young), Kelly’s influence on the band has taken them in a more bluesy direction (Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Willie Dixon) and Matt added the “rockin’” to the band with his own influences. Finally, the band was rounded out by the joining of two additional outstanding musicians – Jennifer Lepre on vocals (Jack Rabbit Slim) and Joe McKenna on bass. Jen and Joe added yet another genre dimension to the band, bringing their influences (Fleetwood Mac, Carol King, Rolling Stones).
Once solidified, the band began hitting the northern Jersey/New York club scene, performing at places like The Ringside Pub (W. Caldwell, NJ), CODA (New York, NY), Hartley’s (Kearney, NJ), Knuckleheads (Nyack, NY), Images (Pearl River, NY), The Starland Ballroom (Sayreville, NJ), Crossroads (Garfield, NJ), Just Jake’s (Montclair, NJ) and Hobson’s Choice (Hoboken, NJ). The band was known for performing the music of the 60’s-era San Francisco sound, but more and more frequently, fans were requesting the original tunes that the band often slipped into the extended set lists. The band also played on the cable television program, “The Tom Sullivan Show”, and received front page coverage from the Dateline News Journal. They also played for the REX Foundation, the Warwick Marathon, the NJ Veterans Society and the Earth Day/Organic Farming benefit.
Due to their magnetic interaction with the audience, great sense of humor, and appetite for a really good time, Midnight Rain quickly gained popularity among the NJ bar scene and began performing with certain very notable artists, including opening for RCA recording artists From Good Homes and frequently performing with Grammy-Award winner Buddy Cage (The New Riders of the Purple Sage) who would sit in on pedal steel guitar.
Due to an ever-increasing demand for their original music, Midnight Rain recorded their first album Predicting the Weather in 1998. The album enjoyed much underground success and continues to sell well today on Amazon.com, ITunes, CDBaby and the band’s Myspace page (www.myspace.com/midnightraintheband). The band continues to weave original songs from this album into their live sets. Now, the band has embarked on an extremely ambitious sophomore album, due out in early 2009, entitled The Forever Spiral. An 18 song tour-de-force showing the band’s incredibly diverse musical skill and interest, this album is sure to vault the band onto the radar screens of many major and minor labels, as well as the next wave of loyal and fun-seeking fans.

For bookings or press-related inquiries, please contact Tom Brown (midnightrainband@gmail.com, 973-207-4489).


The Deal

Written By: Barat Dickman

The pain is part of the happiness, that’s the deal
When you’re in love, somebody’s gotta lose, that’s the deal
The pain is part of the happiness, that’s the deal
When you’re in love, somebody’s gotta lose, that’s the deal

But she didn’t know how he was gonna react when she told him about that she not comin’ back
And she didn’t know that he would lose his mind when he found out she was leavin’ this time

Gonna tell you now another story, and its fine if you want to ignore me
Or put me in some category, cause I was brought up Montessorri
You revel around with that sighe that your mine
Gonna kiss you and kill you this time
I’m not gonna let you get into my bed
You dare, you gotta give me some head
Yeah, you heard what I said

After 20 years, his wife done died, that’s the deal
He didn’t have time to say goodbye, that’s the deal

And he gonna curse his loving Maker, saying why’d you have to go and taker her
Without so much as a handshake good-bye, guess I been living the big lie

Guess its time for one more story while you revel in your glory
Listening is not mandatory, cause this is your territory
You fuckin think your Einstein, or been bowling in Columbine
Suicide-bombin’ in Palestine, you no longer in my life-line
That’s the bottom line

The pain is part of the happiness, that’s the deal
When you’re in love, somebody’s gotta lose, that’s the deal

Spent last night driving around the city looking for a girl to give me some pity
But all I found was putrid and black and some dudes that want to sell me some crack

And this will be my last story, it’s a little desultory
You think you know it a priori, like you create in laboratory
The Deal it can’t be upheld, cause the heart can’t be weld
So I remain laconic, listen to this harmonic
Hangin’ out with the chronic

The Girl at the Bar

Written By: Barat Dickman

She has something special underneath her clothes
That only angels and she knows
That’s fire and magic and undertows

Open up your wings and take flight for me
I’ll be all that I can be
One plus one will make three

She fades from the crowd and stands out out loud
As her eye glance around so proud
But her clouds form a lingering shroud

Drinking from her lake never proves a mistake
And I turn into a flake
Trying to hard for Christ’s sake

And after all this beer; all I want is go get near, the girl at the bar
With eyes from afar; with a drink in her hand; with her own little homeland

Do you remember cutting school? We thought we were so cool?
We wanted to be sedated? But it wasn’t that complicated?
She feels the pain of possession and anger, for the love of an intimate stranger
She hides nothing under that dress

So she smiles and turns round her head
And to her eyes I’m completely wed
Her treasures are relinquished in bed

Does she recognize the guy that is me?
In my agony and in my glee?
As I swim into her sea?

The Existentialist

Written By: Barat Dickman

What brings us here? The forever spiral up or down, If it is all one it shouldn’t really matter. Confusing the enigmatic paradox, with life as it goes: Is it a score or is it a non-score?

But I’ve got Ben Folds in my ears; Cookies!! One of four backstage meals…

Here in the Union hotel, a man and his son stroll past the recycling and then a pretty girl passes by and passes by and passes by. A confused median trying to concentrate on the couch, accomplishing nothing, Being and Nothingness. Athletes and oxfords and newspapers, here I stand free and confined, he can’t really think about what he thinks about before he thinks about it. Three women, most likely mothers, skipping in front of the janitor.

I do not wish for regret – I wish for all but regret.

Yeah, I’m going to Disneyland after I get out of jail. No, I wouldn’t call this perverse.

I’d call it clean, congenial, affable, amicable, amenable, and not menial or bulemic. Tritone circus of thoughts. Tired eyes and no glasses case. Yummy hummus for lunch.


Predicting the Weather (LP) 1998
The Forever Spiral (LP) 2010

Set List

Repertoire of over 100 songs - originals and covers. Typically play two 90 minute sets. Fill sets with originals or covers depending on venue and crowd.