Midnight Reign

Midnight Reign


Satan listening to "Appetite for Destruction" on acid... From Bartok to Elvis to Slayer to Manson the devil has always had the best tunes.......


Formed in the fall of 1995 in upstate New York, Midnight Reign was originally conceived as a compromise between fifteen year old founder Joseph Michael’s two main passions; classical composition and heavy guitar driven metal. With no formal musical training aside from cross referencing sheet music, and recordings Joseph learned to read and write music on his own. Eventually having no luck in either upstate New York, or New York City finding musicians with similar ambition and taste in music, in 1999 he took his last fifty dollars and jumped on a greyhound bus to Hollywood.
After a few years of writing and trying to put a band together, Joseph decided to finally do what he should have all along. He got some money together and decided to record and put out an album himself, using all the material he had written. The album titled “Never Look Back” is really just a dream sequence about a musician on acid, who tries to commit suicide while tripping by filling a bathtub, and slitting his wrists. Consequently he passes out from exhaustion in the water, and awakes still high thinking he is a ghost.
He then walks around thinking he is invincible, and fulfills every depraved, desire he could never get away with while alive. Slowly as the drugs wear off, he becomes vulnerable and human again, and realizes that he is alive after all.
Midnight Reign has arrived with full throttle with its full length debut album. The album includes a full string arrangement on some songs, thanks to violinist Alma Cielo, and Cellist Starla Baker who also plays keyboards in live performances. The band now has it’s live lineup set with Mark Dayton on bass, Paul Sternquist on guitar, Richie Jay on drums and percussion, and of course Joseph Michael on vocals and guitar.
The band is sponsored by Coffin Case, is featured in many national magazines including Metal Edge and was part of their CD Sampler, and has been on many national and international radio shows catering to the gothic, metal and alternative underground. Metal Revolution’s Simona Alvisi writes “I have never in my time working as a writer for Metal Revolution heard a demo so good! This album is an absolute must have.”
Midnight Reign has also been consistently ranking between 23 and 26 (out of tens of thousands of bands) on The Myspace Music Indie-Gothic Charts, and has over 20,000 friends, and a mailing list in the thousands, and will soon be featured in both Metal Maniacs and K.I.N.K Magazines.


Never Look Back-Debut

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