Midnight Review Presents:

Midnight Review Presents:

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

A Sci-Fi space horror surf trip to planet 73'


With a strong DIY ethic, Winnipeg's Midnight Review Presents is putting some of today's best music out there, as well as some of the most cutting edge video. The members of this collective produce moody, peculiar, avant garde works of art. With a musical aesthetic based in the lo-fi tradition, and a video aesthetic firmly rooted in B-movie horror. Midnight Review Presents takes pride in being an art collective with suspense.

A fine example of the Midnight Review's manifesto is the Moonlighters. This the debut release from musical mastermind Matthew Powers. In checking out this full length, you won't find the usual one-dimensional indie. Instead, you'll find music from the fringe. Moody, noisy, and textured. You will hear variety. You may be frightened. Recorded in the basements, apartments, living rooms, and bathrooms of Winnipeg, this is music full of vampires, villains and vile fiends. To help get his musical vision across, Powers enlisted some of the city's top musical talent, who improv’d and one-taked their way through madness. The Moonlighters is one of the premier releases of the year: scary good.


City Boy

Written By: Matthew Powers

So I dream
And it was so real I sighed deep
Do you know who you are? She asks
As I walk into the lobby

Red velvet capets

Later I drive to her house
Why I don't know
A window smashes
The water rises
From somewhere inside I hear a phone ring
What are you doing in my house?!
I reply that I don't know
I was curious how to sweep out the cold while there's leaves all over the ground

Someone let the wind in I'm sorry
Somewhere there's a river eroding
The muffled voice of the man who takes the phone
Sounds an awful lot just like me

Let's Start A Fire

Written By: Matthew Powers

I wanna tell you a secret
I'm gonna show you my dark side
I said I'll tell you my secret
I'm gonna show you the key to always
The present and the past

Let's start a fire
Through these eye I give (uh-oh)
You'll never see the light like this (oh-no)
Let's crash a car
Walk the earth with me (uh-oh)
We'll never have to worry again (oh-no)
Let's burn it down
Take a chance with me baby
Ask the devil for a kiss on the lips
Let's go to far
We'll make this world our playground, I swear

Now, that I've told you me secret
Now, that I've shown you what I have to give
Now, can I kiss you sweetly
Now, can I mix your life with mine so this party never ends

Take a chance girl
Come with me
And we'll walk
Hand in hand through time

Me and My Leather

Written By: Matthew Powers

I'm walkin' down the street and what do I see?
A single stranger twenty feet ahead of me
He's doin' flips he's movin' like an acrobat
I've never seen another human act like that

Na na na na

I'm getting closer but my eyes deceive me
He grin a liars grin while lying on the fallen leaves
And as I pass him I can feel him looking through my brain
They won't believe you when you tell them, you will go insane

Love Bites

Written By: Matthew Powers

White skin
Cool as ice
Smooth as porcelain
Into his eyes I gaze
And my thoughts swim

Sinking deeper getting clearer, sinking deeper growing nearer
Do you really want my gift?
Promised I would never let
This secret touch an others lips
I don't think I should give you this

I've tasted blood and I want more
More, more, more

Let me in
My moonlight lover's come to
Take me with him
Just one more perplexing kiss
And I'll be his

Sinking deeper getting clearer, sinking deeper growing nearer
Do you really want this curse?
Then ask me and it shall be yours
Within this blood, this sights you'll see
The creature that you long to be

I've tasted blood and I want more
More, more, more
It echoes through my mind
Pass on to me what's be passed down to you


Written By: Matthew Powers

I told myself, WHAT!
I just have to stop this
I keep telling myself that I'm gonna quit
It's a F**king addiction I know
And I'm probably hurting myself, BUT WHY!
Does it always have to feel soooooo good

Well I couldn't stop
I just kept on through my list.
Till I got to the one
That I marked with a kiss.

She's the girl that I've had my eyes on
Make me proud
C'mon put up a fight
Cause only one of us
Is gonna make it out alive

Well, that a girl
You swept me off of my feet
Now finish the job
Or I'll make dice from your teeth

Kiss Me, I'm Strange

Written By: Matthew Powers

Oh I love how you looked back at me a roared
I can see you're delirious with the kill

We walk the light less streets and the back alleys of the darkest towns
I was lookin' for sin
She was lookin' for thrills
We came upon you in an empty bar
Full of liquor with a guilty heart

We bought a round of drinks and we asked to sit so that we could talk
You were playin' it cool
But I could see that you've killed
The booze was flowin' but you wouldn't reveal
So I read the thoughts you tried to conceal

They said,
Upstairs in the Hotel getting Cold..... cold
Is the body of your lover , full of holes... holes
You said he did you wrong, so you made it right... right
Put a bullet through his heart and cut it out with a knife

Kiss Me, I'm Strange
Love me, I'm deranged
Caught in my embrace you'll swoon
I can make it feel like love
If you give yourself to me I'll make you pure

Nights Like These

Written By: Matthew Powers

This night draws out like a blade
As straight as the path that I walk home
As I stumble through the streetlamp spotlights
I scrawl these words in a battered notebook

There's strange movement up ahead,
Inside my chest my heart is beating like a kick drum
There's strange movement up ahead,
I had a feeling he would catch me if I tried to run

He comes to me on nights like these
He promises me things that I cannot conceive
But still, I can't get him to tell me his name
I'm starting to think it was all just a dream

But my dreams they just can't compare
To the sight of him standing there
It fills me with terror unknown
Hypnotically shown, as I look in his eyes

Pickin' Pockets

Written By: Matthew Powers

I see you standing there
Wearing sneakers and a skirt
Searching through stacks of old records
I wonder to myself
Who's this perfect creature?
With hair like moonless night
How can I get her to notice me?
Light Olive skin
But her blood that flows within
Holds the thoughts
That I would love to taste

The closer I get
My pulse races
But who is this guy?
There goes my chance
Just as I was almost beside you
But as I walk by
I can see by your smile
And the look that's in your eyes
Cries you love him


Midnight Review Presents:
the Moonlighters (2010)

1- City Boy
2- DM'ing
3- Let's Start A Fire
4- Kiss Me, I'm Strange
5- Me and My Leather
6- Nights Like These
7- Love Bites
8- Pickin' Pockets