Midnight Runner

Midnight Runner


Tired of today's mainstream rock and poppy punk? You want to hear some honest, kick ass rock music? Then come to a show and listen to our tracks. Take 6 minutes of your life, sit down with headphones and listen to A Light and A Lie with no disruptions, you'll get it!!!


Our band comes from years of playing with other bands and just being frustrated with the outcomes. All our previous bands never challenged us or pushed us in a direction that we wanted to go. We also wanted to write music geared towards overcoming personal problems and finding the positive in situations and looking within for that solution, not to some outside source. We finally found each other and started to write the best music we've ever written and music that we are incredibly proud of. Our music comes from our variety of influences in our band. Everything from Jazz to Jam Band, and Heavy Metal to Indie. Between all three of us, we bring a completely different sound to the table individually when it comes to writing our music. The product is what you hear... Rock music with thumping grooves, great melodies and lyrics, awesome guitar lines, and honest playing. We aren't trying to be anybody else. We don't take ourselves seriously and have a blast! We just love to play music. Music is for expression and open minds and ideas. That's what we try and do. Express our thoughts, ideas, influences, and personalities individually through the music of our band.


We have a 3 track EP that is self-titled. We don't have any airplay yet... working on that. You know how hard that is! We have them streaming on our myspace site, and it's also on CD Baby and should be on iTunes and Napster shortly.

Set List

Set list is:
Black Hare, Fight in the People, Zealot, Good Pawn, Twist, Walking on the Moon(Cover), and A light and A Lie
Set length is about 45 mins or longer depending on how long we jam on certain tunes.