Midnight Schemes

Midnight Schemes


Midnight Schemes is a young rock/pop/funk/manouche trio. You heard us. Funk/manouche. Together for four years and now based in London, their quirky sound, energetic live shows and catchy choruses gain lots of new followers at every gig and ensure their London fan base is just starting to swell...


The Schemes sound is very particular. Raw bluesy vocals, folky guitar playing, slap-funk bass, and d&b live drums shouldn't work together, but it does, and sounds strangely poppy. Midnight Schemes have been compared to The Fratellis, The Mystery Jets and Tom Waits. Their style is unique, and musicianship and experience are rare.

What the band say:
"The three of us have wildly different musical backgrounds. We met at uni and started jamming by accident. Our styles slowly merged into one punchy package, and before we knew it we found ourselves playing college nights and the end of year balls where the crowd started singing along to our lyrics. At this point we thought we should take it further. We all moved into the same neighborhood in London and now gig about once a fortnight, building fans and crowd numbers as we go."


Email: phil(at)midnightschemes.com
Phone: 07875 466 339

WEBSITES (with more videos, songs & photos):





Written By: Midnight Schemes

800 faces clawing at your heart
800 ways to tear this town apart

It took me two millennia to finally come home
My family is dead and now you trample on their bones

What would you do if it happened to you? x 2

29 celebrations at the grave
29 silent prayers betrayed

I knelt before your altar with my hands up to the sky
So tell me “if you poison us… do we not die?”

What would you do if it happened to you? x 4

This town ain’t big enough for the both of us

What would you do if it happened to you? x 4

60's Science

Written By: Midnight Schemes

Explosive provoking
the pressure’s gonna blow
It’s a need to know basis and
You’ll never need to know

60s science scares me

Lunar missions’ lab technician
Craving fame on television
Politicians’ dark ambitions
Blank screen lose transmission

60s science scares me

*funk instrumental*

Introverted researcher
Reverse convert
Your suspicion of tradition
Leaves you ever uncertain

60s science scares me

Looking over your shoulder
Cos no one ever told ya
The beauty of pursuit
Is in the eye of the beholder

60s science scares me

We can’t un- do
How Much They Knew

I will never understand
Everything they never planned
Everything they never told
Welcome to a brave new world

Do you know who controls
Your whole bankroll?
Your integrity’s in shreds you see
They’ve stolen your soul

60s science scares me

Inspecting elections
For rogue defections
Superpowers’ happy hours
Can’t protect you

60s science scares me

60s science
60s science
60s science scares me


Marching Why

Written By: Midnight Schemes

Through driving rain or scorching sun
I’ve seen you marching on
Is there any point in knowing
Where on earth you think you’re going?

How can any of us tell
If we’re bound for heaven or hell
Once we’ve joined the marathon
We’ve gotta keep on marching on and…
… on and on, and on, and…


No one else can drive me the way that you do
I can’t stop living the lie (for you)
Every step I take keeps proving you true
So I can never tell why I do (I do…

Not want any sympathy I’ve already…
had more than you can give and I…
Don’t see why you think of me as I…
Know you couldn’t care less if I live)

No one told me we’d sustain
This much pleasure this much pain
I don’t think I’m going to last
If we keep on marching this fast

Now that I can not pretend
That I’m far from nearing the end
If I live or if I die
The biggest question always will be why, oh why…
…oh why, oh why, oh…



Ba ba bah…

I will never
Never understand
Why you forced me
Why you forced my hand

[Chorus x 2]

Excuse Me God Bless You

Written By: Midnight Schemes

I come from beneath you I don’t mean no harm
Sitting here in the gutter with nothing to warm me
Sunlight burns holes through both my eyelids each day
No one to speak to or to hear what I say, well..

Excuse me, god bless you I didn’t
Mean to offend Have a
Nice day sir won’t you With your
Money to spend

I come from the future if it’s doomed to fail
Sitting here in the rubbish and I’m starting to smell it
Wind drives the rain straight through my ribcage each night
How dare I look at you I’m not worth your sight

Have I
Nothing to offer? Save a
Damp magazine. If you
Asked me to work more, Would I
Know what you mean?

I used to be you and you might become me
Who put the blindfold where your eyes used to be?
Why can’t you listen, am I making a sound?
No one can hear you with your face in the ground

I come from by your feet to get in your way
To scrape your conscience and to ruin your good day
You give me bruises from your shoes every week
You give me twenty pence to stop me from speaking, well

Excuse me, God bless you. I didn’t
Mean to offend Have a
Nice day sir won’t you With your
Money to spend


In January Midnight Schemes' spoof acapella cover of 'Barbie Girl' was played on The Colin Murray Show on Radio 1. This boosted their Youtube profile, resulting in an offer to feature on Youtube's frontpage at some point in th next couple of months.


01/04/06 - 8 Track EP: "All Nighter" (only 300 copies pressed)

01/10/07 - 3 Track EP: "The Morning After" (distributed as free demos)

Set List

Sets can last up to an hour, but they normally play a 25 minute selection to fit the crowd/venue. The songs they choose from each time are:

Loud, funky ones:
- Up To The Window
- Triffid Food
- 60s Science
- Marching Why
- Mr Look At Me
- Guilty
- M&J

Quieter, folky ones:
- Excuse Me God Bless You
- Evil Is
- Your Bed
- Turn Your Back

They don't normally play any, but occasionally do their own interpretation of "Englishman in New York" (Sting - 1990) as an encore (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvhFkX6FsAw)