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Original Releases
Midnight Society pres. Tribal Degeneration - Deepest Afrika (SGR)
Midnight Society feat. Joey Alvarado - Hot & Sweaty (SGR)
Midnight Society pres. Curtis Atchison - C'mon & Feel It (SGR)
Midnight Society feat. Curtis Atchison - Close Your Eyes (SGR)
Midnight Society vs. Deka - You Know You Want It (Coraza)
Cybernasty - Beautiful (How Does It Feel) (Coraza)
Erik Reyes & Joey Alvarado - Meow (Push It) (SGR)
Midnight Society feat. Maxine Stayfree - Digital Hardcore (SGR)
Midnight Society, Corbo & Mirage - That's It (Stealth)
Midnight Society feat. Lula - Drum Nation (SGR)
Midnight Society feat. Joey Alvarado - Ritmo y Tambores (SGR)
Tribal Denegeration - Dangerzone (SGR)
Midnight Society feat. Kieran - Vanity (SGR)
Midnight Society - "Unreleased Projects EP" (Loop 128)
Midnight Society feat. Jade Elektra - "How Do I Look" (Pure Music Productions)
Midnight Society feat. Kieran - "Drum Drama" (Sheeva)
Midnight Society - "Summer Breeze" (Sheeva)
Erik Reyes - Let's Do It (Star 69)
Midnight Society feat. Alan T - "Jungle Juice" (Anodyne)
Midnight Society feat. Alan T - "Space Jam" (Harlequin / Anodyne)
Midnight Society feat. Alan T - "Strange Shades Of Light" (SFP)
Cybernatrikx - "Dirty Pleasures (Deeper, Harder)" (SFP)
Midnight Society - "The Tone Depth EP" (Nervous Dog)

Edson Pride - "Ardiente" (HMSPmusic)
Da Silva & Lino - "Wilderness" (Quanza Records)
Avri feat. Johanna - "Love Again" (SGR)
Rick Corbo feat. Krystal Cruz - "Love You Tonight" (SGR)
DJ Dextro & Tarot - "Freedom Is Invisible" (Latitude)
DelRubbio - "I Want U" (Cristal)
DJ Mike Ivy & Dave Rose feat. Pauly Love - "The Sun Is Coming" (Quanza)
Deka feat. Craig Mitchell - "Rain Down On Me" (SGR)
Bass Rokwell - "Do For You" (SGR)
Mike Mucci - Fat (Amplitude)
Keven Maroda - "Mistakes" (SGR)
Armand Pena - "Waiting For You" (Nervous)
Manny Ward & Craig Mitchell - "Tribal Zone" (Slanted Black)
RhythmDB feat. Rafaele Rivera - "Livin' On A Dream" (SGR)
Kristen Ficara - "Crawl" (SRG)
Massivedrum & XL Garcia - "Lost In The Sound" (SGR)
Saeed Younan - "To The Beat" (Younan Music)
Keven Maroda - "N.O.W" (SGR)
D-Lav & Jay Prouty feat. Craig Mitchell - Soul Free (Slanted Black)
Edson Pride - "Feel My Music" (Coraza)
Tracy Young & Ceevox - "What's Done Is Done" (Ferosh)
Da Silva & Lino - "Wiretrip" (SGR)
Southboys feat. Dilek Taskin - "Organik" (SGR)
Altar feat. Jeannie Tracy - "Everybody Up" (Tommy Boy Silver)
Mickiyagi feat. Orly Weinerman - "If You Like" (SGR)
Jade Elektra - "Trade" (SGR)
DeMarko! - "BodyJack" (SGR)
DJ Pirra - "Tribal Path" (Sheeva)
FC Nond - "Star" (Sheeva)
Xenon - "Something Holy" (SGR)
Kynt - "Makes Me Hot (featuring Joey Alvarado)" (Mamahouse)
Saillant feat. Oliver Twisted - "Begin The Beginning" (SGR)
Pedro Diaz - "This Is The Sound" (SGR)
Altar feat. Jeanie Tracy - "Party People" (Mamahouse)
Barry Huffine feat. Kareema Castro - "Empower!" (Purchase Muzik)
David Gordon - "I Need You" (Pure Music Productions)
Jordan Rivera feat. Sherretha Campbell - "Desire" (Slanted Black)
Cytric feat. Kieran - "Don't You Want Some More" (SGR)
Keven Maroda - "Te Quiero (feat. Kristen Ficara) (SGR)
Randy Friess - "The Movement" (HMSP)
Vanessa Condé - "Peace & Love" (SGR)
D-Lav, Shlavens & Craig Mitchell - "Noises" (SGR)
Bass Rokwell - "Aboriginal" (SGR)
Maya Azucena - "Make It Happen" (SGR / Kult Records)
Krystal Cruz - "Shadows Of Your Love" (SGR)
Amber - "Just Like That" (JMCA)
DJ Style - "So Bad" (Knob)
Pepper Mashay & Digital Trip - "Send Me An Angel" (Sonic Adrenaline)
Raw Deal feat. Toni Ann Bardell - "He Gives More" (Wakko)
S. Gomez vs. DJ Paulo - "Allow The Drums" (Pure Music Productions)
Angelica De No - "Music Made The Addict" (Miswax)
Rob Mirage - "Forever" (Loop 128)
N.Y. Tribulation - "Mother Africa" (Slaag)
Hibernate - "Submit" (Sheeva / Radikal)
Dawn Tallman - "Heavenly Light" (Slaag)
DJ Petzi - "The New Dimension" (Magna)
Corbo & Corbett presents Bass Rokwell - "Filters & Drums" (Harlem Traxx)
Bob Sinclair - "Kiss My Eyes" (Star 69)
Industry - "Release Me" (Star 69)
Suzanne Palmer - "Show Me" (Star 69)
Lula - "The DJ, The Music & Me" (Star 69)
Chynna - "Deeper" (Harlequin)
Robi Uppin - "Coffeebar Discussion" (Lapdance)
Robi Uppin - "Fade" (Driftwood)
Laconic feat. Mona - "Fresh Air" (Harlequin)



In an industry where musical talent come and go as fast as the latest fads, very few acts have managed to achieve such a high level of success with the tenacity & perseverance as Midnight Society. This New York based production team, composed from the talents of DJ/Producers Curtis Atchison & Erik Reyes made their first of many impressions in the music industry with the release of “The Tone Depth EP” on Nervous Dog Records in 2000. Since then, Midnight Society has been featured on more than 70 different releases & CD compilations covering over 30 National & International record labels. Several of their projects have also appeared on Billboard Dance Charts, which include a Number one remix single in 2007 with Altar & Jeanie Tracy on Mamahouse Records, two Top five remix singles with Maya Azucena & Tracy Young featuring Ceevox on Kult & Ferosh Records, and more than a dozen Top 10 & 20 singles over the last three years. They also own a digital label called SoundGroove Records, which has produced two Billboard charting singles and is featured on several mixed CD compilations by some of the industry’s most respected world class DJs & Producers.

As DJs, Midnight Society have provided top quality sets to packed dance floors all over the world including several visits to Brazil, Portugal, Mexico City, Montreal and beyond. At home, Curtis & Erik host a weekly House music party called Mainframe that is now going into its second year. They also appear as special guest DJs in various venues in some of the nation's most popular cities.

Midnight Society started 2008 by ringing in the New Year in Rio De Janeiro at The Week International playing for a crowd of over 3,000 people. Curtis & Erik also worked their musical talents at various Winter Music Conference events which include their annual SoundGroove Sessions party at Score, a special Mainframe in Miami event at Twist and the Stealth Records Party at Club Mynt. Midnight Society was also the headlining act at The Week International for Pride '08 Festivities in Florianopolis, Brazil. On the production level, Midnight Society hit a milestone with having three different projects on the Billboard Club play chart at the same. That included the two remixes to Tracy Young & Ceevox's "What's Done Is Done" (#3), Altar & Jeanie Tracy's "Everybody Up" (#8) and their first original charting single "Drum Nation" with vocalist Lula (#29).

On the charts, in the studios or in the DJ Booth, Midnight Society has proven to be one of the most consistent forces in dance music. And the best is still yet to come.