Midnight Wild Streets

Midnight Wild Streets

 Columbus, Ohio, USA

Our tunes are often intense, layered and full of hooks, melodies and counter melodies. Vocals are male/female harmonies; lyrically introspective, focused more on life situations than bad relationships. Influences: The Smiths early REM Galaxie500 M83 The Who Shoegaze Dan Boeckner The La's


Drawing their name from the terror and excitement of late night drives down rarely traveled rural routes, Midnight Wild Streets formed in southern Ohio in 2007. Something that seems consistent in their songs is what can best be described as “texture”, an element that presents itself differently in each song - a synth pad, percussion tone, controlled feedback, or repeating arpeggio hook – but that serves to anchor the song, providing a cohesive sonic backdrop.
All four members of the band hail from Scioto County - a rural and small-town county in the appalachian region of southern Ohio. A dying steel town nestled against the Ohio River and the Appalachian foothills, the region obviously informs much of the band’s lyrical content; not in obvious or preachy ways, but in the form of observations of rural social pathologies that wreak havoc on individuals and personal connections – drug abuse, absentee fathers, domestic abuse, dreams deferred, escapism. Of course that is only part of the story. This band also knows how to rock and how to have fun, sometimes poking it at themselves. No working musician could sing “the day you’re born the deal is done / blow it all to kingdom come” with a straight face – maybe with a killer hook, but not a straight face.
Since 2007 the band has relocated to Columbus and written a lot of songs, invested in some basement recording equipment, cut demos, expanded their sonic library, played shows, and practiced practiced practiced!
If you go to see Midnight Wild Streets, also enjoy a mix of male and female vocal interplay, loose harmonies, instrumental counter melodies, electronic textures, driving live drums mixing with programmed percussion, and a satisfying range of fast and slow songs.

Set List

We have a few set list configurations and can entertain and keep it moving for anything from 25 minutes to an hour.