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Midnite Child

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FL Jones : "Becoming Myself" solo debut CD

FL Jones: Soundtrack from $200 American

FL Jones: " I Choose You" Soulunsigned 2010 artist compilation CD.

FL Jones: "Trust Me" from movie "The Family"

FL Jones: Composer "Raw Moves" soundtrack

Selected Remixes:

Groove Junkies ft. Indeya - Music's Gotcha Jumpin 2007 (M-Sol Remix)
MoreHouse Records 2007

T.J. Cases ft. Natalie Broomes - Nothing Better Than Your Lovin (Justin Michael & M-Sol Remix)
Hardsoul Pressings 200

Groove Assassin ft. Pete Simpson - Like What You Do (M-Sol Remix)
Camio Records 2007

Jihad Muhammad ft. Lorraine Reid - Open Your Eyes (M-Sol Remix)
Camio Records 2007

Anto Vitale ft. Heidi Vogel Levo - Taxi Nights (M-Sol Remix)
Camio Records 2007

FL Jones - Three Weeks Later (M-Sol Remix)



Who is Midnite Child?
In the Book Midnight Children by Salman Rushdie, Midnight is the designated hour for a meeting of the minds; mutant children, all born at exactly the same moment on the eve of the Indian revolution with special talents, meet somewhere between dimensions where they share ideas and indulge in conquest fantasies.
“That is why we took the name,” says Jones , “because the music is ‘our’ special gift through which we meet on another plane to create something.” The band only has two members; producer, composer, and keyboardist, Michael (M-Sol) Hirsch, and indie soul artist FL Jones. The two bonded after meeting up on craigslist a few years back when Jones answered an ad from the producer looking for a vocalist.
The first time they worked together Jones traveled on the train from his home in NYC to Michael ‘s hometown of Dayton, NJ where he was picked up at the train station during a torrential downpour by Michael so they could work together at his place. But in the nature of the modern 21st Century musician, ever since then, their collaborations have been completely online. Bouncing files back and forth and building the songs organically. As they continued their cyber-space partnership, the songs improved as did the focus, culminating in the beautifully liquid remix of Jones’ 1st single “3 Weeks Later” from his solo record Becoming Myself.
Becoming Myself was a big success for Jones, garnering several award nominations including a nomination for best new artist on Soulunsigned.com, numerous film placements, and a publishing deal with Dramatico Unlimited. M- SOL (aka) Michael Hirsch, has also been extremely busy. Since the time the two 1st met, Michael has gone on to become a sought after re-mixer and producer. Working with such labels as Hardsoul Pressing, Morehouse Records 2007, and Camio records. He also placed songs in several indie films such as “Whirlwind”.
The idea to do an EP came when they realized that they already had enough raw material to do an album. Jones was a soul man, but he loved dance and club music, so this gave him an opportunity to stretch his wings in a different direction. For Michael, his ambition was to produce for himself and other artist, and also to perform, so this partnership was in perfect alignment with his goals. So a meeting of the minds took place and Midnite Child was born.
When we listen to “Rain Falls” it’s easy to hear echoes of inspiration from the list of influences cited by the band. Roy Ayers, Masters at Work, Stevie Wonder, Joe Clausell, Pink Floyd, Moloko, the names are varied and inspired, like the tunes they have created. “Rain Falls” is destined to become a midnight classic. Melding infectious grooves with lush warm vocals, this song of forbidden love feels at once classically familiar, yet totally of this moment. The group also just finished a music video for the song working with Mihail Torich, a talented Russian director they met on Craigslist. They chose this song as the 1st single from their new EP which should be available Summer 2010. They decided to do an EP because it would force them to edit and be selective. The grooves are not the basic four on the floor which we have become accustomed to when we think of ‘Dance Music’, they come at you from deep in your root, while the lyrics speak of more than just bliss and trivial love, but of transformation , and emotional honesty.
The effect is meant to be experienced as well as heard. Jones says, “Music is supposed to make you feel something, to elicit a response,” The rest of the songs from the EP such as ”I Will Follow,” which at a second or 3rd listen reveals itself to be a glimpse into the mind of a stalker, or “I Am” which is a powerful affirmation of life and possibility, are lucid examples of their desire to pull an often stagnant club music scene into the future, by focusing on expanded rhythmic structure and meaningful , and sometimes challenging lyrics. Michael says it best, “I want to create timeless music that people will be able to dance to, vibe to, and will allow them to forget the stresses of life and escape....”
If the 1st single is any indication, they are well on their way to reaching that goal.