Midnite Overture

Midnite Overture


We are a progressive rock/metal band that blends melodies, musicianship, and virtuosity.


Midnite Overture

On June 15, 2002, Midnite Overture was created by Bill Worrell and Alex Duddy. At the time, these two had recently been listening to Dream Theater and Metallica and wanted to form a band based on these two groups. Within the first day of “jamming” their first song was born.

Soon joined by bassist Brandon Frenzel, their creativity expanded after listening to the Finnish rock group Nightwish. This opera/metal band took them in a slightly new direction, which would be the path to their growing popularity. Brian Blackmore joined the band on keyboards just five days prior to the first show for Midnite Overture. Held at Moorpark High School’s Band camp BBQ, the show was a success! People became interested and the band loved the thrill of performing together and creating their own musical atmosphere.

A few weeks later, thanks to Bill’s dad, they recorded their first 3-song demo at Parrot Recording Studios in Burbank, Ca. Fueled by the amount of interest in the demos, Bill Worrell began writing more songs based on their melodic metal vibe. Flowing chord progressions, intricate melodies, well thought out arrangements and meaningful lyrics became "Midnite Overture."

In later months, they completed writing and arranging another 6 songs and again went into Parrot Recording Studios. Armed with a complete set list, they have been playing shows at house parties, clubs, theaters; anywhere they can. During the summer of 2003, Midnite Overture performed at the well-known Cobalt Café in Canoga Park. The band’s incredible performance earned them a chance to participate in Cobalt’s “Battle of the Bands” and on August 24th, Midnite Overture won 1st. place!

Numerous CD’s were sold to Cobalt Café patrons who were blown away by the talented band. This resulted in return bookings as well as Hollywood bookings in such well-known clubs as The Roxy, The Knitting Factory, and The Whiskey. Midnite Overture has made multiple demos and has a more recent kick-ass one all ready to go .

During the summer of 2004 they, along with the help of PR specialist Jane Allen, booked their own tour in Arizona for a week. During the summer of 2005, they booked a larger tour that visited Colorado, Tennessee, and Missouri. While in Missouri they placed in the top 3 at the 1st National Garagestock Festival!

In late 2005/early 2006, 2 lineup changes occurred. Brandon Frenzel was replaced with Ed Apcarian, and Brian Blackmore quit to pursue other interests, and was replaced with Emerson Galicia. The four have been working together to form one of the most solid
metal groups around.

Midnite Overture is ready for the world with their extreme talent, mind-blowing progressive rock/metal sounds and musical style!


War of the Worlds

Written By: Bill Worrell/ Jeff Worrell

Reports are being confirmed
The world is being destroyed
Prophets from another pathway
Bring chaos to our Earth

Here It comes for you
Just sit there and wait, you cannot escape
Blinded by your own ways
The end is near, the attack is here

War Of the Worlds is breaking us down
Turning back unbound
This war defines the path we seek (decides/defies)
And why can't we see that this War Of The Worlds
Is between you and me

Towers of power and honor
Buildings, burning machines
Symbols of a severed era
The last of a dying breed

We're killing the only way out now
Evolution comes to the end
Vying for a weaker lifeline
Isn't there another way
Another day, anything I can say?

What are we trying to search for
In a world filled with hate
We say we're finding the peace inside of us
But we fight among our own race

What is the image we've created
Prosperous America?
Still beneath is shadowy darkness
And a war building strength
Castigate, we've gone insane

And now I see what is to be
In a world that can't have peace
Construction of our untimely death
Has now been complete

Fall of the Cematary Gates

Written By: Bill Worrell

*Written for Dimebag Darrell R.I.P.

Living fast on the edge from day one
Out of the womb on blades he comes
Fighting his own path every day
Nothing could change him, he’s who he makes

Decadence siding rebellious form
What else could be made from the time he was born
A fire inside a gasoline hold
Ready to take on the world with one blow

And do our paths begin to fade?
Living out our every day
How can we expect to fight when one day it could end,
One day we could soon die

No, we will try, in the name of life
In the name of pride, live life, cause time ain’t on our side

Binged through the night a constant game
Reinventing the steel before he was slain
Under the lights for the crowd he stood tall
Warheads behind him, crushing all

Dim was the light for some time in his life
But never assume that the spirit will die
The gates of the cemetery stand tall
Plans for damage came ‘til his fall

And though his path began to fade
He will stand beyond the grave
Revolution taking his mind, what a glorious way to die
In front of the lines

Yea we will try, in the name of life
In the name of pride, we live life cause time ain’t on our side

Children of Hate

Written By: Bill Worrell/Jeff Worrell

Shadows walk the dark alone,
But to them is no soul
They’ve been stripped of their identity
By pain and tears and blood

In their life there is no comfort
By better men they live
And through all of their “disgrace” in life
They are haunted by their sins

And on and on they travel
Inside their peaceful minds
And they know no other pain or love
Created by the ones that they know and trust

Darkness, torment, hidden lies
They cannot escape, trapped-they’ll die tonight
Can any other sense be shown
Pain is all they own

These children know love as pain
In their minds they are confined
To this prison of inner guilt
They have no peace of mind

For some crime they’ve committed
So dearly they pay
For being born one fateful day
To those who’ll not love them the same

No place to run, no place to hide
Fall back into the shadows where they continue to cry
Children of Hate, a life begun
But the abuse cannot be undone


We have recorded and released multiple demos and are selling our most current one.

Set List

We change our set lists from show to show to give variety to ourselves and our long-time fans. We pick and choose from(all copyrighted):
Bleeding of the Nation
Fall of the Cemetary Gates
War of the Worlds
The Annihilation
Children of Hate
Raid of the Thorpes
Tap My Vein
Tear Me Down
and any new songs we're ready to perform.
We occasionally will cover a song in which we pick from: The Trooper (Iron Maiden), For Whom the Bell Tolls (Metallica), 10th Man Down (Nightwish), Overture 1928 (Dream Theater), Hate Me (Children of Bodom)