Midst of Autumn

Midst of Autumn


Midst of Autumn is an energetic, intense, and all around entertaining band. We pride ourselves on our incredible live performance which has made the name travel. Hardwork, energy and entertainment is what has made our band prevail in an oversaturated market.


Started in the fall of 2005, Midst of Autumn, a band formed from many different states, compile sounds from atreyu, thrice, soundgarden, glassjaw and saosin. This band attacks the rock scene with stong vocal melodies with many layers of octaves and screams, heart pounding drums and bass, and an aggressive attitude drivin guitar. This band continues to thrive by continually amazing crowds with an energetic stage show as well as willingness to work hard keeping and gaining more of a fan base.

We have now progressed into a band that needs to get our stuff heard so we are currently planning tours on the west coast, more radio advertisment and other various marketing tools that will throw this band into the faces of many.

Midst of Autumn has been and currently been played on:

KISW 99.9 FM Loud and Local program with Jolen
Also an we've also done interviews with Jolene (KISW) and performed Tattoos of childhood memories (acoustic version) on her program.

KGRG 89.9 FM

104.9 FM The Funky Monkey

Midst of Autumn has shared the stage with:

Chapter 14
Fall From Grace
Upon Beauty Rest
Minus My Thoughts
A Chance Without
From Aphony
The Audition
Burning Armada
Endless Grey
Hollywood Lightweights
Fighting for Nothing
Lucky for Nothing
Future Fossils
Kobra Kai
The Formal
Marginal Way
The Ellis Armor

Midst of Autumn Uses:
Epiphone Guitars, Schecter Guitars and Basses, Musicman Basses, Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Ampeg, Tama Drums, Aquarian, Ernie Ball, Ziljian, Shure, Yamaha, Boss, Vic Firth, Mogami, Monster Cables



Written By: Midst of Autumn

Where we go we cannot come home
Through the leaves it turns my skin to bone
All in all, we will never know
What dirty thoughts bring me down this hole?

So Burn in my heart, O’ God please burn out my heart.

Where we go we cannot come home
Through the fields we are left to roam
Take my wings they are not my own
Means to an end and we die alone

My heart is all I have to give


Written By: Midst of Autumn

Every word I sing tonight will flow right through my veins
You don’t care about what I want, I am a liar
And I know every word comes straight from your hate
“Go ahead, stand in line.”
We aren’t worthless drones

But why not here? And why not now?
Why not here? Why not?

And I know all the war wasn’t a mistake
There’s got to be a way, another way

And “he” would want it to be like the days when “he” was a young boy
But let all colors share the sand
Still others dream of coming to the promise land
They’ll bring their guns and bring their mortars
They’ll kill all the sinners and the losers
We’ll show them how it came together
We’ll show them how it all began

Because this is how the story ends

Past Thoughts

Written By: Midst of Autumn

Past Thought
Control with one eye open, awake
Controlling how we speak to each other
We kill one another again
So call me when you’re done

It kills my only pride
And breaks my only stride
I’m breaking apart again

Its so damn simple you see
It’s controlled by harmony towards each other
The system it waits to begin
We are heading straight for the sun

My past thoughts come together with only hatred
Goodbye, Goodbye I am breaking up again

OF ONE MIND and one soul
Until we go and burn one another
OF ONE MIND and one soul
Until we go and gather up America


2005 Demo (One Shot Studios)

2006 pre-release EP (Jon Goff, Self Adhesive Records)

Set List

We usually have a 8 - 10 song set that lasts 35 - 45 min.

The set list:
Burn, Landslide, Set Out Alone, Past Thoughts, Chapters, Die Radio, Silent Rising, New Beginning