Seattle, Washington, USA

Midstokke is a high energy, party rock band that fuses the influences of Aerosmith, Sabbath and the Black Crowes into their own blend of hard hitting balls out hard rock!


Midstokke was formed in 2004 by five guys who fused an eclectic range of music stylings and converged into a five piece hard rock/blues and rock/funk act out of Seattle that brings the heat! Sound wise, Midstokke channels everything from Aerosmith to ZZ Top and is complimented by a high energy, harmonica playing front man, while being well grounded by a rock hard rhythm section.
In ‘05, Midstokke released their first album: “Private Stokke”. While they began building their fan-base rocking Seattle’s grungy socks off every weekend, Midstokke received an invitation to play in a battle of the bands sponsored by Harley-Davidson. They took first place and won a highly coveted ticket to play the largest biker rally and music festival in the world, Sturgis! For the past three years now Midstokke has emerged as an ever growing biker favorite at the highly popular Buffalo Chip in South Dakota. With their raw and hard-hitting live show, they have been reigning in new fans from all over the country!
On June 28th, 2009, Midstokke released their 2nd album: “It’s Your Problem Now!” Bringing with them an even wider range of sound and a “balls to the wall” party-like energy that quickly gets everyone off of their asses! It will have you believing that you’re smack dab in the middle of a packed bar, deep in the Midwest on a Friday night. Opening tracks “Trainwreck”, “Throttle” and “Big Tangle” is an unapologetic, in your face intro into what Midstokke is all about. While soul-searching tracks like “God Come Down” and “Fool” complement the harder edge of the disc and allows the listener to experience a touch of the blues with Midstokke's big guitars and soulful melodies.

With a new disc, a legion of fans and a raw, energetic live show, Midstokke look to make 2009 their year!


Midstokke's latest release is "It's Your Problem Now!" The song "Blackwater" is currently in regular rotation at KSKY 95.1 out of Rapid City, SD.

Set List

Our typical set list consists of a couple covers and a majority original material. We cover Aerosmith's "Train Kept Rollin'" as well as Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" and Ram Jam's "Black Betty" just to name a few. We play hour sets but can also hold down up the 3 hours of music!