midterm break

midterm break


We're a three piece power pop punk rock and roll band with a clean, crisp original sound that has all our fans dancing and talking about us.


A 3 piece power pop punk band from Sunderland (uk) started in June 2005. The music is served fresh and crispy giving our fans a decent serving of music with all the trimmings.

Midterm Break band members are leaders in the coming changes to the local punk rock scene. With a unique brand of addictive pop punk, seasoned with sublime, youthful vocals with a huge (and ever growing) fanbase chucked in for good measure. Midterm Break are well worthy of their Sunderland punk forefathers, well worthy indeed.

We love 182, the Ramones and more!


We just released a cd! on our own! We will upload music real soon. You can hear us on our website listed here...thanks for your patience...everything is going super fast amd we love it!

Set List

We have enuough songs to make the dancers tired!