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Midwest Soul Xchange

Chippewa Falls, WI | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Chippewa Falls, WI
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Americana Folk


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"On the Culture Front: Music from the Underground, Part Two"

Midwest Soul Xchange have an alternative Americana vibe that’s reminiscent of The Decemberists - big twangy folk that appears to have emerged from a time capsule. Their newly released album, New American Century, sounds like it was created by a band of musicians, but the Wisconsin-bred duo of Ryan Summers and Nate Cherrier are the sole members of this exciting new project that blends banjos, acoustic guitars and other rootsy instruments with an array of synth sounds. There are moments when the vocals creep to a James Hetfield roar, and this feels like a stylistic misstep, but the majority of the album benefits from a wide influence of genres. “Revolt of the Guards” is the most overtly political track, bringing to mind Tom Morello’s Woody Guthrie odes. “The terror of poverty is now a crime,” Summers and Cherrier croon blatantly on it. “Four Score and Seven to Go” is their most anthemic song on an impressive debut that skews towards the memorable. - The Huffington Post

"Midwest Soul Xchange opens with the New American Century"

By Jake Tully

In search of truly authentic Middle American folk music, it’s often difficult to parse out what will be a re-hash of Heartland rock and music that will inhabit traditional music of the region. While such a quest for music may be outdated and somewhat in vain, we’re lucky enough to have acts such as Midwest Soul Xchange producing some bona fide American-inspired tunes on New American Century. With a sound focused on vibrant instrumentation that provides an auxiliary narrative behind the playful lyrics, the Wisconsin outfit interprets a time-honored brand of songcraft that has seen many eras and regions of our country.

Much of the record is reminiscent of the antiquated folk stylings of the early ‘60s, drawing on influences from early American sounds and music from the British Isles. In other words, the Midwest Soul Xchange touting themselves as neo-country is entirely a misnomer while something more akin to Gordon Lightfoot or Tom Rush seems apt. The emphasis of the troubadour stands out on New American Century rather than the individual experience, examining the plight of Midwest living as a whole rather than case-by-case somberness.

The standout track is “Roots,” an anthemic ballad about one’s reconnection to nature that builds up like a dobro resonating from a vista as it makes its way into the nooks and crannies of a woodland area. “Has Anybody Seen Bob” is a jangly hybrid of brit pop and early jazz that rounds out the album with a laugh after a doleful set of songs. Otherwise, New American Century represents entirely what is in the name – a survey of contemporary American life in the Midwest as told by inhabitants bold enough to address it. - Turnstyled Junkpiled

"Midwest-Soul-Exchange (MSX) releases “New American Century”"

Love the cover of this new album

Enjoyed the titles of the songs. The song list is hot. Just with the title alone I can play out a story. Song titles like; “Set A Course for Common Worlds”, “Roots”, “Revolt of the Guards”, and “Occupy the Piper.” Each one expressing a facet of life that is real and true to life, from the past to the present.

Tempting and alluring titles attract the attention of a music lovers curiosity. These titles are well written and pretty much express the whole of the song immediately. I was absolutely blown away that two guys created all this magic. It could be an entire five piece band or more. Delicious.

This album is listed under the Americana genre but could easily slide into the folk, pop, light rock category and the instrumentation on this album is grand. Took me back to the sixties when love and peace was the dream. Love the blend of smooth soft rock with pop and folk. Both artists play several instruments and both Nate and Ryan have driving and ethereal presence in each song.

There was a huge album back in the day called “ I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing” that was recorded by two groups. It was recorded by The New Seekers and by The Hillside Singers. The song talked about bringing positive energy to the world, about love, freedom, peace, and dreams of hope and the future. This collection by MSX reminds me of that deep rooted, fiery, Americana folk rock showcase of musical art. These guys are not afraid to venture deeper into the magic they create by also adding a splash of pop.

“Sun Dried” might bring to mind artists such as Iron Butterfly, who by the way were psychedelic rock. But the song is a mixture of textures and even though it could go in a bad direction and be messy, it’s actually kind of cool. The song is heavy on reverb but it fits the lyrics.

Vocally MSX supply us with a hint of Crosby, Stills, and Nash and follow the American/Folk flow, but harmonies are not quite as strong. At times it seemed a little strained but out of the blue they dug in and brought out some powerful vibrations.

“Set a Course for Common Words” is really very good. It is filled with thought-provoking emotions with a hint of country. It opens with a smooth and easy rocking harmonica that I really like. The harmonies are distinctive and rich here. Reminds me of a day at Woodstock. Enjoyed this one tremendously.

Lyrically the album takes you through various aspects of life, some a little dark and some a little lighter. As I read the lyrics I was taken through nightmares and back again to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after having a deeply trying time. This album reminds me of a mystery. I felt as if there was going to be some type of clue to a hidden treasure or a plan for a daring escape would be revealed.

“Has Anyone Seen Bob?” is a pleasant and upbeat song about trying to find someone named Bob. Who owes them money and whom it seems a lot of people are trying to find him. Loved the instrumentation of this one. There is something for everyone. I really like the use of synthesizers, mandolins, and guitar on all these songs. Great production.

This album presents with 11 engaging and imaginative songs. Each one unique and completely original. As with most albums of this caliber there will be some listeners who just won’t get it. But those who do will be sure to include “New American Century” in their special musical collections.

Ryan Summers and Nate Cherrier are superb together and this album is sure to gather a huge following. For more information on Ryan and Nate please jump on over to the following sites and enjoy. - Nashville Music Guide


Album: New American Century
Released: 11/2015

1.) Set a Course for Common Worlds
2.) Roots
3.) Truth Attention
4.) Revolt of the Guards
5.) Occupy the Piper
6.) Kings Among Kings
7.) Sun Dried
8.) She Flies
9.) The Return
10.) Has Anybody Seen Bob?
11.) Four Score and Seven to Go



Imagine a duo that combines its Americana, folk/prog rock and pop influences with a passion for the sounds of acts that range from Kula Shaker, Pink Floyd and Tenacious D to The Beatles, The Decemberists, Queen and Michael Jackson.

Eclectic, perhaps? That’s the robust template established by Midwest Soul Xchange, comprising Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin-based troubadours Nate Cherrier and Ryan Summers. The pair has been buds for nearly two decades, but only recently recognized their sonic synchronicity as songwriters, vocalists and instrumentalists. In 2015 they released their debut album "New American Century," receiving acclaim from national media outlets such as the Huffington Post and other industry blogs.

Each brings their unique talents to the Xchange, with Nate contributing percussion and rhythm tracks as the “enchanting wizard of rhythm” and Ryan serving as the “professor,” adding keyboards, lead guitar and working as producer and engineer for their music. They prefer to deem themselves… the “maestro” and the “master.”

Meanwhile, the duo dealt with the challenge of collaborating from afar… sort of. Even though they both grew up in Wisconsin, Nate currently lives in Phoenix, meaning that every note and beat was literally an “exchange” of ideas. “New American Century” sashays comfortably between the pair’s numerous beloved musical genres—while maintaining the identifiable signature and melodic moxie that has already become the act’s calling card in live gigs.

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