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"Midwest Avengers"

By this point, hip-hop fans have made peace with live instruments replacing or augmenting turntables and samples: One either loves it, hates it or tolerates it.

On their latest full-length, the Midwest Avengers fully embrace this more organic form of hip-hop, although the retooling was partially borne out of tragedy. After the deaths of members Recharge Emcee and DJ Toasty Toast, the Avengers went in a different direction, adding live guitar, bass and drums and mixing more hard rock with their rhymes.

While the concept of "rap-rock" is still anathema in most quarters, the Midwest Avengers make it work on Evil Superheroes. The rhythm section's heaviness never gets in the way of the emcees, and there are even touches of light funk ("Ol' Skool Gutta") and electro-jams ("We Rockin' It").

Emcees BC and So'n'So move between spitfire verses and laid-back Southern flow. Like most hip-hop albums, this one runs entirely too long (76 minutes) and is peppered with guest stars. Members of Earthworms drop in for a few tracks, along with members of Mr. I and X-Off as well as a few female vocalists. Phillice Aigner coos along to the chorus of the slow jam "Baby I'm Yerz," but the attempt at a softer, more introspective side falls a little flat.

The Avengers fare better with a bit of menace in their sound; both the title track and "Ice Grilla" lay down a bed of crunchy guitar chords and ominous keyboard washes while BC and So'n'So trade off lyrical boasts and mean-streets bravado.

— Christian Schaeffer - Riverfront Times (Village Voice Media)

"RFT Music Showcase 2007"

There's no getting around it: Most rap-rock sucks a big one.

So what are the Midwest Avengers to do? They produce hip-hop with a rock & roll foundation and it's amazing. They sound nothing like the obnoxious Limp Bizkits and Linkin Parks of the world. The Midwest Avengers flow smooth, intelligent lyrics over propulsive hip-hop beats with a freeing rock & roll style.

Unlike many other local bands, [Midwest Avengers]' recordings and live shows sound phenomenally professional. Slick and dignified, the Avengers' primary genre of hip-hop is gently skewed as they embrace elements of funk, jazz and even a little classic rock. - Riverfront Times (Village Voice Media)


Evil Superheroes, 2007



Midwest Avengers is the premiere Headbanger Hip Hop crew out of Saint Louis Missouri. After winning the Riverfront Times Music Award for "Best Hip Hop" for 2007 and 2008 (as well as "Local Album of the Year" for 2007), Midwest Avengers have set their sites on bringing their organic hip hop/rock sound to the masses.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/midwestavengers
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/mwa314
Official Site: http://www.midwestavengers.net