Midwest Death Rattle

Midwest Death Rattle

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Catchy doom-pop indie rock from the midwest full of fun and energy. Professional attitude and good knowledge of the industry. Let us show you how much we love doing what we do.


Weirdos playing music. Midwest Death Rattle is Nick, Chad, Ryan, John and Derek.


Released 5/21/16
Track Listing:
1) Tacoma Narrows
2) Ay Dios Mio
3) Post-Apocalypso
4) Hot Mess
5) Feral
6) Me vs Me vs Everyone
7) Villains
8) Feed Them To Each Other
9) Suddenly, More Karate
10) Dooma Muchacha
11) Sleeper Hold Me
12) Diastema, The King Of Mole Hill Mountain

Midwest Death Rattle (Self-Titled Debut Release)
Released 8/10/12
Track Listing:
1) Reduction: Automata
2) Food Chain
3) Vowel Movement
4) 666/8
5) Run! Shark!
6) Manimal Instinct
7) Homemade Roman Candles
8) Not That I'm Concerned
9) Melt It Down (Sell It Off)

Set List

All original songs ranging in set lengths from 45 minutes to an hour.