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Where's Tha Acid??? - 2013



The Midwest Muskateer


Discovering "Who" Negativa-D is has not yet been revealed and is under observation by top Professors and Psychologists in laboratories unknown. Most ask a more suitable question, "What" is Negativa-D?

This evaluation is the most recent document to date -

Negativa-D is an unexplained delightful essence who lives within every being throughout the universe. His host is not determined by Age, Race, or Gender and may occupy multiple forms simultaneously. More of an entity, he comes and goes as he pleases and functions differently on each specimen. Those with the ability to embrace and accept Negativa-D have proven to uphold a higher sense of confidence as well as enjoy life, in comparison to those who struggle within his presence. Refusing or denying to respond to one's Negativa-D can be psychologically catastrophic and the build-up can lead to severe problems.

The irony that exists in Negativa-D is remarkable. As there is no good without evil and no evil without good, the same rules apply for positive and negative. By completely accepting Negativa-D, you allow yourself to better appreciate the positive belongings you have and truly witness happiness.

An exhibit under current research is a young adult from Detroit, MI. The specimen has opened himself to Negativa-D at a rapid state, allegedly taking the name "Negativa-D", and is under constant review. Lacking any sense of conformity, the originality and uniqueness of this patient is unmatched. With a strong interest in the supernatural and life after death, he consistently remains on random hallucinogens which he considers ordinary. The subject carries an undeviating feeling of enlightenment and has developed a rather unusual wardrobe. We have also noticed the patients dedication for Music and Lyricism which has led him to performing publicly, generating a following wherever he travels. These performances often promote individualism and sense of pride as well as creativity and fun. His winsome yet deferential appearance combined with Music the global community relates to wholly captures the public's attention. Already having warped communities in cities such as New York, Dallas, Miami, and Columbus our research conducts that Negativa-D's eye is fixed on Hollywood. For public safety, "the Guy with the Tie" must be stopped. He cannot be allowed to continue reaching ears, collecting fans, and encouraging people worldwide to embrace the Negativa-D in themselves and join his path of enlightenment.