mieze medusa & tenderboy

mieze medusa & tenderboy

BandHip HopEDM

- European rooted hiphop with a unique and intelligent funkyness to it
- smart, skilled and poetic raps (in German language)


HipHop for backpackers?
Electronic Music with a message?
Poetry for the clubnight?

mieze medusa & tenderboy are happy where they're at: in somebody's walkman or mp3-device or bouncing at the club.

Winners of the „Protestsongcontest“ 2007 are strictly DIY, independent and busy. With many gigs, poetry slams and with radio airplay (FM4, Ö1) they have akquired a fan base in many diverse communities.

mieze medusa style of rapping can be a machinegun stakkato as well as an elegant spoken word performance. Her lyrics are always devoid of clichés.

tenderboy produces mostly without the help of samples, his beats have an organic and acoustic flavour and a very specific kind of funkyness.

dj leons scratches support the live performance and knit the songs together.

they have toured through many Austrian venues and festivals, have played at literary events as well as in schools.
Our liveset is designed to work for a diverse set of people. It is intelligent and bouncy, features relaxed parts as well as some hipshaking tunes!


- Tauwetter
Vinyl / CD / MP3 LP (!records/trost)

- Antarktis
Vinyl / CD LP (!records/trost)

- Basslast Alltag meets the unfunk side of hiphop
Vinyl EP (!records/goalgetter)

ROTATION AIRPLAY @ Radio fm4 (ORF Austria)
- "Ich bin Fan" of current album Tauwetter
- "Nicht meine Revolution" ft. Violetta Parisini of current album Tauwetter
- "Umnebelt" mieze medusas collaboration with minimal techno producer irradiation
- "Was" of 1st album Antarktis

AIRPLAY @ Ö1 (ORF Austria) AND WDR (German radio station)
as part of features on mieze medusa

- Laut & Deutlich - "Transitgebiet" mieze medusa & tenderboy
- Soundcircle Vol. 2 - "Ich bin Fan" mieze medusa & tenderboy
- 8 (Lindo Records) – „Mutmassen über Sechs Acht“ mieze medusa & tenderboy
- Lieber ein Verlierer sein (Las Vegas Records) - "Die andere Liga" mieze medusa & tenderboy
- Protestsongcontest Sampler (Edition Rabenhof) - "Nicht meine Revolution" mieze medusa & tenderboy feat. Violetta Parisini
- fm4 soundselection # 17 - "umnebelt (dj fluid IRR2M deluxe)" Irradiation feat. Mieze Medusa
- Es gört (!records) - “Wege zu gehn” mieze medusa & tenderboy
- fm4 soundselection # 12 - "Ruhepuls" Fetter König feat. Mieze Medusa