Miff Laracy

Miff Laracy

 San Diego, California, USA

Miff Laracy's Bumbershoot band is a project in support of his original songs. Seasoned players play his variety of original tunes, from the touching "Hey Mom" to the Texas road song "The One The Road Leads To". Melody and stories make his songs memorable, singable, and easy to connect to.


Miff Laracy has played the San Diego music scene for years in a variety of popular bands, from Jose Sinatra to the Ranch Rockers to Tornado Magnet to The West Coast Pinups. The past couple years he's decided to start his own band, doing his own music. The songs vary from pure honky tonk, to touching ballads, to dynamic country rock songs. The songs sound like a blend of Steve Earle, Slade Cleaves, Levon Helm (The Band), Hank Williams, The Beatles, as well as many of the classic singer/songwriters. The songs have substance and musicality, and will be hard to get out of your head if you even want to. www.MiffLaracy.com


On June 30th of 2010, "The One The Road Leads To" was released.
It can be found on CDBaby at http://www.cdbaby.com/MiffLaracy as well as on Amazon.com and iTunes.com, by searching for Miff Laracy.